Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Lose Weight Fast

Myproana: This generation is obsessed about looks, rather to point out specifically, their shapes. Each one us here wanted to look like the next person who is skinnier than us, and we fail to accept that each one of us are all beautiful in different ways. And the teens especially have become easy traps for these fancy that are influenced internally and by externals also where none of us realize staying fit and healthier would help in grooming our looks, instead we look for supplements for quick result.

Today, Pro Ana is considered to be the better lifestyle solution that is been accepted widely, and this lifestyle is been preached as a community where people tend to follow as a religion similar and strict to what Merriam Webster quoted a religion to be: “ a cause, principle or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith” , to stay slender and propagated with the ideas. And these people are named Rexies and Anas for taking up Proana. 

Pro Ana Tips, simply means a lifestyle encouraging to stay slim and focus on weight loss in order to fit in well under the suggested BMI (Body-Mass Index). but in real terms, PRO ANA is referred to a promotion of behavior that is similar to Anorexia nervosa an eating disorder. This is also referred as ana or promia which is also related with bulimia nervosa.

While the Pro-ana organization has a different statement to put forth them that they exist in a non judgmental environment for anorexics, a place to turn, to show care, to discuss their illness, to support and on a positive note help to recover. And they expect anorexia nervosa to be accepted as a lifestyle choice respected by doctors and family and not as a mental illness.

Pro-ana is been evolving through decades in the society that we as individuals never gave that importance instead but the idea of pro-ana has always taken its place in the subconscious mind more feasible to women indeed to be the best of best for the men in their life and the prior need for that is to be shinny and shinning.

The ultimate goal behind this strategy is that as the world expects to be thin, that I also wanted to attain this ultimate goal to look the most desirable way out by being skinny and thin. 


To maintain a fit and a healthy body is important than being slim or skinny. Beauty is all in how you project yourself wiser and not how pretty you look.

It is always easy to maintain natural routine that are more beneficial and effective than the artificial intake that we go behind.  And thereby, Fitness has become a part of life in almost each and every one of us. Then why do we have to go behind artificial and unusual stuffs when it comes to fitness and body weight. There are a lot of Natural weight loss tips and tricks to maintain a fit and healthier body.

Lets take a look on three magical elements that are very much necessary for weight loss to experience its magic.

Firstly, the Mind. The most powerful of everything, that is more influencing and also gets influenced. The inner belief that you have on yourself constantly pushes you towards your destination and boost you when ever you fall. You could think how your mind is going to help you   motivating you to pursue your need as it acts as a pushing force within motivating to prepare yourself to take up the tough tasks you have to go through.

The second is Water. Keeping your body hydrated is more essential to maintain a fit body. Water has the ability to flush out toxins out the body. Water also keeps us energetic and also reduces the urge of snacking and limit the intake of food. When you strive to follow up you water intake to the needed, for about 8-10 glasses of water every day, you will truly witness the changes in your body. And don’t restrict yourself with water, more intake of liquid food like fruit juice, tender coconut, stew and etc., helps you to maintain your body needs.

The last by not the least, Sleep. Its important to snooze full 8 hours. Let the body rest to reduce the stress and stay more energetic, efficient and productive. Where a full sleep contribute to higher metabolic rate that helps in maintaining the weight.

Now lets see on the best tips and tricks that really works for you to maintain your body weight and reduce fat. 

1. Usage of natural weight loss products

Its very important to note if we choose the right product for us. Mostly all the products in the market come under the tag line, Natural. Still as an individuals, one should be keen enough in choosing the right supplement.

And especially in choosing the right weight loss pill, you be more careful cause its your body.

We suggest Burn-XT from our side. It has the efficiency to help us out loosing weight concentrating in the five major section say, helps in burning fat, stops fat production, suppress your appetite, boost your energy and improve your mood.  

2. Break the fast : important

Never, never and ever skip your breakfast. Being the first meal of the day, its important to take the right amount of intake. The good you eat the more you would feel less hunger the day and you would also feel no need for snaking and junks. A proper start for the day is the complete breakfast.

