7 Steps You Can Follow To Fix Instagram Music Not Working?

instagram music stop working

Instagram is the 5th most used social media network in the world today. From influencers to verified celebrities, the variety of content that Instagram offers is unmatched and unrivaled. The platform was launched back in 2010 but did not gain mainstream popularity until late 2011 and early 2012. However, since then it has gone through major uplifts and it has become one of the favorite platforms for visual content lovers.

Instagram Music Not Working
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However, that does not mean that people do not face some sort of occasional hassle. With regular algorithm updates and necessary upgrades for security, the patches come bearing various problems for users who are unable to update them on time. One of them is music not working in videos, stories and picture montages. So, let’s see how you can fix that problem in a few simple steps.

Steps to Fix Instagram Music Not Working

1. Clear The Cache & Other App Data

Whenever you use an application on your smartphone, the data such as images, information, and various other source code gets stored on your phone. This data can be about application personalization, to user data, including saved logins et cetera. While it is really convenient to save data for applications like Instagram, it does take its toll on memory and can cause problems such as music not working. 

So, one of the reasons why this problem persists for you is that your application is bloated and requires a thorough clean-up. So, the best way to go about it is, touch and hold the Instagram icon, go to file data and clean up the cache and other app data. It would require you to log-in again, but it might help you solve the problem.

2. Reinstall or Update The App

Every now and then, Instagram puts out an update that causes problems to the older versions. Because as an application gets updated by the maker, so does the mainframe or the server hosting it. So, the outdated application begins malfunctioning and may cause problems like the inability to play music. 

This is why these updates come with upgraded algorithms and settings that help the old data adapt to the new one. Therefore, updating or reinstalling your application might do the trick. Yet, data migration might still cause troubles. So, if an update does not fix it for you, follow the first step mentioned on this list, then uninstall and do a clean installation on your phone.

3. Update Using Wi-Fi Instead Of Data

When you download an application through data, the stream of connection can be lost if the signal frequency is disturbed. Which can cause the download of an application to be in bits and pieces, making the application unstable altogether. So, besides saving data, many experts suggest downloading the application through Wi-Fi. Not only because it is faster, but also because it does not face any connectivity issues. Then, it can also ensure the download is smooth and in one piece. 

4. Switch Between Account Types

There are three types of account types that Instagram offers, including business, creator and personal. The most frequent type you will come across is personal accounts, as it features images or pictures of a person or their journey. However, a creator account is one of the most common types among influencers or content creators. Then, the business type is self-explanatory, as it is meant for professionals, brands or companies. So, if your account is either one of these types, switching to the other one might help you get rid of this problem.

5. Try Signing Out & Signing Back In

Nothing works with technology like the good old “turn it off and back on again” advice. Such is the case with many Instagram problems. So, if your problem persists, you can simply try to sign out and back in again. One of the major reasons that it can help you solve the problem is that as you log out, the application itself will clear some unnecessary cookies and cache. Which will not only reset any unwanted settings but also restore them to their original condition.

6. Check If The Problem Persists For Other Users

Sometimes, problems like this can be on a grander scale than just one user. That is why, it is wise that before you try any of the above-mentioned steps, Google your problem and check for the latest news. Because, if an application as famous as Instagram is down or facing technical issues, the internet is sure to boast about it. That is how you can find out whether or not the problem is just for you.

7. Contact Instagram Technical Support

Lastly, if trying all of this does not fix the problem for you, then simply contact the technical support staff. An expert suggested that their business account was facing similar problems. A simple connection and collaboration with the technical support of Instagram helped them solve this problem comprehensively. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Why does my Instagram music have weird songs?

There are many third-party applications that help people make Instagram videos. So, by default, these apps use non-commercial music and that could be why your app has one of them.

Q2. Why is my Instagram music not working?

You should try to contact the Instagram technical support staff if uninstalling and reinstalling did not work for you. 

Q3. Why can’t I search for music on Instagram?

If your search history is bloated, then it is suggested that you clear the app data in order to access the search and explore the feature properly.


So, there you have it, some of the most common solutions to the common “Instagram music not working” trouble. However, the best pick for you could be to clear data or upgrade the application. But, a complete reinstall might fix many underlying problems as well.