Different Reasons People Have for Getting Inked

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Most people simply cannot go for a tattoo because of their families or because of their work. However, they fail to realize that tattoos are something that is strictly done for your own sake. It is a very personal thing and therefore, nobody should have any kind of influence on such decisions.
Forever might sound like a very long time but, that is how long a tattoo stays with you or at least as long as you have your skin. Your tattoos are a part of your body. Your friends and family might move to other countries or cities but your tattoos are going to stick around for good. So, choosing wisely when it comes to getting a tattoo is something that needs to be taken in consideration.
Many people who decide on getting a tattoo usually go for getting tattoos of loved one’s faces or names written across their arms or chests. However, these are not the only kind of tattoos out there.

What is a Tattoo and Why Do People Get Them?

Some might call it body art; others might call it as getting your skin inked but in reality tattoos are basically a way to express yourself. It is a visual representation of your ideas, hopes and dreams.
Tattoos are a way to recall some of the fondest memories or some of the most tragic ones of your life. Some people even get tattoos because it is adventurous for them. So, it is safe to assume that different people may have different reasons for turning their bodies into a real life walking, talking and breathing canvas.

What is the Perfect Time Of the Year to Get a Tattoo?

Talking about the perfect time of getting a tattoo might seem something that does not necessarily need to be discussed. You know, how it is a very personal decision to get a tattoo however, there are certain tips for the best times when you can get yourself a tattoo.

New Year Tattoos

Living to see a new year is something that not many of us are able to do. You never know if this is your time. Therefore, every new year is a very significant time for most of us. Furthermore, most of us normally use an occasion like the new year as a way to evaluate ourselves and come up with different new resolutions that will help us become the best versions of ourselves.
Everyone is looking for progress and new years are a great way to start anew. Now, there are many amazing tattoo designs that refer to the idea of new beginnings or rebirth. You can choose to cover yourself with a phoenix tattoo or something that reflects your resolve to start again.
Now, apart from the fact that every new year comes with new opportunities for us all to grow and become better people, it is also one of the best times of the year where you can get amazing discounts. Places like Tattoo Design Inc are perfect for making the best use of such a great time of the year. Getting yourself a tattoo that communicates your resolve at a discounted price is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

Celebrate Christmas with a Tattoo

A time of the year that is filled with joy, great food, great friends, loving family and a charming time. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Christmas. Celebrating Christmas with friends and family is one of the greatest feelings one can have. But, how about you want to commemorate your feelings and keep a constant reminder of the time that you have each year because of this amazing holiday?
To each his own but, getting a tattoo in Christmas holidays is something that can be regarded as an amazing idea. With amazing discounts and almost a month’s holiday, this time of the year is perfect for getting a tattoo. Not only this, winters are considered to be the best time of the year to get a tattoo as well, the cold weather helps to heal your skin. With so many things going in your favor, you should make use of this amazing time of the year and give Santa a chance to stay with you for the rest of the year as well.


For most people getting a tattoo is an experience that might cause them physical pain. However, at the same time the mental satisfaction it brings with itself is something that cannot be compared with any other feeling either. So, if you are someone who is thinking of getting a tattoo then it is highly recommended that you go for a time of the year when you can have, both, the necessary time on your hands to let your skin heal and the liberty of enjoying a discount as well.
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