How To Make Your Gaming Laptop Last Longer? A Brief Guide

how to make gaming laptop last longer

Gaming laptops are mightier than the average ones in many specifications but this superiority also has some consequences. Some of the specifications of a gaming laptop cause them to wear out faster. The main reason for this is the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and the irony is that it is one of the main reasons why gamers choose a gaming laptop rather than a normal one.

The average lifespan of a gaming laptop without maintenance is 3-6 years, but after spending a comparatively higher amount on a gaming laptop, every sane person will want to make it last a little longer, but the question arises: How?

Considerations To Keep Your Gaming Laptop Last Longer

Here I am sharing some tips that might help in increasing a gaming laptop’s lifespan. These are the considerations you should keep in mind during the lifespan of your gaming laptop.


If you haven’t bought a gaming laptop yet, my advice is to invest a little in quality at the beginning because the quality of the product plays a great role in its lifespan. Indeed you’ll have to spend a little extra but it can save you from a headache later, and it’s better to spend a little more once than to spend it on repairing and replacement again and again.

Don’t let it heat up

The GPU generates more heat and causes a gaming laptop to malfunction sooner than the normal ones. To avoid that, focus on keeping your laptop cool.

Avoid keeping it on soft surfaces where the air is not allowed to reach it, such as a couch or mattress. Try to use it on hard surfaces like a desk or table to keep the temperature down as air will be able to reach the laptop more easily this way. Also, consider buying a cooling pad to avoid heating up of the laptop and thus making it last longer.


A processor affects the functioning and lifespan of a laptop and usually cannot be replaced so you are stuck with it until the laptop dies, thus it’s better to look for a laptop with a better processor in the beginning.

Get external hardware:

A gamer never shows mercy to a laptop while he/she is lost in the colorful world of games so one way to save the laptop from tearing down is to get an external gaming keyboard and mouse, which will keep the laptop from having a breakdown soon.

But when it comes to considering this option, you might want to stop and think. Like, man, you have already bought a laptop made for games, why investing in additional gaming keyboards and mouse to make it live a LITTLE longer?

Keep it clean:

Keeping it clean doesn’t mean cleaning the external parts when you see the dust on it, it means cleaning the dust you cannot see. The internal parts of a laptop also catch dirt and it is trapped in there for ages. Sadly, the latest design of laptops has made it even more difficult to reach the inner bits. So, to remove the dust from the insides, use a can of compressed air and blow that air into the ports to get rid of the dirt.

Avoid overcharging:

This is indeed a fact that a gaming laptop has lower battery life but keeping the charger plugged in all the time can damage it and will cause a further reduction in battery life. Give it a rest.

Upgrade RAM:

An ideal RAM for a laptop is 8GB so if you have a laptop that comes with 8GB of RAM then it is fine but if you have a low-budget laptop that has a RAM of 4GB then you should probably upgrade it to keep the laptop working smoothly. Always make a confident decision to; buy the right laptop or upgrade as per the supported capabilities of the laptop.

Get an SSD instead of a hard-drive:

SSD (Solid State Drive) may be more expensive than a hard-drive but is much faster and long-lasting because they don’t have moving parts that can excessively heat up and fail as easily as a normal hard-disk.

Free up storage:

Your laptop may not be able to carry that entire burden you are throwing on it so freeing up some space and lifting some burden off its shoulder can make it work a little faster and better. Go through the files and delete some useless data or transfer your data to a cloud.

Dropbox is giving free 2GB of storage and whole 1TB storage for $9.99.

Scan for viruses:

Use a good antivirus scanner to scan for viruses and get rid of the malware on your laptop that may be slowing it down. It’s better to use the one which comes with windows if you are using a Windows laptop rather than using alternative antivirus software.

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