How do you know if someone is monitoring your Digital Devices?

monitoring your Digital Devices

Cellphone devices are appealing for the users and empower you to do plenty of activities. You can use it for making cellphone calls, send and receiving text messages, making audio and video calls, and sharing multimedia. Users can also use it for playing online games and to browse websites on the installed cellphone browsers. You can also stream live videos on social networking sites likewise YouTube. The smartphones are available in different colors, shapes, models, and with the specs.

You can connect the cellphone device with cyberspace and you can do wonders with it. All these kinds of nifty gadgets can store, multimedia, music files, contacts, and many more. It means the digital phones are capable of storing everything and these days someone can keep your cellphone device under surveillance via monitoring software. People like, family members, hackers, spies, and law enforcement personal can use it on your mobile device.

7 Signs that someone is monitoring your digital device

We have accumulated some facts and signs that can alarm you anytime that your cellphone is being monitored. Let’s discuss all these signs and prevention tips.

1. Faster battery consumption

If you have realized that you have charged your mobile device fully, even then the battery of a cellphone device consuming faster than ever before, then it may a sign that someone is monitoring your device.

2. Unwanted applications

If you have seen unwanted applications installed on your cellphone device that it might be a clear chance that someone has installed OgyMogy spy app on your phone and he is monitoring every activity.

3. Overheating of a cellphone

The cellphone monitoring application is capable of tracking the real-time location of the cellphone device; therefore, it put the GPS of a device at “On” mode. Therefore, when the GPS was used on the phone, it overheated the phone device.

4. A sudden increase in data usage

When a monitoring app is working at the back end of the cellphone device of yours, it consumes the mobile data to deliver the information to the user of the spy app and it uses internet data on the device. Therefore, you need to realize about the unexpected peak of the data usage on your cellphone device.

5. Malfunction of the device

Suppose that your phone has suddenly started malfunction than there is a possibility that someone is monitoring your mobile device. The automated settings, flashing of a red or blue screen and if the device became unresponsive, then it is a clear sign that you are under surveillance.

6. Noise issues while live phone calls at the background

The background voices while making live cellphone calls are the common sign that someone is recording and listening to your live cellphone calls.

7. Irregular browsing history

It happens when someone is monitoring your cellphone device, you can see the odd browsing history on your phone installed or default browsers. Spy software for cellphone may be working at the backend of your device by remaining hidden on your cellphone device.

How to prevent the monitoring of your digital device?

The factory reset option can remove spy apps from phone

If you think and have realized that someone is watching or monitoring every activity you do on your cellphone device, then you have no way out, but to do a factory reset of your mobile device. It will help you out to remove the tracking app from your device and you easily prevent the monitoring on your cellphone.

Can Monitoring app users read messages of your phone?

The answer is a big “YES” because the installed mobile spy software on your device can deliver the logs of text messages and conversations happening on cellular networks and social messaging apps to the user.

Can a spy app user control your phone cameras?

My answer would be a big “Yes.” When someone is using a spying app on your mobile device enables a user to hack and control the rear and front cameras of your digital device and then users can capture photos of the surrounds and deliver to its online web portal.

Is it possible to monitor cellphones without internet access?

Well, to some extent hackers can monitor your device without internet access but these kinds of techniques are rare, so monitoring without internet access is only possible on higher levels but yet it is not available for the general public.


The above-mentioned signs are fully tested and presented to you after the research of the experts. So, you can keep these signs into your mind and you can get to know that someone is monitoring your device without your consent. Moreover, you can use those signs to prevent hacking, monitoring, and spying on your digital devices to the fullest and you can protect your privacy and information stored on your mobile device.