More Cosy, Less Chaotic: How to Give Your Home a Fresh Start In 2021

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Spending all this time at home probably changed the way we perceive it. Once it was a place where we chose to be when we didn’t have much else to do. It was our conscious decision to spend our free time outside, in cafes and restaurants, in other cities and countries. We spent fewer time at home, so we never noticed how our current interior design and furniture arrangement is stressing us out. Since our movement is limited, we should do whatever we can to transform our home from a chaotic space into a cozy space. Giving your home a fresh start will improve your mood and the quality of life at home. These seven tips will inspire you to begin transforming your house.

Wipe 2020 away…

This might sound poetic, but it sure has a point. Cleaning your space has a therapeutic effect on your psyche because you’ll distract yourself from your daily worries. A clean and organized space will keep you calm because it’ll feel like your personal and warm cocoon. Lastly, cleaning your space will feel like starting fresh in the new year and all of us can definitely benefit from this feeling. Vacuum and wipe the floors with something scented. Wipe the dust and windows, change the sheets and infuse the area with soothing scents like vanilla or citrusy combos.

Clean out your closet

Out with the old clothes, so you’ll enter the new year with fewer things and make room for new things. Our wardrobes are more cluttered than our homes because we keep old pieces of clothing because we might feel like wearing it someday. That someday might not even happen, whereas there are many unfortunate people in your town who need clothes to keep them warm. Donate everything you didn’t wear in a year or even longer. Give away everything that doesn’t fit. The clothes you intend on keeping will get some room to breathe in your closet. You’ll also have less trouble choosing what to wear in the morning because there will be fewer clothes, so you’ll choose easier.

Diffuse chaos by decluttering your home

One of the major ways to overhaul a chaotic home is to diffuse clutter. Clutter all over your home, from the stuff you no longer need or use to piles of newspaper and filled up shelves, can increase nervousness when you spend time at home. Since the time we spend indoors has probably doubled, we need to clear out the clutter and get some breathing area in a crowded room. Take a walk through your home and make a list of things you no longer use, need, or want. Sell, give away, donate, or simply throw away.

Refresh with paint

Painting your home with a fresh coat of paint is the ideal step after you clear out the clutter. You’ll have less stuff to move around and you or professional painters will paint your interior without any extra hassle. Maybe it’s time to just freshen up the old shade or you can go for an entirely different paint color. Just make sure this shade fits well with your decor and will make you happy in the long run. 

Add new details

Once you finish painting just your living room or the entire interior of your home, rearrange the rooms for a new and sleek look, you can add new details. Consider switching up your window treatments to complement your freshly painted interior. Choose something trendy available at Marlow & Finch and update your outdated style. Enrich your coffee table with a glam detail in gold, rose gold, or bronze element. Add a new area rug, some new decorative pillows and your living room will look brand new. Art is also a great choice but doesn’t rush into buying until you fall in love with an art piece at first sight.

Bring plants and flowers into your home

Fresh flowers will create a spring vibe in your home no matter the season you’re currently in. A rich bouquet will draw your attention each time you’re in the room and the sight will elevate your mood. You can also buy potted plants and enrich your current collection or try having plants in your home for the first time. Greenery in your living room, dining room or wherever you find a perfect place for your plant will bring life into your home.

Start a family DIY project

There’s always a piece of furniture that could use a touch-up and a bit of restoration to shine again. Or, you can find a DIY project your entire family can take part in. This creative project will bring novelty into your routine, give you something to work on while you spend time inside. Look for ideas online, on Pinterest, or Youtube. There’s a project for every skill level and you’ll be proud of yourself and everyone else for making something with your own hands.

These seven tips will give you an idea of how to tackle this affordable house transformation project for the new year. Find those that work for you, add some of your own ideas and you will create a more cozy personal space.

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