The Importance of SEO for Irish E-Commerce Stores

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Why do you need the best SEO Ireland can offer? Let’s talk about this for a minute, because e-commerce has changed a lot in the past 20 years. This is a so much about the attitudes of the market, but the conditioning they have received from various comforts that eliminate traditional advertising.

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

Once upon a time, billboards, ads in periodicals and television commercials worked. It wasn’t so much that they were effective, as customers were hostage to them due to the limitations of media they could consume. Before the advent of stream services, television was the only real way to watch new content, aside from things on DVD or VHS. This is no longer the case, and television is a dinosaur that will probably be discontinued altogether in another 10 years.

Periodicals are also going the way of the dinosaur, with the exception of comic books, which still have collectibility as a merit to keep them going. Customers have this don’t call us will call you mentality, and if we’re all going to be honest with ourselves, it probably should be this way now that technology allows it.

Google Vs Yellow Pages

Think about what you do when you need a product or service in the modern world. Do you look in the Yellow Pages, or try to remember the last commercial you saw? No, you ask your phone, or search on Google at your computer. Well, your customers are doing the same thing.

Is SEO Important?

So, the best way to be successfully marketed is to be high up in the search results on these search engines. This is achieved through search engine optimization, or SEO. For your business to succeed, you need the best SEO Ireland can offer. But, how does this work? You need understand what this technology is in order to choose the best service available.

Basically, it’s all about finding the best keywords to match what your demographic is actually searching for as far as wording goes. Then, you implement these keywords in the meta-data and the text body of your pages. However, there’s a lot more to it than this.

According to me SEO is not just important it can be the pillar stone for your business to succeed online. There is only so much that a small or medium size business can spend on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other forms of online marketing.

With search engine optimization for a E-commerce store you are able to optimize pages for search engines. What you are basically doing is sharing information with the search engine bots that what the page is all about, what product it is selling, what the price is and product description too. This way the visiting search engine bot can grab the information and display it in search results.

Now there are hundreds of SEO firms out there that claim that they can do the job for you. In this regard my experience says that its always best to hire the services of a firm that has proven results and has proper know-how on doing the same for E-commerce sites. SEO for E-commerce is different from doing SEO for small businesses or local businesses. This because local businesses want to reach a local audience and results can be achieved in a relatively shortly span of time. Whereas, when it comes to doing the same for a E-commerce it is a completely ball game. You do not have much content to play with a there are 100s to 1000s of product pages that you need to carry out optimization. On top of that your audience is either national or global and reaching a global audience is no child’s play.

Performing proper SEO analysis and creating in-depth SEM strategies are very high-skill operations, so finding the right team or individual to help should be your first goal, and visiting marketing forums online is a great first step. Not only can you find experienced people who can help with your SEO needs, but you can also learn a lot about the process itself by reading the forums. You may even get advice on both good and bad SEO marketing companies. Another plus of forums is that moderators should flag scams and bad information.


These keywords need to organically blend into the text so that they look like they belong there, which has its limits, obviously. But, being implemented is organically as possible is necessary. On top of this, the firm you choose to handle SEO in Ireland needs to be able to provide good content. It needs to be engaging to read, so that the customer sticks around for what’s called conversion.

This is when they actually become customers, rather than just leads. If the content doesn’t engage them, and just looks like word vomit with some keywords sprinkled in, they’re going to click away very quickly and probably have a poor opinion of your company before they even try your product or service. This is a first impression, and remember first impressions are something you get a second chance at. Choose wisely with SEO in Ireland, and you can wield this power to great success.

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