How to resolve “No Internet Secured” Error on Windows 10?

No Internet Secured Error

Almost everyone has encountered No Internet Secured error on their Windows 10 computer. This error simply means that the computer has internet connection issues. This error is a disappointment when the user is doing some important task and due to this error users are left with one option that is to contact the network provider which may take time to resolve the issue.

In this article, we will see how we can try a few ways to resolve the issue and continue the work.

Methods to Resolve no Internet Secured Windows 10

1. Using public Wi-Fi

When you use public Wi-Fi, then there are chances that the speed is not sufficient enough to cater to your needs and you get the message of No Internet Secured Error on Windows 10 computer.

To resolve this either use a private network or change the location so that you get proper network coverage of public Wi-Fi.

2. Disable VPN

These days users are dependent on VPN to access the sites not allowed in their region. These sites generally are the OTT platform to watch shows and series. But sometimes using VPN can lead to connecting issues and this can lead to No Internet Secured Error because VPN has several security features which stop the internet. The best example is the Kill Switch which is used to disconnect the internet when a VPN server goes down.

To solve it try using the internet without a VPN and if you can browse the internet that means the issue is with VPN. We suggest you use a better VPN so that you can browse the internet without any hurdles.

We recommend using the Systweak VPN which does not create any connectivity issues and also gives access to all the content on the internet across the globe.

3. Refresh IP configuration

You can resolve the connectivity issues by simply navigating to

  • Search Bar> Windows PowerShellinternet may not be available
  • Now enter the command:- 

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

wifi connected but no internet

This will provide you with a new IP address from the local router.

4. Check PC connection properties

To check the PC’s connection properties, you simply need to navigate to:-

  • Search Bar>Network and Internet Settings>Change adapter options.wifi connected but no internet
    no internet secured windows 10
  • Now right click on the Change adapter options and click propertiesno internet secured wifi connected but no internet
  • Under properties confirm the following are checked:-

Client for Microsoft Networks

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

Link-layer Topology Discovery Responder

no internet secured

If any of the above-mentioned options are unchecked, then check them and click on Ok and restart the computer.

5. Update Network Device Drivers

Outdated device drivers can be one of the reasons for No Internet Secured error on their Windows 10. It is recommended to update all device drivers to eliminate the issue of no internet. To do this either you can use Device Manager or you can use Advanced Driver Updater.

Updating device drivers by Device Manager:-

  • Search Bar> Device Managerno internet secured
  • Now expand Network Adapters> Select network device> Update driver

internet may not be available

As soon as the device driver gets updated, then reboot windows which will fix the issue for you.

Updating device drivers by Advanced Driver Updater:-

  • Download and install Advanced Driver Updater
  • Once installed run the application and click on Start Scan internet secured windows 10
  • Once the scan is complete, you will get a list of all the outdated drivers on the computer. Click on Update all to update all the outdated internet secured windows 10
  • The computer will restart when all the outdated drivers are updated.

This resolves the issue of No Internet Secured error on their Windows 10.

6. Run Network Troubleshooter

After trying all the above methods, surely, you will get a resolution of the problem. However, if you face the same issue, then this will be the final step which will provide internet access to you. Do not worry you do not need to try this because the above steps will fix the issue for you.

  • Press Windows + I to open settings> Network and internet> Network troubleshooterinternet may not be available
  • Now follow the steps to repair the network connection.


No internet, Secured error in Windows 10 is a frequently occurring error. Every user has faced it while working on Windows 10. It can be by various means but you do not have to worry as this can be resolved by taking simple measures. Outdated drivers can be the main cause for this error therefore we recommend you update all the drivers to avoid such issues in the future. To update outdated drives we recommend you to use Advanced Driver Updater which is a hassle-free way to update outdated drivers. 

If you are facing similar issues, then try these methods and let us know your experience in the comment box below.

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