The 6 best Tips for the maintenance of your Toyota car

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Toyota is one of the trusted car brands worldwide and why not, they have some of the high-end advancements in terms of the vehicle manufacturing, and the ever-evolving safety system developed for the car owners to ensure that they drive safe. But the safety and performance of any car depends on how well maintained the vehicle is. We bring the six best tips to enhance the performance of the car. You can also contact younearest Toyota service center and ask for help, but because we love to help all the car lovers here are our suggestions for you.  

  1. Never skip your car maintenance schedule 

This tip runs for any vehicle owner, never skip your scheduled car maintenance. Dyou skip your routine medical checkup or taking the medicine on time? It is the same for your vehicle. Go through your car’s owner’s manual and keep a note of the recommended time to get the maintenance service of your vehicle. The general car maintenance service would include checking the parts like wires, serpentine bets, spark plugs etc. and replacing them if the need be felt. If you own a Toyota car make sure to take it to a Toyota service center or to a dealer who has the expertise and experience to deal with the right brand in the right way. 

  1. Pay attention to oil change 

This tip comes straight from the car manufacturers and we recommend the same. Every car owner should understand the importance of the oil change as it has a direct impact on the performance of the vehicle. Most of the latest models do not require an oil anfilter change for at least 3000 miles, and the highefficient engines of Toyota might go even longer. But the oil change will also depend on the type of oil you use for your car, using the right type of oil and changing it on the right time is crucial for keeping your car in good running condition. Here again we recommend you to go through the owner’s manual or talk to your dealer or contact your nearest Toyota service center Dubai. 

  1. Check the tyre pressure of your vehicle 

This is an important maintenance plus safety hack. We come across many clients who pay no heed to their car’s tire pressure, which is unsafe. And we recommend every vehicle owner to keep a regular check on their vehicle tyre pressure including the spare tyre. Infact for this you don’t always have to rush to a service center or a mechanicMost vehicles now a days comes with a tyre pressure sensor or the TPMS, in case you don’t have one all you need to do is invest some money and get one of those to keep a check on tyre. Why we say so is because a good tyre pressure will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and also control the wearing out of the tyre. And from the tyre pressure you can also detect if your car is aligned properly.  

  1. Go for the correct octane rating 

Educate yourself about the required octane level in the fuel you use for your car. It is common misconception, for vehicle owners to use high octane level fuel. But is your vehicle deigned for it? We would again recommend you to go through the manual, details regarding the usage of octane level are clearly mentioned in the manual. The right octane level is important as any higher than the required amount may only cause a lower engine efficiency and impact the performance of your carBut in case you are confused, and need help you can contact your nearest Toyota service center and ask for help.  

  1. Keep a check on your car fluids 

Next in our checklist for the best car maintenance tip is the monitoring of the car fluids. When we are talking about the car fluids it would include the motor oil, brake fluids, washer fluids, AC coolants, transmission fluids the power steering fluids and the radiator coolant or the anti-freeze fluids. Your vehicle’s performance depends a lot on these fluids and at best when these fluids are fresh and in apt quantity. Even though you would need the assistance of a pro to help you change the fluids you may still learn how to check it so that you can get it filled or replaced as and when required. Next time when you go to your dealer or service center ask them to how to check on the fluids.  

  1. Trust experts for your car maintenance 

The last tip for all the Toyota owners and even for other car owners, please go to the trusted and authorized dealers and service providers for the maintenance of your vehicle. We would recommend you choose a service center which is specialized in Toyota auto repairs in Dubai over any other service providers. The reason why we suggest you this is the quality customer care and the expert and experienced team of service providers who know how to deal with the vehicleAlso, you can trust them on the genuine parts for your vehicles if any replacement is needed. We would also recommend you to be consistent with the service provider, by which we mean try to go to the same service center, as they will keep a record of your vehicle’s maintenance and are aware of the history of repairs 

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