The most desired toys to give this Christmas anyone should buy

Christmas gifts and toys

It may seem to us that there is still time, but before we want to know it, Christmas will flood everything with its magic and light . The shop windows are already decked out and many children have begun to ‘study’ the toy catalogs in depth, looking for ideas to ask for Santa Claus and the Three Kings . Many Charities accept used toys as a donation to help needy families, We request our readers to donate free toys for kids on this Christmas so needy kids can also enjoy their Weekend. Donations is the

We reveal what will be the most desired toys to give this Christmas 2020-2021 , and we give you options so you can buy them before they are sold out. And if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, don’t wait until the last minute to order it!

Masters of the Universe figures

Mattel has re-released the Masters of the Universe action figures that are candidates to become a star toy this Christmas for the most nostalgic parents. The collection is made up of several 14 cm figures, like this one from Skeleton, but we can also find He-Man, Beast Man, Tele … For children over 6 years old.

Cry Babies

As it happened last year , the crying babies of IMC Toys will again be among the dolls most desired by children this year This year, one more member of the family is added: Nervier, a baby unicorn whose horn lights up when touched and cries when you remove the pacifier. This adorable baby cries real tears and will only grow louder if left unattended. For children from three years.

Crying Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti

Given the success of their older brothers, there are also figures of Crying Babies Magic Tears Tutti Frutti. There are 12 fruit characters, each one with its own personality. The interior of each smoothie house is personalized with accessories to match your personality. From 3 years.

Vip pets

These curious pets are dogs with fur, 30 cm long and incredible colors, to untangle, comb and braid. Hair color is magically revealed when styled with water. They are six different and each one comes with two different looks, so there are 12 to collect. Each one also comes with eight different accessories and a chair to style them comfortably.

Koali’s caravan

From the Magic Tears Crying Babies family, Koala’s Caravan is another favorite toy for lovers of these little characters. The Koali Caravan recreates various environments: Kitchen, living room, bedroom and Jacuzzi; it also includes a complete set of accessories. It also includes Koali who if you squeeze her tummy will cry real tears.

Dolls Beyond the Moon

The Netflix movie has launched its own merchandise for children together with Mattel. We can find the characters Change, Chinese goddess of the Moon and Fee. This doll is 13 inches tall and has 11 articulated points to make her dance, act or simulate poses. For children from 4 years old.

Baby Pelon Corina – Anniversary Special

This year a new Baby Pelion has been born , created as a tribute to the little ones with cancer. In this case, he is dressed up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Juegaterapia Foundation, and the scarf on his head has been specially designed by Corina, a girl with cancer.

100% of its benefits are destined to brighten the lives of the little ones admitted to hospitals.

Hiccup Bob

In the style of other similar games with great success among the little ones, Hiccup Bob is a gluttonous hippo who loves to eat. But if you eat a lot and without stopping the food will feel bad and a burp will be thrown away. So choose the food token you choose wisely if you don’t want Bob to burp. For children from 4 years old and 2 to 4 players.

Virus stop

Very suitable as a Christmas gift this year, Stop de virus is a board game for the whole family with which to learn how to fight viruses that can infect us, using the best tools: masks, gloves and hydro alcoholic gel.

It will help us create fun moments for communication and dialogue with our children around the pandemic, favoring the de-dramatization of the situation that we have had to live.

Vet Squad

There are four mini veterinary dolls whose adventures focus on rescuing and curing injured and endangered animals on the four islands and taking them to the clinic, where they can recover.

They are: Robin, with a huge and kind heart, is in charge of the helicopter; Yara is the expert in chemistry and the one who transports the animals in her 4×4; Emily is the expert in technology and mechanics, and with her boat she moves from one island to another; and Ava, who loves to dance and is the fastest of all her companions, that is why she always comes first to help the animals. In addition, each one is always accompanied by its faithful pet (owl, bunny, dog and cat, respectively), a backpack and two accessories.

SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom – Speed ​​Fury Car

The fever for collectible SuperThings figures continues and the newest is this Speed ​​Fury car, a mega vehicle with a state-of-the-art launcher. Includes a spinning top and an exclusive figure. For children from 5 years old.

Baby Yoda Plush

One of the protagonists of this year is Baby Yoda, the charming character from Star Wars who appears in the second season of the series ‘The Mandalorian’. El Niño (The Child) is a 28 cm plush made by Mattel in extra soft material and wears his classic tunic with a shearling collar. A precious gift for lovers of the saga.

Nancy – A day with a mask

The popular Nancy, from Famosa, is reissued this year with a new doll in times of pandemic: Nancy A day with a mask. Add a mask to your wardrobe to help normalize its use to avoid contagion.

Lego super mario

This year, Lego has launched its new Mario Bross license , entering the world of the most famous plumber. The starter set is an ideal gift for children ages 6 and up. And if you already have it, there are new expansion sets to expand the construction game.

Playmobil Back to the Future

Playmobil joins the nostalgic trend with the characters from Back to the Future and the car from the movie . The set includes a total of 64 pieces including the legendary Delorean , transformable into a time machine with hinged doors, spinning wheels, Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett Brown and Einstein.


Fun card game that has become fashionable among children for its fast and fun dynamics, and because it is up to date this year of pandemic. The game consists of being able to eradicate the virus by isolating a healthy body, using all the tools available. A game that encourages quick thinking and decision making.

Barbie Color Reveal

Mattel has launched a new line for its most famous doll this year: Barbie Color Reveal . You don’t know which doll got you until you open the surprise pack, which includes 15 mystery bags with accessories. Each pack comes with two complete looks. To discover what the Barbie will look like, they will have to submerge her in water. From three years.


This group of friends who live in the forest with their pets have been sweeping in recent years, and this is no exception. One of their latest releases is Casa Dannessa , a super house almost 60 cm tall with five play areas and more than 15 removable pieces of furniture and accessories. Includes Danessa Deer doll and her best friend Sprint the deer.