Bring new Retail Packaging Boxes for your Retail Items for New Year


When we talk about retail packaging, we discuss the packaging we use to package different products. It is the type of packaging primarily aimed at increasing sales and allowing you to choose your products on the retail screen. So how does the extraordinary retail packaging design idea work? The main idea is that the product must be sold. And to do that, the product has to impress the customer. Nobody buys something they don’t like in any way. Sales depend on the visual effect of the packaging, and to create that impact, manufacturers use retail packaging.
As the holidays approach, it’s time to focus on showcasing your products. Statistics show that the holidays are the busiest time for stores. Sales have increased by more than 60%. This represents billions of dollars in revenue around the world. To take advantage of this shopping boom, you must make an effort. This effort mainly depends on how you package and present your items. While presentation makes sense every season and every month, it becomes even more critical in holiday sales. You compete with many companies, and you will have to differentiate yourself from them to create impact and increase your sales.

So, to help you, we’ll give you some ideas to make sure your custom retail boxes wholesale is perfect.

Packaging Trends for the New Year

The overall picture of this season is a beautifully wrapped gift. So why not take the photo and apply it to your packaging design and make your products look like a nice gift to your customers?    Here’s a list of 15 ideas you can use to make that impact.

1. Minimalist Packaging

Follow the techniques people like Marie Kondo introduce to you and make sure your items are stylish and straightforward. Minimalism has been a global fashion trend in recent years. From furniture to clothing, everyone seems to go for simple, functional designs. Therefore, it is a good idea that you do the same. Colorful and flashy designs are going out of style, and people need something new. Use black and white packaging and see how unique your items are.

2. Use Cheerful Illustrations

The days of ordinary packaging pass quickly. And during holidays, make sure your items are as eye-catching and attractive as possible. Use funny and weird illustrations on your best affordable retail boxes and make your things stand out on the shelf. This trend is relatively new, and you need the help of an illustrator to get the best photos. A simple, memorable illustration like Coca-Cola’s polar bear design is a good example.

3. Use environmentally Friendly Packaging.

We all know that climatic change is a big problem. And that’s why you need to attract your customers by showing them that you care about the environment. Green retail boxes wholesale is the best way to attract attention, especially now that companies are under pressure to reduce their ecological footprint.

4. Focus on your E-commerce Packaging

After all, online shopping is generating billions in revenue, and that trend is expected to increase during the holiday season. Hence, you should focus on how your goods are shipped. People don’t watch your products packaged in an online store. Therefore, only use strong and durable boxes that protect these items during shipping.

5. Use Flexible Packaging

The trend of packing everything with large boxes is no longer popular. People prefer simple and functional packages. Using bags and soft bags helps customers—no wishes on registered and overcomplicated packages that are difficult to unpack. You can choose appropriate boxes that are easy to transport and have a peel-off layer or the like. Companies like Costco are using this design with great success.

6. Use Transparent Retail Boxes

Today, the packaging is not enough to satisfy customers. They need to see what they are buying. That’s why you need transparent packaging that helps people see the product and make their decision. Clear custom printed retail boxes help people trust your brand. It also allows you to promote brand qualities such as trust and stand out from the crowd.

7. Returnable Packaging

This is a trend of the time that is growing very well. It started with the milk producers giving you new bottles of milk and naming your old ones. Bottling companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have also been using it for a long time. It’s time for you to start using recyclable and recyclable packaging. This technique is excellent for eateries, with many repeat sales and stores. Make sure that the manufacturers of your boxes produce recyclable and sustainable packaging like this and distribute it to the people.

8. Use Attractive Colors

Color combinations influence sales. This is because people see the color first and judge it. Just focus on your target audience and choose colors that appeal to them. It helps you create attractive packaging that sells and attracts attention at the same time.

9. Edible Packaging

This trend is very new and has not yet been thoroughly tested. But if you sell food, you can use this trend. Be sure to include safety instructions on the back of the package and display the box with a store display that is free of harmful elements such as bacteria.

10. Use Aromatic Packaging

When we talk about meaning, the sense of smell also plays a vital role in making your things interesting. Aromatic packaging helps you get a better impression and surprise the customer. This technique is widely used by suppliers of cosmetic packaging products as well as food manufacturers to make their goods more attractive. Therefore, we can see how you can make this holiday season more comfortable for your customers and your business. Pay attention to these trends and apply them in your packaging designs. Not only do you create a better sales record, but you also build your brand image.