Tips to Save Money While Cancelling Trips or Vacation

trip and vacation cancellation

The last-minute cancellation of trips hurt not only the emotions but also the finances. You can expect some serious loss of money with all the cancellations. Still, there are ways to reduce the impact of cancellation charges on your finances.

There is no harm in trying to save some money from the already ruined plan. Whatever the amount you will end up saving is something you would have lost completely.

Here are some tips to save money over canceling a trip.

Cancellation Policies

Before booking any services, it is essential you first go through the policies. Make sure there is a refund for cancellation. Here are some tips to cancel the services you have already booked.


Many online portals offer a full refund for cancellation if you request before a specific time. If not cash, they provide coupons and vouchers for future bookings. You should check the policy section on the website if you have booked online.

For independent properties, the owners have their policies with varying dates for cancellation. Add a reminder on your smartphone’s calendar for the last date of cancellation.

Excursion or Tour

The refund amount from excursion and tour depends on the travel company. You may even get a full refund if allowed by the company’s policies. They might offer you some flexibility as well if you are willing to postpone the plan.


The majority of the airlines offer a full refund if you cancel the order 7 days before the flight. However, the cancellation request must be made within 24 hours of the booking. Some are even more generous with more flexible cancellation policies.

Third-party platforms rarely offer such flexible terms for cancellation. Therefore, you should prefer booking from the carrier instead of other platforms if the travel is not certain.
Rental Car

A complete refund from rental car booking is extremely rare in any part of the world. You should check the cancellation policy on the company’s website. They are likely to deduct a cancellation charge from the total amount.

Cancellation Hacks to Get Refund

Your chances for a refund are minimal if the booking is made with a big company. There are less likely to offer something that is not in their policies. However, the small businesses do provide some relief to the customers looking for cancellation.

You just need to have communication with them explaining the whole situation. Here are some tips for the conversation you are about to have with the company’s representative.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance costs around 5% to 10% of your total travel cost. You will get a complete refund in case the plan hits a roadblock. You can take loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees from direct lenderif you are already short on budget for the trip.

Make a Phone Call

Emails are less likely to give the desired response from the other person when compared to a phone call. You should always prefer calls to ask for a refund. Also, the call should be made to the right person in power.

Your chances of refund are more if the conversation is made to the higher authority. Even if the customer representative picks the call, you must try to make your way to the higher authority. However, a polite tone is extremely important while making a request.

Ask for Vouchers

If the company is not offering money for the cancellation request, you can always ask for a voucher. This will ensure the other party you will make a booking in the future with them. Some service providers may also reschedule the booking for you.

Do not fall for fake promises from the representatives. Ask them for some documented proof, such as an email or a hard copy of the voucher. This is helpful if the trip or holiday is postponed, instead of completely canceled.

Secure the Code

The coupon or voucher code must be put at a secure location. Your efforts and money will all be lost if the code is misplaced. The company can refuse the claim for a refund if there is no document in support of it.

Also, check the credit card or bank account statement to check the refund status. If not paid within the said time, you can use the email conversation or code to inquire from the company.

Cancel Early

Almost every service you encounter will ask you to cancel as soon as possible to increase the chance of a refund. The hotels, flights, rentals, or tour services all require at least a week time before the reservation in their cancellation policy. Early cancellation gives the other party to resell the service to some other customer.

Always start with the most expensive service for cancellation. Flights and hotels should always be your priority, while restaurants and tours can wait a few hours.

In the end, there is no guarantee of a refund for cancellation in the hospitality industry. But instead of being hopeless, you should always ask the service provider to explain the whole situation to them. They will hardly say no to some refund or voucher if the situation is reasonable.

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