Mobile App Development Ideas to Start A Successful Business In 2022

According to Statista in 2022 the number of mobile users globally will be roughly 7 billion and this bar has been rapidly growing up and over every passing year. Today, the advancement in technology has enabled people to perform the majority of tasks on their mobile devices through mobile apps. People are more inclined to use mobile apps since they are easy-to-use and are portable.

Hence, with the increased amount of usability of mobile apps, it would be right to say that mobile applications have particularly become an integral part of everyone’s life in recent years.

It is assumed that with the excessive number of mobile devices, the competition is tougher in the mobile apps’ market.

During the pandemic, it became compulsory for businesses to serve their consumers at their doorstep. Mobile applications have evolved by a large extent, serving almost all industry to this date. From booking a consultation call to the doctor, shopping, taking fitness classes, ordering groceries to reserve a restaurant table, everything is one tap away.

With cut-throat competition in the market, a business’s success through mobile apps entirely depends upon out-of-the-box solutions.

There are many mobile app development companies in Dubai, that uplift startup and increase their reach, clientele, and engagement through numerous unique and cutting-edge ideas. In this article, we have narrowed down some of the best ideas of mobile apps that will assure success for your startup in the coming year.

Online Educational Apps:

Due to the rise of COVID-19, the schooling system has been affected the most in this entire period. Many administrators and school owners were seeking how to manage their campuses and learning process digitally.

To streamline the learning and teaching process, digital channels of communication where the students and teachers can connect was the most fundamental requirement. In this regard, educational apps played a key role in the virtual academic environment.

There is a still need for such educational apps where the students and teachers can involve and proceed with smooth learning.

Gaming Apps:

Gaming apps are trending the most in 2021 and they’ll follow in 2022, as well. The recent gaming apps are incorporated with the latest AR/VR technology, interactive designs, layouts, and rewarding system. There are great chances to take your startup to the next level if you add up top-tier trendy features in your gaming app.

Building a casual game is also a good option, as people like to engage with simple games. When it comes to affordability, you have to invest more money in trendy-features-enriched games. At the same time, casual games can be developed on a limited budget.

Online- Shopping Apps:

Online shopping apps are earning millions of millions of profits each day. eBay and Amazon are the prime examples of the online-shopping and eCommerce platforms. When it comes to shopping, everyone loves deals and discounts. You can build an app that will notify the users about upcoming deals and discount offers on necessities like food, clothing, home accessories, cosmetics, and more.

Social Networking Apps:

For the sake of credibility, popularity, and engagement with consumers, social networking apps are significant in this regard. From startups to SMEs and giant enterprises, maintaining a powerful brand identity and gaining the trust of customers is of utmost importance. Hence, social networking mobile apps are quite functional in this way.

You can consider developing an app that can allow managing all things in one place. Such social networking apps enables to interact through Facebook, Linked In, Instagram.

Food Delivery Apps:

Food delivery apps were introduced in 2000 when major pizza chains created their own mobile apps and earned 20-30% of revenue by doing online operations. Creating a food delivery app for your startup is the key to being more accessible and increasing your clientele. You need to think out of the box for building an exceptional food delivery app in 2022.

Your food delivery app can cater to the users by offering best-in-town cuisine, discount deals, promotions, and coupons. This is how the users will enjoy the app journey and will visit again.

Grocery Apps:

Grocery apps are extremely convenient for busy people. Such apps allow users to shop for groceries virtually. They can add stuff into their cart, pay, and check out right at their fingertips. Since there have been are so many grocery apps out there in the app store, you must plan a unique idea before building your grocery app. Through your app, you can offer the users to customize their carts with some discount on checkout. Above all, your app should be highly customer-centric grocery.

eCommerce Apps:

As technology is changing always and getting very accessible day by day. The increased usage of eCommerce apps clearly depicts that people are experiencing unmatched affordability offered by eCommerce mobile apps.  Building eCommerce apps are still in demand as according to Statista $188.9 billion of revenue have generated by 2020.

This is the best time to build an eCommerce mobile app for the startups to succeed in 2022 with Dubai IT companies, as they are best.  Find the best eCommerce development company in Dubai, and generate revenue.

Language Learning Apps:

Learning new languages has always been interesting. Via mobile apps, it is an easy way to learn something new about a language. People willingly engage with such apps and spend their specific time.

If you want to create a language learning app, then you should focus on people’s psychology, easy teaching methodologies, and how they can learn fast. Meanings, pronunciations, and sentence structure awareness should be integrated. Moreover, the performance indicator scale is also a worth-while feature to add.

Travel Apps:

Travel apps will surely skyrocket your startup in 2022. For the sake of serving travelers, you can still do many things through travel apps. Suggest them destination places, hotel booking while staying within their budget, cab hire, best-in-dine restaurants, and other prime locations to visit.

Moreover, the apps which have the trackers for listing down the travel expense are incredibly helpful for the users to estimate the travel expense. Hostelworld, LoungeBuddy, and AirHelp are well-known travel apps. You can integrate more exciting features into your travel app.

Fitness Apps:

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health and fitness. A lot of fitness-related apps can be found on the App Store. Persuade your audience by developing a fitness app with day-to-day vigorous sessions and challenges. Your fitness apps should be able to track the user’s physical activity and suggest the practices to stay healthy.  Meal intake timing and water consumption tracker should also be included. Add more features to make your app stand out.


Nowadays, we are living in a hyper-connected digital world. Everyone is attached to mobile devices including marketers, families, students, and companies’ executives too. Building mobile apps for your business can gain considerable success, keeping in mind the latest trends.

The list of mobile apps ideas can go so long. However, the above-mentioned mobile app ideas can fuel your startup by 2021. Choose the right niche, the build-up to the mark mobile app, and earn with that.

Many companies are offering their services for developing mobile apps. Silicon Graphics is the best mobile app development company in Dubai offering its phenomenal mobile applications (iOS and Android) development services to the businesses and industries of the MENA region, since 2008.

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