Steps That You Need to Know to Smoke from a Bong in Canada


Are you a smoker who lives in Canada? Do you think that bongs are old-fashioned smoking instrument? Of course, bongs are one of the oldest ways to relish smoking dried cannabis flowers; nevertheless, water pipes (bongs) are a very convenient instrument to smoke marijuana. You can easily buy a bong in Canada from a bong shop. Bongs are somewhat more prominent and more extensive than an average pipe and depend on water to filter smoking, producing smoother and cooler hits. Aren’t you now interested in buying a bong and starting to smoke from it? You should be.

Before You Commence:-

In the first place, you should know what you will need to have before commencing smoking from a bong. You will need a bong, a top-notch cannabis flower, a lighter, and water, preferably ice-cold. You should make sure you have all of the previously mentioned items with you if you want to smoke with a bong.

It will help if you make yourself clear about a bong’s parts before you go for a bong rip. You will find the mouthpiece at the top of the tube of a bong; as the name indicates, it’s where you will place your mouth to inhale the smoke. A chamber will be inside that particular tube where the smoke will assemble as soon as you commence pulling air in through your mouth. A bowl is an instrument where all the fun will begin for you because it’s where you will fill up your flower and light. A down-stem will be a narrow tube attached to the bowl, and it aids the smoke to move through the bowl & the water inside the bong once you inhale, and cooling it down before you experience a hit to your lungs.

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Opting for a Bong:-

Choosing a bong in Canada is contingent on how much money you can spend to meet your desires and how much smoke you want to inhale with a single bong rip. If you buy a bong from an online bong shop in Canada, you will find bongs in a range of prices, starting from $12.00 and ending at $85.00, depending on the quality of a bong. Inexpensive bongs will be convenient to handle for you if you are a rookie; however, if you are a veteran, you should go with the option of intricate bongs to enjoy smoking at full.

5 Easy Steps to Guide You How to Smoke from a Bong:-

Here is our step by step guide for you:

Step 1: Pouring the Water

First, you will need to perform the transfer of the water. Put the water into your bong so that the down-stem gets submerged. It will help your smoke to pass through the water. Evade filing up the bong with water completely.

Step 2: The Grinding

It’s time you ground your cannabis flower such that it gets the texture like a loose leaf tea. If you do it, it will permit the air to pass through the plant matter, averting clogs and maximizing the reach between the flower and flame. However, you will need a grinder to grind your flower. Once your flowers get ground, you should move on to the next step.

Step 3: Packing the Bowl

Have a pinch of flower and pack it into a bowl so that you get assured it will not fall out. Don’t pack very tightly if you want to let the air pass through.

Step 4: Lighting up the Bud

Have a lighter or match to light up your bud while inhaling through the mouthpiece. Light only the corner of a bowl if you want to share it with others so that your friends can enjoy the green alongside you.

Step 5: Getting the Hit

Put your mouth inside the mouthpiece and breathe in so that the smoke gets pulled through the down-stem and into the chamber of your bong. As soon as you find out that the chamber has filled up with a cloudy white smoke, breathe to inhale again for consuming the smoke.

Will You Get the Hit Immediately?

You should know you won’t get high instantly. Wait for around ten minutes (min) for the high to ultimately develop and judge how you are feeling at that time before lighting up your bud once again.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Bong Often?

To have a relishing experience each time and avert yourself from pain and sadness in the end, you should be cleaning your bong after each use. Merely wash your piece with hot water and vinegar. Apply the Q-tip technique to let your bong become clean; remember to clean your bong after each smoking session to get smooth hits.


You should buy a bong in Canada if you want to enjoy bong rips while getting the smooth hits. It would help if you had several things in place before you commence smoking a bong, including a lighter, cannabis, flower, water, and a bong. There are five easy steps that you need to follow to start smoking from a bong. To get smooth hits, you will need to wait for at least ten minutes. To sum up, keep cleaning your bong after every smoking session to enjoy pleasant sensations each time you use the instrument.

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