Natural Winter Pests Repellents You Need to Know


Winter pests are some of the most notorious and persistent. Also, there are so many winter pests that attack homes and buildings that keeping them away can be a problem. Despite the difficulty in pest control and pest repellent jobs, it is something every household has to do. A property overrun by pests is never a peaceful place to live or work in at all.

Worst thing about winter pests is that they find a way in your property no matter how concealed it is. Colder parts including Canada, UK and many other countries have to deal with winter pests on a different scale. Professional pest control Vancouver services or other local city ones provide best pest removal and control. However, with natural pest repellents, you can keep your property much safer.

Winter Pests Protection – Natural Cockroach Repellent

Roaches are some of the most annoying winter pests and there is no doubt about that. They crawl, they fly and they like to sit on us. If only there was a way to permanently remove them from our buildings right! They are experts in finding entryways from the smallest of cracks as well.

If you have pets or children at home or in building, using acidic or harmful roach repellents is not recommended. You need cockroach repellents that deter away roaches without posing a health risk to people and pets. Baking soda and water solution works very well for cockroach repellent.

These winter pests also don’t like citrus juices and smell of bay leaves as well. All three can be used at the same time as well as you find all these ingredients readily everywhere. Hopefully, this will make roaches not come inside your property.

Natural Mice Repellent – Winter Pests Solution

Mice are some of the worst winter pests. These rodents find ways into your kitchen, bathroom, attic or basement and reside inside. Mice are perfect bacteria and virus carriers as well because they are pretty much immune themselves. Bubonic plague of the past is one example we don’t want happening again.

All mice need is an inch or two of space that can be in shape of a hole or crack in the wall to enter. Also, the rate at which mice multiply is quite extraordinary. Once inside, they will overrun your home or building in no time. You need to be on your top mice repellent game in order to control them.

Mothballs are known to work pretty well as a deterrent for mice. These winter pests just hate mothballs to their core. If you don’t want structural damage or all your wiring and piping chewed up, be sure to have contingency plans. Natural mice repellents like mothballs often provide great results.

Natural Raccoon Repellent Techniques

If you are someone who find raccoons to be repulsive, you’d surely not want them close to your property. In all fairness, aggressive raccoons can be pretty property damaging. Especially when they find places to hide inside your home or building, they break, chew and dig wherever they can.

Also, fact that Racoons are prime rabies hosts and like to hide inside chimneys, trash cans, vents and wooded areas. Ammonia is something that makes raccoons not like a place. Raccoons can also be found during other seasons, but these are more frequent winter pests.

Spraying or spilling a bit of ammonia into your chimneys, less visited wooded parts of the home like basements and attics works well. Sprinkle some every so often around your vent entrances as well. There is something about ammonia and the way it smells that raccoons just plain and simple hate.

Natural Mosquito Repellents – Ones That Work

Mosquitoes are some of the most feared winter pests. These little fliers don’t need much invitation to join the party inside any building. Not only do mosquitoes pose a malaria threat, they are also very annoying blood suckers that can keep you awake. All night when they are on you.

There are many different natural substances that are proven to repel mosquitoes. Only catch is that most of these have to be applied on the body. Some can also be used in night lamp formats where their smell and smoke will keep mosquitoes out of the room or home. Here are some that work for these winter pests:

  • Citronella oil is the best for on-body application and lamp burning to repel mosquitoes. It masks our human smells from mosquitoes hiding our position from them and not inviting them inside.
  • Lemon eucalyptus oil for on-body application
  • Lavender oil for on-body application and also lavender plants for indoors to repel mosquitoes
  • Cinnamon oil works great for on-body application and mosquito repellent
  • Greek catnip oil is also a great on-body usable product
  • Soybean oil for body application and soybean plan for indoors

Bed Bugs Repellents for Every Home

Ask anyone with bed bugs problems about the one thing they hate the most. Chances are bed bugs will be right up there. These tiny insects have a powerful bite that gives rashes and an ich to remember. Pest control Surrey or any other region services often deal best with bed bugs.

What makes them worst is the fact that nobody actually sees any bedbugs. However, among many other things, peppermint oil and leaves have been helping people get rid of bed bugs. From ancient times, people have been laying a layer of (or some) peppermint leaves under the bed or mattress.

Black walnut tea also works fine. Diatomaceous earth is also known to provide similar application but not in a clean way. Simple petroleum jelly and rubbing alcohol also work but both are not very popular. Peppermint oil and leaves seem to be the favorite for many people and are easily adopted too.