Significance of Woocommerce Development Company and How to Hire Expert

Woocommerce Development Company

Among the top million global eCommerce websites, around 26% are currently using the services of WooCommerce. This is the largest stakeholder by a single e-commerce plugin company. As compared to the percentage of 2019, it has increased by 4% in 2020. These figures are clearly illustrating the significance of WooCommerce from a future perspective.

Basically, it is an open-source plug-in for websites running on WordPress CMS. WordPress alone powers more than 38% of websites currently existing on the internet. Basically, when we choose the WordPress platform with WooCommerce, it means, we are choosing the world’s leading technologies for our e-commerce business. This is just an overview to understand the significance. In order to understand its importance in detail and how to get this technology in an appropriate way, you need to scroll down. Let’s start with some interesting features.

Advantages of adopting WooCommerce over other options

1. Highly customizable

E-commerce tools should be highly customizable because the trends always keep on changing. WooCommerce supports a large number of readymade plugins. Even you can hire a developer to create a specially customized plugin that supports WooCommerce. 

Another major advantage is its integration capability. There are countless third-party software systems related to order management and shipping which can be conveniently integrated in order to increase the productivity of your e-commerce business. 

2. Open Source

WooCommerce is highly customizable just because it is an open-source plugin. The plugin is meant to integrate with the WordPress content management system and opens infinite customization scopes. Unlike Shopify, you don’t have to pay for the service of WooCommerce. This is the main reason why WooCommerce is the first choice for entrepreneurs and startup websites. However, third-party software and plugins integrating with it may have a price tag.

3. Compatible for all types of e-commerce platforms

No matter which kind of product or service you are going to sell online, the WooCommerce development agency can customize it exactly according to the requirement. It supports both physical and digital goods sales. Even your online appointment booking and recurring payment business also run smoothly with its services. whether you are running a single or multi-product store, it is flexible enough to support every platform. 

3. User-friendly

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of using WordPress can easily utilize the features of eCommerce once it is integrated. As we already mentioned, this plugin is specifically designed for WordPress only. As a back end user, anyone can manage the eCommerce website operational activities without holding any technical geek skills. 

The best part is its widespread large community to seek support. Already there are countless tutorial videos available online to optimally utilize the features of this plugin. 

4. SEO-friendly

When we talk about a tool of eCommerce business, it should be convenient for the purpose of search engine optimization. A business is nothing without effective marketing strategies. While selling something online, SEO is the basic requirement to execute marketing campaigning. It is very convenient to optimize a website for SEO if you have installed wooCommerce on WordPress. Users can easily customize title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs. In order to simplify the SEO task, it automatically generates the sitemap.

5. Robust security from cyber threats

eCommerce platforms need to be secure because you have to manage money as well as customer data. Both are sensitive matters and need to be in safe hands. WooCommerce developers send regular updates to eliminate the vulnerabilities. They constantly monitor the codebase to safeguard it from new threads. Along with the security from the developers-end, you can also consider some useful tips to eliminate the vulnerabilities. Use secure plugins, strong passwords, and secure hosting service. Don’t forget to add SSL certificates and keep multiple backups.

Now, you have some convincing reasons to go with the option of WooCommerce for an eCommerce site. The next question is, who can help you in making it work. WooCommerce is user-friendly and highly configurable but an expert is required to utilize its complete potential. Below is a list of some useful tips to hire a WooCommerce development company

Considerable points before hiring a WooCommerce developer

WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress. It means you have to find a developer holding expertise in managing WordPress content management systems. Below is a list of some suggestions to consider in priority. 

1. Experience in e-commerce platforms development

WordPress is a platform for all types of websites. When you hire someone for eCommerce development specifically, make sure that the company is providing experts in this field. Online shopping sites always keep on expanding with new pages as a new product or service introduced. Request them to show the portfolio illustrating their previous excellent work on eCommerce sites.

2. Update with the advanced technology

As we mentioned above, WooCommerce is an open-source plugin with infinite possibilities. Therefore, the developer you are hiring must be up to date with the most recent advancements. Along with the capability of integrating plugins and themes, they should also be proficient enough to develop customize plugins according to the requirement of a client. 

3. Delivery commitment in a given deadline

Time is the most expensive thing in the business. If your website is not ready with all the required features on time, the development tasks are useless. On your first meeting, ask them to critically examine the project and give a final date. If possible, check their reviews on third party sites like glassdoor and yelp to know the previous track record. The experiences of old customers can help you in making a final decision.

4. Marketing and SEO knowledge

Along with the development, the company should also have marketing capabilities and SEO knowledge. After all, it is an eCommerce project that needs to be compatible with search engine optimization. 

Don’t forget to know about their after service support during the very first interaction. WooCommerce further requires various software applications and plugins to work efficiently. Therefore, technical glitches may occur at any time and need to be resolved instantly. The WordPress WooCommerce company must be accountable to support you anytime because eCommerce is a 24/7 dynamic business.

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