Steps that are to be known before developing an Ola Clone application


I’m assuming that you want to develop a ride-booking app as a startup if you are here after reading the title. As a business owner, I can also understand that you have doubts regarding the business model, cost to develop, workflow, etc, of the taxi-booking app 

But throw out your doubts because this blog is going to explain to you the information needed, in and out. 

So, as you would have known, the taxi-booking apps have made it super clear to everyone about how demanding they have become to people in their daily lives. 

To put it in a nutshell, they have made their grounds so solid that it is revolutionizing the transportation industry. Not just that, but it has opened doors to all the business owners such as you, to earn huge revenue. 

If you are still hesitating, let me show you the stats of the ride-sharing market. 

Statistics of the ride-sharing market:

According to a survey, it is projected to grow by 19.87% from the year 2018 to 2023. The anticipated growth is $218 billion by 2025 from the $61.3 billion as of 2018. According to Statista, the global ride-sharing market is expected to grow by more than just 50% between the years 2020 and 2021. 

The taxi-booking services had been divided into online and offline taxi booking services, where the online booking services had pushed the offline services by 65% as almost everyone is spending 90% of their time on mobile applications from their phones. 

Taxi apps like Ola are taking the market, with their simple and straightforward process. As of Ola, it was launched in 2010 and holds 1,50,000 bookings a day. It is also becoming the trendsetter because of the clone businesses budding. That’s why you should be a part of Ola Clone app development for a huge reach. 

Are you now clear about how starting a taxi booking app can never go in vain? In case you are clear, let’s look into what the Ola Clone app is. 

There are two types of taxi booking apps from which either one can be made use of:

Distinct app:

This app would be helpful for a taxi booking company that already has many numbers of cars and taxis by their side. If you want your company to grow through digital media, you can try developing this app. Through this, the customers can reach out easily since it represents your app more clearly. There are companies that have developed their own apps for digital presence. 

The revenue that can be earned apart from the rides is through the advertisement of third-party apps and also by the traffic of your website. 

Aggregator app: 

If you don’t own a taxi company of your own, you can try this app version. To have the app, you don’t need a bunch of cars or drivers from your end. You can just have the app that contains a list of drivers and their cars. People who want a ride can enter your app and hail a ride themselves with the option to directly contact the drivers after booking. 

There are two types of aggregator apps. They are:

>> Simple model app:

With the simple aggregator model app, you don’t have to build multiple apps. One single app lets the users contact taxi drivers on their own. In the application, you can list the different drivers with their commercials. In this type of app, you wouldn’t have many complications. 

>> On-demand app:

The apps like Ola, Uber work under this module. In this app, you will have information about all the drivers who are nearby and you can book the service via this application. The application development and the booking can be difficult for a starter. But it gives a huge revenue than a simple aggregator app.

Since the Ola Clone is an on-demand aggregator model, let’s look into how it works.

Steps to book a ride in the app:

  1. With the simple and user-friendly interface, customers can book a ride in just a few taps. The main keys are entering the pickup address and then the drop address. So it is a straightforward process. 
  2. After booking, the app will show the customers, the drivers who are in their proximity. 
  3. Using real-time navigation, customers can get to know where the driver is in real-time by avoiding phone calls to the driver from time-to-time. 
  4. They will also be provided with an option to share the details of their ride just to ensure safety and protection throughout the ride. 

The app follows a three-tier structure, including:

Customer app: 

To let the customer book their ride easily. 

Driver app:

To let the drivers receive the request for services and choose them to their choice.

Admin app: 

To manage every driver and order. This app is used to ensure the smooth working of the app along with controlling the web-panel. 

Cost of the development: 

The cost of developing the app depends on which development method you are going to choose for the Ola Clone app development. Since the requirements change for every method, it can be fixated. 

But mostly, the parameters for cost determination that are common for both the development methods are:

  • Choice of the OS: whether Android or iOS 
  • App’s complexity: Basic, Medium, or Advanced
  • Development team’s level
  • The development team’s location
  • Features and functionalities choice in the app
  • Technology that is chosen for the development

It also depends on the time spent in the app development. It would be calculated in both per hour cost and total time to develop it.


I hope that by this blog you have known about the app at least to a toddler’s level. The app’s features and functionalities are all left to you in an idea to make them unique. So, waste no time and get started now!