Tips for Choosing The Most Suitable Teeth Whitening Treatment for You

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Option

Stained and darker teeth impact more than just your self-esteem. According to research, people with brighter teeth have a higher chance of being accepted during a job interview, getting a salary lift, and even having a smooth date.

This is slightly related to how a person feels about himself after the treatment. There is a very great tendency to feel more open, friendly, and receptive while interacting with others.

We focus more on people’s faces when we talk to them. So, it is easy for heavily stained teeth to be noticed within seconds of a conversation. Choosing to whiten your teeth should not be a difficult choice. However, considering the stream of teeth whitening options we have, it can be quite complicated.

Choosing the wrong teeth whitening option, either professional or at-home treatment can make your teeth worse than its original state. Visit your dental hygienist to find out what works best for you.

Let us look at the possible options and those that should be avoided. These recommendations are from our professional dentist.

One product can’t cure all

You should not hope to have a singular product that suits everyone. Products should be chosen based on different factors. One of them is the lifestyle of the patient. Some patients got their tooth stain from smoking, while others may be from adverse effects of drugs and the likes.

Also, the health of the patient should be taken into consideration. Some patients have healthy teeth with just a few stains, while others may have an underlying issue like gum disease or damaged teeth.  Cleaning for this kind of patients should be taken more in-depth than the cleaning products.

We advise that anyone planning to whiten his teeth should visit the dentist. If you do not have a special appointment, bring it up it during the routine dental check-up. According to the law, only a qualified dentist can recommend a teeth whitening solution as this is an aspect of dentistry.

You can also go to other professionals in the area like a dental hygienist and dental therapist for the whitening of your teeth. However, it can only be by prescription, so you must see the dentist first.

Other teeth whitening options like strips and trays only work for the natural teeth. If you have prosthetics like crowns and veneers, they will not be whitened alongside as tooth whitening has no effect on them. They will have to be given special treatment.

First whitening treatment: see the hygienist

Sometimes, all your teeth needs for a brighter and whiter look is the removal of the stains on the surface. After a 40 minutes session with the hygienist, you may have your desired result.

We recommend meeting the hygienist to be the first thing you do before trying other whitening methods. The removal of the surface stains and plaques will help you achieve an even whitening effect from the whitening products.

Second whitening treatment: professional teeth whitening

Like the term professional teeth whitening, your teeth are made brighter by a person with the skills and experience. He will use sophisticated tools and products only accessible to professionals to give your teeth the whiteness you deserve. At the end of the treatment, you will have whiter teeth with preserved enamel and gums.

At Smile Works Dental, we offer the customised trays that you will use for your treatment at home.  We will specify the amount of time for you to wear it. Sometimes, you may be asked to wear the tray with a recommended whitening gel overnight or a limited number of hours for some days. However, you should achieve the desired whiteness within 10 to 14 days.

There is also a professional whitening called “in-chair” whitening. With this one, you just have to sit in a chair for the whitening and get up with the desired effect. However, this effect will not be long-lasting.

It is usually achieved by dehydrating the teeth and leaving them looking whiter. Within a short period, the dehydration will wear off the teeth and return to its original look.

Though the whitening from in-chair treatments gives instant results compared to the treatment with trays, the continuous use of the trays during the specified period will provide a long-lasting effect. After that, you will only use the gel when you want to top up the whitening.

Third teeth whitening treatment: internal bleaching

This is used to whiten the unimportant teeth. These teeth may have been through a root canal after a trauma. For this whitening process, the dentist will place some bleach inside the teeth and remove or replace them after the desired effect has been gotten.

Fourth teeth whitening treatment: veneers

Veneers are useful when you want to change more than the colour of your teeth. Maybe you are not satisfied with their placements.

Veneers are made of composites or porcelain and are plastered on your teeth to give them a new look. People with veneers often need future dentistry to maintain them.

What to avoid

  • Avoid online whitening products;they maybe too abrasive for your teeth and gums
  • Avoid over the counter whitening strips and toothpaste as some of them do not work.

Always seek professional advice when whitening your teeth. Contact Smile Works Dental today for professional teeth whitening in Harley Street area.

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