Top 10 OneNote Alternatives You Should Use In 2021 To Stay Organized Today!

OneNote Alternatives For Windows 10

How many times have you left your well-organized shopping list at home? How many types of post-it with reminders do you have lying around stuck on your refrigerator or laptop? Do you feel good ideas only crop up in your head when you do not have a notebook around you?” A simple solution to all these common problems is the digital notebook. With a unique and impeccable digital notebook at your aid, you will always have your notes with you at all times, easily accessible on the go via your smart devices. 

In the present era, Microsoft Windows has gained quite the popularity as the market leader of the digital notebooks with OneNote, which comes incorporated in the current MS-office. Having that said, despite coming equipped with exemplary features, the app is not for everyone. It can be overly complicated for beginners and requires one to create a Microsoft Account if you desire to sync your note across devices. It takes too much space and can be too heavy on resources. 

So, do you intend to go for something that visualizes your notes in more noteworthy ways? Well, then you have landed on the right page. In this well-detailed guide, we will walk you through our 10 best handpicked OneNote alternatives that will make your note-taking a cinch in the year 2021. 

10 Best OneNote Alternatives For Windows 10 In 2021

1. Evernote

Without mentioning Evernote, it is impossible to talk about note-taking apps, so it should be no surprise to see this on our list. It’s one of the most impeccable options in the market and can handle notes in any format you desire. With it by your side, you can add text notes, images, audio clips, PDF documents, scanned hand-written pages, slack conversations, and anything else you can ever think of. 


  • Saves your notes automatically on the web
  • Accessible through web version and app even offline
  • Record audio, draft checklists, prepare notes, save pages on the web and more. 
  • Notes take  considerable time to sync and appear on other apps 

2. Simplenote

As the name suggests, it is the fastest and simplest way to keep notes. Whether you aim to locate notes quickly with instant searching tags, share lists, post certain instructions or publish your thoughts- this OneNote alternative can do it all for you. 


  • It is manageable, easy, and swift in operation
  • Integrated search function and the possibility of prioritizing using tags
  • Automatic backup apps
  • Password lock 
  • Limited range of functions and only comes in text format. 

3. Ideanote

Ideanote is an exemplary idea-generation software for a business. It enables team members, customers, partners, and guests to brainstorm unique ideas and collaborate. It makes sure that any company you belong to works on only plausible features that your customers desire for. 


  • Incorporates 100+ brilliant templates that can help in creating the right idea-collection campaigns for product improvement, productivity-boosting, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Helps in captivating outstanding ideas
  • Includes collaboration features that help you filter the best ideas and set timelines.
  • Helps you in tracking ideas. 
  • The software is not compatible with most businesses. It is primarily meant for companies like SaaS companies. 

4. Zoho Notebook

Coming adorned with multi-platform and exclusive features, Zoho looks and feels simply spectacular. It is color-coded, vivid, and extremely elegant. Certain of its hah! Features incorporate the ability to craft covers for your notebooks and a web-clipping tool that makes it incredibly easy to grab articles and other bits from the web. 

Zoho Notebook

  • Diverse range of features
  • Can password-protect individual notes
  • Easy to use
  • Incorporates importer tool for Evernote content 
  • No email forwarding or OCR 

5. Google Keep

People rarely speak about such exemplary software, which is an unusual thing for a Google product. However, over the past couple of years, this app has been improving the software. It is remarkably simple, and rather than splitting your notes up into notebooks; it divvies them up by color-coding and tags. Thus, if you are someone who likes to keep the more vibrant style of OneNote, you will feel right at home. 

Google Keep

  • This excellent software helps you create checklists, add notes to images, color-coded notes, and do much more.
  • Allows a user to get the most out of Google Docs, Drive, and other Google tools.
  • Formatting requires improvement 

6. Laverna

If you are always concerned about the privacy and security of your data, then opting for Laverna will always be the best decision of your life. This unique software offers end-to-end encryption, and everything remains password protected. However, it also should be noted that this is not a feature-rich app. It does not let you add images or voice notes, but editing your notes in this app is super simple. 


  • This app is furthermore the easiest to handle. You can sync and create notes with many devices simply with the use of a RemoteStorage or Dropbox account.
  • The simple interface features make the app a brilliant choice for users who do like any complicated apps. 
  • The development of Laverna has stalled as of this review. Mobile users only can enjoy a browser-based experience for the moment. 

7. Nimbus Note

This unique software is a comprehensive platform for organizing notes, crafting documents, and remarkable projects from innumerable sources into a collaborative digital environment. It is best suited for marketers, project managers, and creative teams who are looking forward to organizing and collaborate on all their documents and info. 

Nimbus Note

  • You can scan your documents with your phone and add them straight to your notes.
  • It includes embedded widgets and websites like YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, and Google Drive.
  • Lack of backlinks

8. Bear

Bear is a flexible app for crafting unique notes whenever inspiration strikes for writing blogs or content on topics like the top 11 best themes for windows 10 or listing down the best word counters available online.  Packed with certain amazing themes and typography, this software comes with an impressive range of features. Not just this, with Bear’s custom markup shortcuts, you can also add links and style with a simple tap or keystroke. 


  • Includes extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. It also incorporates apps for iPhone and iPad.
  • It allows organizing notes with hashtags and linking them even to each other.
  • You can also help you check word count, notice time, paragraphs and characters if you aim to meet a writing goal.
  • There’s no app for androids. 

9. Notion

If you desire to use something more than a simply note-taking app, Notion should be the ideal choice for you. It is an impeccable all-in-one workspace created for teams. Individual teams or a whole company can work on projects together on it. If noted closely, it can definitely replace well-recognized project management tools like Trello. 


  • The app can help you execute vital tasks like product visualization, running design projects, planning marketing and sales.
  • It includes Kanban-style boards that help in planning and managing projects.  
  • Due to its numerous features, there remains a learning curve to comprehend and get the most out of the software. 

10. Turtl

Turtl is a unique note-taking tool similar to Laverna and focuses on providing enough privacy to its users. With the help of this tool, you can draft notes, bookmarks, research papers, logs, docs, and more. All of the above are secured in a vault provided by the application that is protected through a password. 


  • Brilliant privacy and security
  • Available on countless platforms
  • Open-source application
  • No iOS app available and not available when offline 

Final Note

With this, we end our list of best digital note-taking apps that you can replace Microsoft OneNote for you. We have tried our best to incorporate apps on our list, which should meet the needs of most readers. They range from excessive simple ones that just let you jot your ideas down to sophisticated ones that let you write unique blogs like 10 benefits of online meetings you never knew before.  

Check the list out and let us know which one your favourite note is taking app among them all in the comment section below. 

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  1. From the name itself, Simplenote is among those note-taking apps suitable for beginners. It has a straightforward and clean user interface that lets you focus on writing your notes, to-do lists, and reminders. What’s more, you can switch to the dark mode environment to lessen distractions and keep ideas flowing. The best part about this Microsoft OneNote alternative is that it is lightweight and works well on any device even with low hardware specifications.

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