7 reasons your app isn’t getting enough traffic

app isn’t getting enough traffic

The very first hurdle that every one of us faces by using any of our mobile apps is to gain users’ success. We all want more prospects and customers to download our app and run those applications on their devices. However, even after running those apps so smoothly, there is always a problem after getting into technology. And that we all know about traffic, especially mobile app traffic. Apps are not built in such a way to set up an forget it mentality and need to be optimized, marked and to be successfully utilized.

Boosting storage usage isn’t an essential activity for retaining the users and keeping the app top of mind wherever you use your device. However, that’s not enough to make an app run smoothly without getting any foreign or background traffic. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the ways, help you in increasing app usage, and these practices are being proven the best for the engagement users.

Benchmarking mobile apps successfully

It links with the mobile app development that follows our building – measure- learning process trend. These criteria help in success setting while measuring the performance that has provided a long-term direction for the developing strategies. The definition may differ depending upon the types of app you want to develop and use for overall your business purpose. Moreover, you need to understand what you are trying to accomplish while beginning with the development work.

Here are a few metrics that help you in measuring the GAUGE performance offered during the app. Furthermore, these metrics are being divided into five different district categories are as follows –

App launch metrics-

  • Landing page traffic + microsite + website.
  • Landing page + microsite + website + content backlinks.
  • Brand + product mentions.
  • Domain authority landing page + microsite + website.
  • Social media audience growth.
  • Engagement and viability between social media.
  • email subscriber growth will stop
  • Email engagement is an action such as opening, clicking thoughts, and unsubscribes.

User acquisition metrics

  • Increase daily, active users.
  • Increase monthly active users who stop
  • Increase daily sessions per daily active user.
  • Increase retention rate.
  • Reduce churn rate.

User action metric

  • Increase conversions.
  • Increase sessions
  • Reduce session intervals
  • Use in-app engagement feature

Business metrics

  • Imprisoned avenue next light increase in conversion
  • Upsell product
  • Increase lifetime value
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Reduce abandonment rate
  • Product reviews

Eliminate bottlenecks and improve UI

While launching an app, it has no matter how diligently you are researching and preparing to create the best experience possible. There is always a way to improve, and a natural way that surfaces in the UI inhibits the users from fully experiencing your app. Moreover, this can often lead to an early drop of and are much likely to be done with the web designing, using analytics to understand what are these sticking points that allow you to create a much more fluid that helps in engaging processes and boosting usage.

Improve ad spend

While collecting the organic users, it is precious for most apps to rely upon the heavy ad campaigns that help increase the downloads and gain new users. This strategy also helps create awareness among the people and targeted audience while making more means of more usage. This can only be done if you have a past empty metric like downloads and identified how those users have been engaging over time.

Optimize App funnels

The funnel leads users to transformations, viably allocating a worth (or even benefit) to their use. Screen flow analytics exits by screen, stream among screens, and exclusive visits to screens, envisioning the regular guest communications in your application. You can utilize these two pairs by examining your characterized channels’ screen flow to see when, where, and why users are exiting a specific funnel. With this data close by, it’s simpler to see which funnels could utilize improvement to prompt better transformations and what measures users usually continue in your application. Enhancing to make better funnels and inhibiting drop-offs will build utilization over the long run and further develop change rate.

Run targeted marketing

Running a brand should be done actively running in the market while gaining new users and expanding the reach. This strategy can be used for iOS application development services. This helps improve the opposite that is similar to the boosting of love uses. This will also help you in marketing tactics to keep your audience engaged with your apps. This type of ad marketing uses based on the behavior of drive and loyalty of retention that depends on the communication that helps run the app marketing campaigns.

Offer mobile-only rewards

Offer user strategy of offering a rewards program, and customized offers another mobile coupon that the app user attains explicitly to show the recognition and appreciation of their customers loyalty. This helps you keep your targeted audience and gain new audiences engaged and helps in encouraging them to use your app while you are providing them all the targeted incentives.

Encouraging social sharing

Encouraging social sharing is one of the most positive sentiments that cannot be undervalued and help the user engage while talking about your app on social media. This strategy allows you to share a great experience and gain your digital word of mouth. The mobile app development services USA mainly adopts this strategy as it is apt to share the screen from your app. Social media nowadays plays the most critical role in everyone’s life. It is a platform where the user is more reliable to interact with the content for my research and other subscription processes.

Expand cross-channel capabilities

91% of customers say admittance to content any way they need is significant. Users don’t exist inside an air pocket – they like to investigate and cooperate with brands across portable, web, email, social, and different channels, most quietly before changing over.  Engaging your application users on each track is an incredible way of driving traffic back to the application. The more drawn in your users, possibilities, and users are, by and large, the more adept they are to communicate with you, mainly through a helpful, simple to utilize, and customized application.


Having a mobile app that works successfully is one of the most challenging achievements that a brand can achieve. An app’s performance entirely depends upon various factors, budget, competition, and many more. However, behind mention all the common reasons that can lead to the failure of the app or another type of inability that the app fails to deliver from website traffic. Therefore, there are not many mobile app development services USA that help you get rid of traffic to promote your app in giving you a smooth performance.