Pandemic adds to cybersecurity worker shortage

Pandemic adds to cybersecurity worker shortage

Prior to the COVID-19, the cyber workforce shortage was a thing. However, after shifting to remote work this workforce shortage became eminent more than ever.

The cybersecurity workers are all occupied. With regular security tasks, they also have to accomplish other security roles. 

These security roles include managing remote workforce from different locations and providing them complete IT support they needed. 

The Cybersecurity industry was already facing a skill shortage, but the pandemic remote shift exacerbated it totally. 

According to the data revealed by a cybersecurity group, a 63% increase has been noticed in the cyber-attacks during the pandemic. 

The massive upsurge in the cyberattacks clearly indicates the inadequacy of the cyber workforce. Besides that, it also exhibits that home networks are way more vulnerable than official LAN networks. 

That’s the reason that many cyber workers have been reassigned to different tasks to help remote workers in executing their work safely. 

A lot of organizations froze their cyber workers from doing their work and instead of investing in them, these companies are buying cyber tools like VPNs and firewalls. 

It’s good to keep security tools deployed, but without the proper cyber workforce, you’re not going to work that effectively. 

In fact, the need for cyber professionals has now drastically increased after the COVID-19 remote shifts. 

A lot of businesses faced serious cyber threats because of vulnerable home networks, and now managing a cyber workforce to defend such threats is a new risk. 

Cybersecurity workers were not only oppressed by workload, but they were instructed to manage new cyber challenges with the same old resources. 

Undoubtedly, the situation got really hard. However, it created the need for more cybersecurity professionals. 

In the near future, the demand for these professionals will be high to fill the skill gap. 

In fact, according to a survey, the estimated shortage of cyber professionals in the USA is 500,000 right now. 

There are more relevant reports of the fact. It has also been reported that by the next year, almost 3.5 million jobs will be available for these professionals worldwide. 

Cyber security industry was already facing an employee shortage but after COVID-19 the case became worse. 

It is because the entire shift from office to remote work was unprecedented. Nobody actually knew to operate things safely and that’s the reason that hackers took home networks as the opportunity. 

These malicious actors tried every possible way to exploit security lopes which lead to an increase in cyber security. 

One good thing about the whole situation was it stimulated remote learning. Businesses around the world never paid attention to train employees remotely. 

After facing such an unprecedented crisis, many companies started using online tools for meeting and security. 

The use of ZOOM and Webex for online meetings had skyrocketed like never before and the same was the case with virtual private networks. 

In fact, the demand for these cyber security tools will further increase until the workers will work from home. 

Various policies had also been implemented during remote work. Some of the top instructions for workers were not to click on unknown sources.  Apart from that, workers were also trained not to provide any personal information on emails. 

Employees were also restricted to verify each online source before taking any action. 

Cyber security professionals also told companies to restrict their employee access. It means that only limited employees were allowed to access the network. 

Two-factor-authentication, strong passwords and antivirus software were declared mandatory. 

With such strict policies, cyber-attacks were continuously growing and that generated a great demand for more cyber security professionals in the USA and around the world. 

Since significant vulnerabilities have appeared in this phase which may further disrupt the business environment. Therefore, a strong pool of security experts is needed everywhere. 

Companies need to understand that cutting costs is not the only solution. They must invest in hiring more cyber security experts instead of only spending on cyber security tools. 

But hiring the right candidate will be equally challenging for the businesses. Organizations will need security experts who can meet their criteria to execute desired jobs. 

Enterprises should look for workers who can comprehend all security architecture. This way, they must reconsider not cutting their budget for the sake of their own cyber defense. 


Cyber security experts should look to create different cybersecurity programs to help new learners understand the needs of today’s environment. In this way, the upcoming security professionals will better defend security vulnerabilities. Moreover, enterprises will also leverage the more secure and sophisticated business environment with fewer risks and hacking threats. People who are still confused about choosing a career can select cybersecurity as the best career choice because the need for these professionals will grow dramatically in the upcoming years. 

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