Mitron App – Alternative To TikTok | How to use Mitron App

Mitron App Alternative To TikTok

Mitorn app has been launched as an alternative to the TikTok app. It was launched in April 2020 by Shivank Agarwal, an IIT Roorkee student. This app is similar to TikTok for creating and publishing the video. And the interesting fact about Mitron App is the most likable application by users as compared to TikTok and it’s having a user rating of 4.7*. In this article, we will cover all about this application like what is, how to use the Mitron App.

Why Mitron app is the best alternative of TikTok in less time?

This app is launched a few months ago and become very popular in a very short span of time. The main reason behind this is TikTok. If we check from last month TikTok ratings and reviews continuously decreasing and at that time this app comes in front which provides the same features as TikTok, and people like it most. In this app, you can create, edit, and share your video as TikTok with scrolling functionality that makes it easier to watch other interesting videos to entertain yourself.


KeyPoints of Mitron App

DownloadAndroid Version

Ratings – 4.7*

Total Downloads – 5,000,000+


What is Mitron App?

This is a short video making app where users can share their short clip video content online. In this application, people can share their content across the world and entertain themselves by making a short time duration video. Mitron App also provides the same facility as TikTok where you can create a space to share your video and an option to create your own video on previously published one. The interface of this application is very simple and clean which attracts a user most. 

Requirements of the Mitron App and how to download it?

Right now, the Mitron app only supports android os and available on Play Store or you can download it by the above-given link. This app is offered by Mitron TV which is completely free to use. 

If we talk about its size and version, it covers only 7.9M space of your storage and the current version is available ‘1.2.10’. 

This application is supported on android os 5.0 or higher, so you should have a minimum supporting version of android “lollipop” or its upgraded version. If you want to use Mitron App you need to create an account that makes you able to watch the available content or to share the new one. In this app, you also get a unique id, which you can share with your friends or family or your loved ones to follow you or like and share your video. 

How to use Mitron App?

To use this application you can use this application without registering yourself or with an account if you want to create and publish your own video. If you don’t have an account you can register yourself with the help of your Google Account. Mitron App looks similar to TikTok where you can slide down or up to watch and enjoy the video. 

You can create your own video after registering yourself on it, by clicking on the bottom center (Video button) of the screen. You can edit these videos and save them in drafts to change it later or can publish direct and share it with your friends.