10 Reasons why you need React Native For App Development

React native app development

We know what important mobile app development holds. Almost every business is switching to mobile apps for reaching out to more and more customers.

On the other hand, developers are following the latest technologies to provide the best app to the client. For developer’s convenience, there are many frameworks available. Among them, there is React Native which is widely used nowadays.

Due to its plethora of benefits and fruitful results, companies are working great to hire React Native developers.

In this article, we will cover all the important points about React Native. Here you will get your answer to the question of why companies are hiring react native in huge demand?

Before proceeding let’s have a brief introduction to React Native.

React Native Brief introduction

It is defined as an open-source JavaScript framework that is used for mobile app development for Android and iOS. With the availability of a huge JavaScript library, the developers can write the code easily for the best app development. This is the reason there is a high demand for React Native for app development.

Have a look at its key features:

  • Apply one code everywhere
  • Easily of integration
  • Develop the fast MVPs
  • Huge Libraries of JavaScript
  • Any web project could be easily transferred into a mobile application
  • The personalized UX can be delivered to individual users

Top 10 reasons to choose React Native in app development

1. One solution for all platforms

React Native enables developers to write the codes and run the same on different platforms like iOS and Android. A single code is enough for all platforms. About 70% of code is shared between iOS, Android and web.

It utilizes the Facebook UI Library to write down the code easily. React Native a single code which reduces the chances of bugs.

Additionally, it is easy to convert Native Android & iOS app to React Native. Developers do not have to be involved in complex strategies.

2. Support for the fast MVP

With the help of React Native framework, the MVP can be developed faster. The major advantage here is that the chances of bugs are reduced.

The development cost can be reduced by 50% while working with React Native development. The developer can easily launch the app even at minimal functionality.

3. Easy to debug

The detection of the bug is easy to React Native framework. There is only one update for two platforms due to the reusability component feature. So, it is easy for a team to debug the application and avails the quality application.
The team does not have to spend much time to detect and fix bugs. There is only a single decision that is enough to fix the problem and update the application.

4. Supporting 3rd party plugin

Options like native modules and JavaScript modules are available. This is all because of a third party plugin. In the main framework, there are some absent components. Some features are easily integrated using a third-party plug-in.

5. Giving better UI/UX

The consumer never minds what technology is involved in app development. The first impression in their mind is about UI and UX. The JavaScript inheritance by React Native is very useful for developers to make UI/UX better.

6. Huge community support

Due to an open-source platform, it provides large community support. Developers can easily share their knowledge in the forum. If any developer faces an issue it is easy for him or her to find the right solution in the community support.

7. Cost-effective

Same code is used in multiple platforms like Android and iOS. This enables the company to continue the development process with a small team. So, there is only a need to hire dedicated developers.
As a result, there is a cost-effective impact on the company due to its code reusability feature.

8. Performing well in the limited budget

Every entrepreneur when establishing the start-up company he or she aims to earn more in less investment. Sometimes there is also a shortage of capital. Additionally, there is a limitation of time and resources as well.
In such a case, hiring a React Native developer could be a great option. This is the other reason why this framework is gaining popularity.

React Native Framework provides reusability of code features. Under this feature, a developer can easily use the same code for iOS and Android platforms.

So developers save their time and efforts. Ultimately the development process is fast.

9. Bright Future

Due to its fruit full features, most of the mobile development companies are adopting React Native framework. It has become a choice among many developers to build native apps.

Even it is used in some reputed companies like Instagram, Bloomberg, Tesla, Walmart etc. This is enough to prove that React Native is currently on the stage of progress. In the future, it will come out with new and improved features. There is no doubt it will be adopted on huge demand.

10. Ease of learning

For those developers who are expert in JavaScript can easily grab the React Native coding. As compared to other frameworks, it is easy to learn. The large community also helps developers to enhance their knowledge and skills. That’s why it is easy to work with React Native.


So, this is all about the factors which make React Native development so popular. If anyone wants to develop a hybrid and native mobile app then this framework is a good choice. This framework is having a bright future and many new features will come in it.

We hope you enjoy reading this article and avails a crystal clear knowledge about React Native. Share your words below.