Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation

How to make PowerPoint Presentation?

PowerPoint works as a visual aid as a conferrer presents its plans, businesses, company’s projects, etc. PowerPoint slideshows are fast to create, straightforward to update, and efficient to get visual interest into the presentation.

Though, PowerPoint slideshows also seem trouble even for skilled presenters. The key to success is not to make slides too wordy and focus on figuring only basic bullet points. One more thing you must be careful is making sure your slideshow is a visual aid and not a visual distraction. These PowerPoint presentation tips and guidelines are designed into segments. So, you can keep your point well. Here are the best PowerPoint tips and tricks are shown below:-

Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

  • The first and foremost step is to utilized the slide master feature to build a logical and mild design template.
  • It would help if you modified the content presentation (i.e., bulleted list, 2-column text, text & image), but be consonant with another font, background, and color elements.
  • Explain all the words present on each screen and limit them. Try to use key phrases and only provide important details.
  • To make it effective, you should use less punctuation, and don’t try to put all words in capital letters. Empty space can increase readability on the slide.
  • Using contrasting text and background colors. The effective way to show your PowerPoint eye-catching is to use light text on a dark background. Moreover, don’t use any patterned background because it can decrease text readability.
  • Avoid flashy transitions, such as text fly-ins from being used. At first, these characteristics may seem amazing, but they are distracting and get old quickly.
  • Don’t use any special effects in your presentation, such as animation and sounds, because it makes your ppt presentation “cutesy” and could negatively influence your reliability.
  • Apply great quality pictures that strengthen and complement your information. Make sure that your picture manages its purpose and influence when shown on a larger screen.
  • If you are using builds in your presentation, your content should be consistent and simple on the screen, like From the top or left. use only “build” screens when it is important to present your point because it can delay your presentation.
  • Decrease the slides count. A good rule for presenting your PowerPoint is one slide per minute because the person, who continually flips to the following slide is expected to lose their readers.
  • Restrict plenty of slides because the conferrer, who uniformly “flip” to the next slide, will likely lose their audience. The best rule for a presenter is one slide per minute.
  • Always drive your PowerPoint in a non-linear way. PowerPoint enables the conferrer to skip forward or backward without becoming to page through all the interim slides.
  • A presenter must know the way of moving ahead and backward in their presentation. Readers usually request to view the previous screen again.
  • Try to present your slides on a large screen. Firstly, ensure that the slides are readable from the back row seats. Your text and images must be large enough to read.
  • It will help if you have a Plan B in the case of technical problems. Learn that clearness and handouts will not display animation or other special effects.
  • Exercise with your peers who have never seen your presentation and Ask them for honest feedback about the color, material, and any effects or images you have included.
  • Do not learn from your slides The content you use in your slides is for the readers, not for you.
  • In your presentation, avoid apologizing for anything. If you think something is difficult to understand or learn then avoid using it.
  • It’s better to run the presentation from the hard disk instead of the floppy disk. There is a great possibility of getting your presentation slow if you run it on a Floppy disk.

The PowerPoint custom animation they used
I asked Dr. Stephen Mahar, one of the paper’s writers, to send me the PowerPoint files he applied. He graciously sent me examples of the Camtasia files Camtasia is screencasting software that allows you to record narrative as your click by PowerPoint slides. I don’t yet have his consent to post them on the blog, but meanwhile, here is my story of the Camtasia files.


By proper formatting style, layout, and presentation methods, you can do a lot more with PowerPoint rather than just presenting your clients. These types of tools are flexible tools that are used in the overall aspect of life. you can create an effective presentation by using templates, it leads to wow your audience. The tips and the guidelines shown above helps you to make your presentation best and effective much that the clients take interest in your presentation. to know more details about PowerPoint presentation you can hire an expert online that helps you in preparing a PowerPoint presentation assignment.