3. Lesser dairy and lesser meat

Reduce the consumption of meat and diary products including milk and egg as they contain fat in them. Substitute milk products with vitamins. Instead of usual tea and coffee change their taste with some sour and spicy taste, alter tea with green tea, ginger tea, and so on. And reducing meat in your diet helps feel full of energy and glow. Eat more of vegetables and fruits and also you take vitamin supplements that gives required nutrients.

4. Release more sweat

Ensure to burn more calories than you  consume everyday for better results. Exercising is the best way to burn calories and maintain your fitness. Concentrate on each body separately and groom it. Than doing exercises, you have to follow exercise routine without any excuses or divert from it. 

5. Take care of yourself

Encourage yourself for what ever improvement you show in each of your attempts. Show more care to what ever you do. Make personalized dietary that suits you and your body and follow it right. Using an activity tracker may help to track calories burned and motivate you to burn more calories.

6. Fresh with refreshments 

Add lemons in your liquids, as lemon has the capacity to cut down fat, and keeps you more hydrated. Its suggested to add two slice of lemon in the water you drink to stay more in ease and energetic. 

7. Proper diet

Take food with more fibre, protein and vitamin content. Have a check on the intake of calories and keep reducing the size of the plate and increase pulse, sprouts, vegetable and more greens. You can  try a low carb diet that is more effective for weight loss. And replace fat with coconut oil. You can add egg in your diet. And try out to add spices that boost metabolism and increase burning fat.

8. Follow up and compare 

The most important step is to note down your activities and check if you follow every day, and in time intervals as per fixed intervals, compare your improvements and achievements that would really help you to analyse and assist you to show betterment. And consistency is more important in what you do.


We are here with a simple diet plan designed in the Indian style that would really work for you and show up best results in just 4 weeks time. 


Pro-ana is nothing but Pro Anorexia.  According to ICD- 10 classification the term eating disorder is been classified into two groups: (1) anorexia nervosa (mental anorexia) and (2) Bulimia nervosa (mental bulimia). The scientific circles recognizes Anorexia nervosa as a serious illness that has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder. The Medical and health care professionals and association members have no positive approach towards Pro-ana. These groups doesn’t just promote eating disorder behaviors but also builds a sense of unhealthy community.

People with Anorexia usual defend their illness to be an accomplished self controlled and a essential part of identity , merely as a lifestyle rather. But the fact enforces the condition to be a state of mental illlness caused due to not taking proper intake of food in the name of diet and loosing weight.


Anorexia is majorly of two types,

  1. Restrictive Anorexia : in order to maintain a healthy body weight, the individuals starve themself consuming very little than the required quantity
  2. Purge Anorexia : the individual in this case purge themself by vomiting, using laxatives or excessively exercising that arises from an intense sense of guilt from eating too much or wrong food.


The individuals suffering with anorexia are treated with medical, nutritional and therapeutic factors in procedure to recover in healthier means.

The Medical aid helps in treating amenorrhoea and malnutrition symptoms.

Through Nutritional aid the patient is helped to recover the excess of body weight lost during the process with the aid of new and healthier diet plans and patterns accordingly.

In order to prevent the patient from relapsing into anorexia behavior, the therapist help the patient by analyzing their current state of mind and body and recover form mind as mental stability is more important for physical improvements.

Final Verdict

Our health is our primary motive and beauty is always a compliment and not priority. This article is to tell Proana is completely not right and there are a lot of other natural methods that are healthy and a much wise choice to choose natural remedies. And being muscled is not an issue at any cause, and being skinny is no way a credit to you. There is no need to loose weight until its been suggested from the medical aid. Instead strive to be fit and maintain your body in the right way.

At the end of the day, its all in your court to decide what to choose, either to go behind Pro-Ana or to naturally concentrate on your health and body. In what ever appearance you are in, its all your inner self to decide to put you courageous in front of the gathering. Appearance are of course a matter of fact today, but they are not the mere matter at all.

Choose the best and the right for your body naturally, and stay fit and healthy and more importantly happier its all that we want in life.