Effective ways to stop water leakage from plastic water tanks

stop water leakage from plastic water tanks

India has a diverse climate where people experience water scarcity in many regions of the country. Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure that there is a smooth as well as uninterrupted water supply. For this, people invest in water tanks.

People generally prefer plastic water tanks because of portability reasons. However, people often complain about water leakages from their water tanks. We are going to address this query in this very article.

There are many reasons as to why water leaks from the water tank, including low quality of the tank, extreme weather conditions, and poor connection of pipes to name a few.

So make sure you invest in good quality and branded water tanks such as Nova plastic water tanks cover to prevent the situation in the first place itself.

Is your tank still in warranty or guarantee period?

Check if your tank is still in the warranty or guarantee period you should immediately call the tank company and then register a complaint.

If the crack is small experts will come and repair it, however, if it is damaged from the bottom of the gap is more prominent, you can even get a replacement.

Tips to stop water leakage in tanks

Here are a few things that you can do when you are facing leakage problems in your tank:

Check the size of the damage

 If the size of the crack is less than 6 inches in length and not more than a few millimeters in width, you can repair the tank, however, if the gap is longer or more comprehensive than that you should call an expert and consider replacing the tank.

Repair Yourself

In case you want to repair the tank yourself here’s what you should do:

  • Clean the dust and dirt on the tank using a sander. Properly clean the exterior of the tank.
  • Drain the water from the tank completely.
  • Let the water tank dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.
  • After the tank is completely dried, it is time to inspect the size and lactation of the crack. If the gap is at the top of the water tank or is smaller than 6 inches, then your job will become easier.
  • Get a soldering iron to repair the crack. Preheat the gun first and then use it to seal the crack. Allow the sides to melt and then join naturally. Then, let the area dry completely.

Call The Experts

You can call the experts for help. It is better to call the expert from where you had purchased the tank. Let the expert inspect the damage and give the verdict.

In case there are larger cracks, you should call an expert or replace the rank. But if you want to repair it yourself here is what you can do:

  • Drill a hole near the cracks, this will prevent it from spreading.
  • Use a propane torch or a heat gun to repair the more massive crack on your plastic water tank.
  • Heat the area near the crack thoroughly.
  • Using the drill makes a V-shaped groove alongside the crack.
  • Allow the tank to dry completely. This will let the filler set correctly.
  • After it is completely cold and dried, check if it is leaking or not. In case it is still leaking, it means that you will have to repeat the steps but remember to make a tighter seal this time. In case it is not leaking, then you have done a great job!
  • If you find a crack at the base of the tank, you can quickly repair it using this method.

Final Verdict

Remember that DIYs are not useful in every case. It is always better to call an expert. If the crack is significant, and you want to take the pains to repair it, you will only be wasting your precious time. Just head out and buy a premium quality Nova Guard water tank covers this time that will keep your water tank safe for years without any problem of leakage or damage.

Last but not the least, quick DIY materials like glue, epoxy, glue gun, or any other sealant of a similar category won’t work. You will only waste your time and money in this case. So these were a few tips that will help you to deal with your damaged water tank.