Oncology Specific EMR: iKnowMed EMR VS CureMD EMR



In this article, we are going to compare iknowmed EMR with CureMD EMR for oncology practices. Stay tuned to find out the details.


iKnowMed EHR was developed in 1996 to help oncologists operate more efficiently, boost financial performance and enhance patient safety. iKnowMed goes beyond delivering standard EHR features by leveraging technology that helps physicians focus on clinical excellence and cost-effectiveness in community cancer care. It is specifically designed to take into account the needs of all oncologists out there and help them deal with all the problems they face on a daily basis. 


CureMD EMR was established in 1997 and ever since then, it has only grown and gotten stronger and better. CureMD EMR is being used by so many oncologists out there because of the amazing features that it offers. CureMD Oncology EMR lets you focus on more time in treating patients, driving value, outcomes, productivity, and financial growth. It has specifically designed features to cater to the demands of people working in this particular practice. 


iKnowMed features

iKnowMed has multiple different features that are oncology-specific. They are designed for tracking patient demographics, e-prescribing, maintaining patient histories, charge capture and so much more. The top iKnowMed oncology-specific features are oncology-specific terminology, detailed cancer diagnosis, comprehensive cancer regime library, and imaging reports. Other features include decision support, outcomes reporting, comprehensive patient history, dictation and transcription, lab results, and staging content, and practice efficiencies. All these features are extremely useful for oncology practices because of the ease they create for the oncologists. These features save the doctors so much time and help them focus completely on the patient’s health. 

CureMD features

CureMD EHR is an excellent choice for oncology practices. It has very well designed oncology-specific EHR features to make the work lives of oncologists better. Among the top CureMD, oncology-specific EHR features are Drug utilization forecasting, Drug cabinet & in-office lab integration, NCCN powered chemo regimen library and Customizable plan of care. All these features are exceptional and extremely useful for users. Not only do these features help them with lots of their complex tasks but help them save a lot of time and get tasks done a lot faster than usual. It helps improve clinical as well as financial efficiency within days of installation which is why this software has a huge customer base. Other oncology-specific CureMD EMR features are Trial drug management, Safety alert, Provider note templates, Integrated charge capture, Flowsheets, and Advanced analytics. 



According to iKnowMed reviews, the software is very intuitive and simple. The learning process isn’t long at all. You get the hang of this software very easily. The customer support is very dedicated and always there to help. Customization is so easy and simple and one of the best things about this software. For a small business or for a small practice, it’s extremely great and convenient. All the features are loved by all the oncologists who are currently using it because of how professional and useful they are. For all the oncologists out there, it is a great choice for their practice. 


CureMD EMR is a cost-effective solution for all the oncology practices out there. Users love its exceptional features. The customer support is extremely friendly and always there to help the users out. It helps you save so much of your time and get so much done in very little time. The software is very easy to navigate and manage. The layout of this software is very simple. There are many features that help you get all of the complex tasks done within minutes. If you are looking for a good oncology-specific EHR software, you might want to consider CureMD EHR



iKnowMed EHR pricing is not published by the provider. If you want to know about the pricing details of this software, please visit Software Finder.


CureMD EMR pricing starts at $195.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version.CureMD does not offer a free trial.

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iKnowMed EHR and CureMD EHR are both excellent for oncology practices. Both software are designed under great focus and all the oncology-specific EHR features that they are offering are very useful and professional. Many oncologists are currently using these software and they are absolutely hooked to them because of the ease they have created. If you are looking for a good oncology-specific EHR software, you should consider iKnowMed EHR and CureMD EHR without a doubt. Not only will they help you improve your clinical efficiency but be of more help than you can ever imagine.