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Teeth Whitening Kit

A perfectly white smile guaranteed!

On a quest to make teeth whitening accessible and affordable, two best friends embarked on a journey to bring DIY whitening to your doorstep, quite literally. With the aim to give people the confidence and the opportunity to look their best, the founders Abdullah Dodhy and Dr. Haris Nadeem introduced MySmile. It is an online platform, which makes the ordering experience much more convenient than the usual wait at a dentist’s clinic. 

The website is easy to use and makes the shopping experience much more stress free. Keeping up with the social media craze, MySmile occasionally hosts live sessions on Instagram, which are full of information and upcoming exciting news for the followers. Their interactive posts manage to keep the audience updated, and of course, gives the followers the opportunity to participate in the giveaway rat race! MySmiles objective mainly is to promote oral hygiene and brighten up the smile, since your smile is the first impression you make on someone!

The founders also held a month-long fun filled pop up at Packages Mall, which managed to attract thousands of youngsters wanting to dazzle someone with their smiles! The people attending were given the chance to get a dental check up on the spot, and then decide whether or not they want to purchase a kit along with special personalized instructions for anyone who wanted them. 

teeth whitening KitWell within your budget, the teeth whitening kit is a much cheaper alternative to the conventional whitening process, and eliminates the risk of confronting your phobia of the dentists’ chair! One kit includes a cool LED light, mouth tray, 3 gel refills, an instruction manual, and a shade card to help you reach the desired shade of white. Being light on the wallet is not the kits’ only benefit, its ease of use and trouble-free whitening maintenance is what gives it a cutting edge, all done in a simple three-step process, as the instructions below indicate: 


Step 1: Remove the Syringe Tip

Remove the breakaway end cap from the tip of the syringe. (Save for recapping)

Step 2: Apply Gel to Trays

Apple a ‘string’ of teeth whitening gel along the front outer surface of the trays which is the portion that comes in contact with the front of your teeth.

Step 3: Let the Kit Work!

Switch on the light and place it in your mouth. The average person should use the kit for 30-45 minutes per session. The recommended number of sessions are 6-9 for a vibrant and bright smile!

Not only this but amidst the pandemic, the kit provides a safe, efficient and easy at-home teeth whitening solution. Whether you are reading a book, whipping up some Dalgona coffee or stressing over online work, use it side by side and you’re good to go! “The best purchase I’ve made in a long time, doesn’t get any better than this. Saves me from spending hours at the dentists clinic when I can just do it at home while cooking dinner” reviewed a happy customer. 

teeth whitening Kit

The best part is that all the customers, or people who wish to know more about the kit are given the option of contacting Dr. Haris Nadeem (BDS), who is available 24/7. This gives the customers a more personalized experience. It does not get any better than this specially if you are super finnicky about your smile, or have any underlying dental issues. The most common dental issue that people generally face is yellow or dull teeth. The kit is a one stop solution for the tea loving Pakistanis struggling to make their smiles brighter and more attractive, effortlessly and economically! “I’m an avid tea drinker and it has stained my teeth really badly. This kit was the best solution. Highly recommended!” said another satisfied customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the MySmile website and experience the pleasure of a breathtaking smile! 

Your smile is the focal point of your being, and for most, the first impression of you depends on your smile. A healthy smile depicts confidence and warmth which can be a real crowd pleaser. However, for most, this is difficult to achieve whether it is because of consuming stain-inducing foods, smoking or otherwise. The MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit helps you achieve the perfect smile – health, white and beautiful! Specially designed to whiten your teeth without any pain, in just 30 minutes, the teeth whitening kit is a premium and economical alternative to in-chair whitening procedures. Social media is at an all-time boom in today’s world and greater emphasis is placed on being happy, healthy and confident.

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