Mobile app development company’s strategy in 2021

Mobile app development strategy in 2021

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. Mobile app development company in Dubai states that applications that are being built much faster, interactive, user-friendly UI/UX design and they can easily access any built-in feature of the cell phone that it’s installed in. Smartphones have changed our lives quite drastically, and it will continue to change forever now. The number of consumers accessing data via tablets, smartphones, and wearable gadgets has been increasing swiftly as time passes by. People select a mobile application for managing and storing data, socializing, online web shopping, navigating, etc.

Combining a mobile application with a corporate business requires a few robust strategies. Instead of rushing with application enterprises, and their launch, the mobile app developers should go for a creative and persistent strategy to achieve the finest outcome. Here are five highly effective strategies for developing consumer engaging and highly profitable mobile applications development.


Cloud-based mobile app development has numerous advantages over outdated desktop-based tools. Application development on the cloud delivers different benefits like agility, standardization, flexibility, and it is highly cost-effective. Making the cloud-technology model too appealing. Different companies in the software development industry are gaining the advantage of the cloud and all its bizarre benefits: many consumer mobile applications and corporate applications are now cloud-based such as CRM, email, and many more. Mobile app developers can work on one development from anywhere with cloud-based mobile app development tools. Above all that you don’t have to install and maintain the infrastructure. From the buyer’s perspective cloud-based mobile app development company provides a smooth learning arc and a quicker on-boarding procedure for new operators.


The fact is operators don’t care about data privacy and security while using mobile applications. Hence making it essential for developers to take a defensive strategy rather than taking an offensive approach after data leakage. A few of the security issues that mobile app development can face are weak server-side controls, insecure data storage, broken cryptography, unintended data leakages, etc.

Organizations who are dealing with money or any confidential information should certainly avoid cloud-based mobile applications or such an atmosphere due to safety breaches. While operating on cloud-based mobile app development platforms. It is highly recommended that you know what kind of data are you working on. They should also look into user techniques and practices that utilize important data centers and protection mechanisms of service providers. Most of the mobile applications that deal with serious user information links back to the main online server.

In short, you need to take care of any insecure transition that takes place on an insecure Internet connection. This kind of security is accomplished by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates or encryption and if we fail to utilize the appropriate SSL libraries, the operator’s critical information can be at a huge risk.


Clients hate when the Mobile applications suddenly crash or they frequently slow down or start hanging up for a couple of seconds. As a consequence, clienteles may give your application just a one-star rating and on top of that, they would add bad reviews for the mobile app development, and eventually abandoning it.

Mobile Applications often crash even causes problems like losing the operator’s data. Organizations need to re-think Inadequate Testing, Memory Management, Software Lifecycle, Exception handling, Network management, and Error condition while making mobile app development strategy. Usage of third-party service providers such as analytics and advertising systems can delay the user performance of the mobile application.


Mobile applications are becoming a huge business for eCommerce development companies in Dubai. It is estimated by highly skilled analysts that mobile apps that are related to yearly revenues will reach more than $65 billion by 2020.

Mostly these companies earn by in-app advertising and in-app purchases. in-app advertising is something that relevant organizations can strategize before releasing a mobile application to any mobile app store. Intelligently arranging your application generates many huge opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

You can start with freemium applications where basic services are given for free while all innovative features will be chargeable. The crucial point is to scatter the mobile app’s capacities in such a way that the buyer leans towards the chargeable features. This call-to-action should always show interconnected features so that it provokes the users to buy the entire package in the end.

In-app promotion no wonder brings an increase in the revenue but can also annoy many customers if not presented properly. Mobile application ads allow app owners to earn without even asking for money from their users. It can be easily executed by replacing the cost barrier with purchasing the app but still allowing free downloads and installation.

Mobile app development company aims to generate a huge amount of purchaser base and gather related info to sell to its competitor organizations or just different brands. Who would actually pay you to put up some targeted ads in the mobile application?

An alternative approach that organizations use for earning money from free mobile applications is Sponsorship. Organizations make a partnership deal with the advertisers that deliver the app more unique users with prizes for carrying out a certain action within the application.

Here the mobile applications earn money by splitting a share of the earned revenue or profit. This happens when rewards are redeemed. To add more to that it also allows for integration advertisement that actually improves the application’s ability to engage and generate more customers.


The primary focus of mobile app developers in Dubai is achieving maximum downloads, but an application isn’t successful without its user engagement. Mobile app developers should operate with the client for the application design. So that the developer could understand the requirements and understand the most in-demand features.

It can only be possible with the built-in analytics of Mobile applications. It can even assist the mobile app developers to comprehend the user experience over the entire mobile application lifespan and to measure engagement and adoption.

Analytics and Testing both should take place at the beginning of the design and the initial deployment stage will guide the organization to diagnose data. And its usability related problems before the outcome becomes a poor rating and gives your application a bad reputation.

Moreover, an Ecommerce Web Development Company in Dubai should standardize its mobile app development tools for better synchronization among the developers. The application’s strategy is vital for enterprises focusing on client retention and acquisition. Their goal is not just providing information about the goods but they want to engage with the users to comprehend and deliver what has been required. Silicon Graphics has a crew of technical experts serving you to achieve a perfect strategy for mobile app development in the middle east.

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