Tips for Making a Cool Business Logo with DesignEvo

The term logo is familiar. Even every business person must have a logo to describe his business. So, it’s no wonder that logos are often said to be a symbol of self-identity. That way, you can’t make a logo carelessly. Then how do you create a cool business logo that can illustrate your business values?

3 Tips for Creating a professional-making Business Logo

Have you ever seen a logo, then you are reminded of the product? Well, that’s the impact of a well-made logo, so that it can make people easy to remember because no matter how good branding is, if the logo is hard to remember, it will make your business logo less memorable.

Based on this, it is essential to make a stunning and easy logo to remember by many people, especially your target market.

Why is that? Because if the target market is young people. However, a logo is made with a color combination not favored by young people or is easily forgotten. Of course, it will affect the value of a logo. So how do you make a logo?

1. Define a concept

Why is this the first point suggested? Because without a logo concept, it will be unclear. In determining the concept, several things need to be considered. First, make a logo that describes your business from the vision and mission, philosophy, character, and others.

Second, decide what impression you want to convey to the public. For example, you want to convey that your product is strong, quality, and classy. So, if it’s clear, then this is what will be highlighted in your logo.

Second, decide what impression you want to convey to the public. For example, you want to convey that your product is strong, quality, and classy. So, if it’s clear, then this is what will be highlighted in your logo.

2. Color

Logo color greatly affects how a logo feels, so it’s important to pay attention to color. In addition, each color has its own meaning, so that way, you can adjust what color matches your business logo to match it.

3. Shape

Every logo must have a shape; some are round, rectangular, or other things. Choose a logo shape that matches the logo symbol to make it look just right. Each shape also has its own meaning and color, so decide what kind of shape matches your logo.

Choose a logo shape that looks simple and unique. Usually, the human brain can quickly record something unique and simple.

About the logo is essential, so it must be considered when making it. You can create a logo by following the tips for making a cool business logo above by determining the concept, color, emblem, and shape.

Well, here is the point how to make your logo?

Fortunately, there are massive tools to use online. And the DesignEvo logo would be discussed this time.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a user-friendly logo making tool so every beginner can design their logos in minutes.

What key features it has?

  • Many fonts of various shapes and types
  • You can adjust the logo background colors.
  • Many icons in attractive shapes can be added to make your logo more professional.
  • Designs and logos of the device that you can use and modify
  • The number of logo designs on the site is more than 10,000+ logos.

How to design a professional logo with DesignEvo?

Step1: Go to the DesignEvo website and click on Make s Free Logo

Step 2: You can choose which logo you want to amend

Step3: After entering the editing page,  on the left side you will find some important options.

  • Icons you can add: Many icons help you design your logo.
  • Change the font:  You can choose any font you like, there are many wonderful fonts.
  • Cosmetic shapes for the logo: Many templates increase the aesthetic of the logo.
  • Logo background colors:  All known colors can change your logo’s background with one click of a button and in any color you want.

Step4: At the bottom of the logo image, you will find a list containing some modifications, such as changing the size of the image dimensions and others

Step5: By clicking on the Download button, you will be transferred to the download page. So, here you can get your logo for free or pay some small fee to get higher resolution files

There are three plans DesignEvo offered.

  • The first plan: – It is free of charge, through which you can design a logo and download it to your phone or computer for free.
  • The second plan: – BASIC, at a $ 24.99, has medium features between the free plan and the plus.
  • The third plan: – PLUS at $ 49.99 and it is one of the highest plans that give you more features.


You have learned some tips to design a logo, and the logo making tool available, then you can get your idea to practice. Hope you can make stunning logos for your business.

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