5 Reason Why you Need Antivirus Solution For Your Family

5 Reason Why you Need Antivirus Solution For Your Family

In the era where most people manage the important aspects of their lives through the internet, the safety of your devices from online threats should not be overlooked.

The rise in the use of the internet has also increased the number of internet scams and frauds as criminals are taking the online route to commit crimes now. Your children, who are naive about these things, do their homework online, play games and spend time on social media, and are the easiest targets of hackers and fraudsters.

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Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential for you to have strong antivirus software for the protection of your family’s online identity.

5 reasons why you need antivirus protection for your family-

1. Protection against online threats

There are different kinds of viruses that can harm your computer. Viruses, including spyware, are also known as malware. The main goal of a virus is to cause harm to your computer. However, different types of viruses serve different purposes.

  • Spyware

It is a type of virus that is designed to steal information about your activity on the computer. It creates pop-up ads to spy on the websites you visit and to steal your bank login information. Sometimes it even logs the keys you type on your keyboard.

  • Ransomware

It is a type of software program that infects your computer and asks a fee to be paid for your system to work again. So, you either pay or you install an entirely new operating system. There is no other way out.

  • Worm

A worm can infect many computers connected through a network by exploiting system vulnerabilities.

  • Trojan

Hackers use a trojan virus to carry out malicious functions by disguising it as legitimate software.

PC Matic consists of complex features that can easily avoid your computer from getting infected. You can download PC Matic from the official website.

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2. Parental control

Your children might be innocently surfing the internet or watching their favourite cartoon. Suddenly a pop-up add might appear offering them a free game or something of their interest and lures them away to porn sites or other content that might not be suitable for them. In another case, they might click on a link that appears as a genuine search engine listing. This might lead to their computer getting infected. In a worst-case scenario, if it turns out to be a worm, it could infect all the systems connected to the network.

If this concerns you as a parent, you should consider getting an antivirus solution that comes with parental control.

If you download PC Matic, you will get a variety of parental control options which will allow you to monitor your kid’s internet activity and save them from any kind of harm.

If you are unaware of how to install PC Matic on your computer, you can find detailed instructions on the official website.

3. Computer performance

Imagine that you have an important work email to send or your boss has asked you to urgently prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the next sales meeting! If your computer is infected with a virus, you won’t be able to do any of those things. The virus will decrease the performance of your system and render it useless. It might even make the most basic tasks take hours to complete.

If you download PC Matic, it will improve the performance of your computer while keeping all kinds of malware away from it. It removes junk files and temp files from your computer on a regular basis and makes space on the hard disk of your system. It even updates drivers automatically since drivers that are not updated can pose a risk of your system getting hacked. It is also a lightweight software and doesn’t take much space on your computer.

4. Privacy and Data protection

There are a lot of ways through which malware can enter your system.

  • If you visit a corrupt website
  • If you open an email attachment containing an infected file such as .exe file
  • If you connect any USB device that is infected with a virus

Sometimes malware goes undetected by the user and enters the system.

The following are some ways in which hackers exploit your online privacy-

  • The virus can steal your personal information and monitor your online behavior. Then it distributes that information to different companies that formulate their sales strategy according to it.
  • Some viruses are so advanced that they infect your system even if you don’t click on the pop-up ad that contains them.
  • Some viruses analyze the keys you click on the keyboard and figure out your bank login details. Then they proceed to steal your money.
  • The most dangerous form of hacking is when hackers hijack the resources of your computer and use it for illegal activities. They send junk emails to other people or further release malware to more systems. They sometimes use your system’s storage to store their files too. All this happens without your knowledge. This way they don’t even get caught as they are not using their own systems to commit the crime. Since the IP address used is that of your system, you might end up getting accused of those activities that you didn’t do.

When you install an antivirus solution, it goes through your files and analyses them to look for any suspicious or malicious activity. Sometimes these vendors exploit this information and try to get monetary gains from it. If you download PC Matic, you are assured that your information is safe because ethical practices are a norm at PC Matic.

5. Saves time and money

The reduced performance or installing a completely new operating system wastes a lot of time. In the case of ransomware or a malicious link, you can lose your hard-earned money in an instant. Installing an antivirus can save your time and money and give you peace of mind. It will let you work with focus and without the constant worry of a cyber-attack.

A genuine antivirus solution works silently and diligently in the background and lets you carry on with your work. PC Matic will provide you with all the features you are looking for in an antivirus solution. The How to Install PC Matic guide will help you download it easily.

Final Verdict

All these points prove the fact that an antivirus solution is necessary not only for you but for your family too. It is not advisable to ignore the importance of antivirus software. In today’s time, the security of your digital life is as important as the security of your real life.

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