Popular Microsoft Azure Certifications To Advance Your Career

The importance of Microsoft Azure certification in the technological domain cannot be overlooked. This certification paves the way for great job opportunities with reputed companies. Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud computing service that was released in 2010 by Microsoft. Today a lot of companies across the world use Azure as their primary service provider, and its demand continues to grow in different countries. In today’s time, every industry needs Microsoft azure certified professionals because it makes their work more efficient. Therefore acquiring Azure certification will add weight to the resume and it will also develop your skills on a higher level. 


Azure Certification Training Program 

Microsoft offers tons of Azure training programs for different levels. Below are some of the most popular Microsoft Azure certifications that you should consider:

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

As the name suggests, it is the primary level of Azure certification. It focuses on providing fundamental knowledge about Azure cloud services. This is perfect for candidates belonging to a non-technical background and allows them to understand how cloud computing helps with day to day operations of the businesses. 

Key points of the program include:

  • No requirement of any prior knowledge
  • Questions in the examination vary between 40 and 60
  • The duration of the exam is 85 minutes
  • The minimum marks required to pass is 700
  • Certification cost is $99


  • Microsoft Azure Administrator- Associate Exam -AZ-103

This certification program is relatively new and was introduced on May 1, 2019. It imparts knowledge and allows candidates to build the skills required to implement, monitor, and maintain services of Microsoft Azure. In this certification program, you get to learn about computing, storage, security, and networking. This certification program combines the best of two other Azure associate exams that have expired, including AZ-100 and AZ 101. 

Key Points of the program include:

  • Eligibility – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam 
  • There are 40 to 60 questions in the exam
  • The duration of the exam is 150 minutes 
  • The cost of this certification is $165. 


  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer AZ-500

Microsoft Azure security engineer is a training program specially designed for engineers who are looking to learn, execute and administer security control, assess management, and take responsibility for the security of the data and other resources in the cloud. This Azure certification validates that the candidates have the required knowledge and skills to secure and manage cloud-based solutions. This training program focuses on developing skills such as scripting, automation, virtual networking, etc. 

Key points of this program include: 

  • The candidate should mass the AZ-900 examination to verify he or she has an understanding of the fundamentals. 
  • There are 40 to 60 questions in the examination 
  • The exam duration is around 150 minutes 
  • The minimum passing score is 700
  • The cost of this certification is $165


  • Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-203

This Microsoft certification training program focuses on the developers. This certification validates that the candidates possess the right knowledge and skills to design, develop, and maintain various cloud application solutions. They gain the skills to work together with cloud database administrators, cloud administrators, cloud computing architects, etc. Additionally, the individuals also become skilled in a programming language supported by Azure. They get to learn about Azure Resource Manager, Azure Managed Kubernetes services, etc. 

Key points of this program include  

  • You need to pass AZ-900 to verify that you have an understanding of the fundamentals of Azure. 
  • The number of questions in the certification program stands between 40 and 60 
  • The duration of the exam is 150
  • You need to score a minimum of 700 to pass the examination 
  • The cost of certification is $165

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  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist DP-100

This Microsoft Azure certification program is referred to as an associate-level program that focuses on testing the knowledge and skills in designing and executing various data science solutions on various fields of Microsoft Azures. This certification program validates that the candidates have the ability to apply various Azure machine learning techniques in training, assessment, and deployment of models. They learn how to configure and convert data into practical information sets and determine anomalies. 

Key points of this program include:

  • You must pass the AZ-900 certification exam to validate your understanding of the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure. 
  • Exams include 40 to 60 questions
  • The exams duration is 180 minutes 
  • You must score 700 to pass this exam
  • The cost of this exam is $165

Final Thoughts 

Although there are many more certification programs, these are the most popular ones. If you are looking to acquire Microsoft Azure certification, above are some prominent options to consider.

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