5 Tips for Optimizing Your Images on Amazon

Tips for Optimizing Your Images on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a great way of generating high revenue as this platform enjoys a massive user base which is in millions. Amazon has its own set of algorithms that rank the product based on various factors. Just like any other search engine, for Amazon also, you need to optimize your products so that it can rank on the first page. One important element of Amazon optimization that can’t be missed is the images. 

Images are instrumental as it can convert traffic into sales if they are relevant and describing the products in clear ways. In this article, we will talk about the top five tips that are must to implement for all the sellers for achieving higher rankings and good sales. And, you can also outsource this Amazon optimization task to an SEO reseller and get the job done faster. 

1. Focus more on the main image

Treat your main product image as the landing page which will get customers the first impression about what you are selling on Amazon. The selling platform has also given clear guidelines about the main images but the guidelines are the same from the past few years and we will draft the complete details here. 

According to Amazon, your main image should only be the focus on the product you are selling and nothing else. Many sellers make the mistake of stuffing too much information on their main product image but you should not do that in any case. The main image should not have any kind of borders or big text written on the images. 

Regarding the main image, keep the background white and avoid using any other shade for the background. The main reason behind is letting the viewer’s understand every minute detail of the product and another reason is that they look floating while viewing. If you have images in any other background, get in touch with an SEO reseller and get the images fixed. 

2. Use every given slot by Amazon

Amazon platform is quite optimized in its own way and it has additionally given many opportunities for gaining better rankings and sales. For certain categories, you can upload two or three images. But, most of the sellers don’t realize that most of the time, Amazon gives us the opportunity to attach as many as seven images for a single product. 

Adding more images will give you a comprehensive opportunity to describe your products in a better way. One thing to keep in mind that in many product categories, you can upload as many as six to seven images but those images can only be seen on the main product detail page. If you wonder when the images will be visible, the additional images will be visible when a customer will click on the images to get more information about the product. 

You can use these extra slots to show the product from multiple dimensions like the front, back, and sides. If you add a product video, it will be visible on the last slide of the images trail. 

3. Follow Amazon’s guide on image size

Another key tip to outperform in Amazon product search is following the size guidelines given by Amazon. If you upload images that are of low resolution, Amazon will not enable the zoom option and the pictures will look pixelated. According to the guidelines, the image should be at least 1000 pixels so that the images can be zoomed comfortably. 

Along with the image’s pixels, the right proportion also plays an important role in achieving higher rankings. According to the product guidelines, the suggested ratio should be 1:1 and it would be best if the images are square. 

You can also upload rectangle images but in that case, you need to make sure that images are not looking inconsistent, or in simple terms, the pictures should not look like they are taken in a less professional manner. To adjust the images for the right proportion, you can try removing the shadow and increase the size of the thumbnail. According to some research, having the right proportion of images can improve the CTR by as much as 10%. 

4. Optimize images for mobile

Mobile optimization may demand you to go the extra mile and present the images in a more comprehensive manner. When a user views a product from the mobile application, the bullets of the image series get hidden and the majority of the customers never scroll down to see the additional images. On the portable devices, only titles and images are visible on the above fold and you need to pay special attention 

Except for the main image, you can add the benefit of the product on the second or third image so that even if the customer doesn’t scroll down, they can check all the benefits from the earlier image. You embed short infographics of the benefits on the second or third image for getting the maximum out of the images. You can get a professional SEO Reseller and get the custom images for your products. These pictures will surely improve the sales as they are adding more value while customers are making purchases. 

5. Have the right text ratio

The last important tip for optimizing the pictures is having the right ratio of text on the images. Amazon has not mentioned anything about how much text you should have on images but it’s totally your call. It’s up to you how you can deliver the maximum information in the most minimalistic manner. 

Observe the pictures from the psychology of buying customers and then decide which text is important and how much is needed to be on the pictures. Test different images with different products and compare the CTR results. This comparison will give you important insights into which images are performing well. It is recommended to have text in simple bullets as they acquire less space. 

Conclusion –

These were the top image optimization tips for Amazon that you can work on right now and improve your online sales. And, never step back from doing experiments and figure out which thing works the best for your products. If you need help, always hire a professional SEO reseller to make sure everything is on the right track.