2021 Toolkit: The Best Logo Makers You Can Try

Surely you all know how great the power and value the logo brings to your brand. It has just shaped the style, mission, and brand value of the logo. Besides, it is also a way to convey the message of the logo to customers.

Therefore, when designing a logo, you have to think that this will accompany your business until after. This is something that customers impress with, and always remember about you when seeing this logo.

Currently, there are many tools to help you design a logo completely free. Even if you don’t have graphic or design skills, without the help of the design studios, you have aesthetic eyes plus a few tools you share. You can still confidently design a beautiful and professional logo for your business.

The idea to design a professional logo

1. Refer to the social network image

Currently, there are many social networking sites dedicated to images. For you to Research and consult logo design ideas for your business. It can be mentioned as Pinterest, Instagram, Weheartit.

Please search according to many different keyword syntax such as: “logo + Business field + Idea”, “Company name + logo + Idea”, “logo inspirations”, etc.

2. Research your competitors

In addition to you refer to new ideas on the photo social networking site. It would be best to research your competitors with a Niche to see how they design and build a logo.

You can consult and learn many more things. To shape style and ideas to bring back my logo design. This is just a step for you to learn logo design ideas, not copycat other people’s logos.

3. The message conveyed on the logo

Successful logo designers must express the identity and corporate value they want to convey on the logo. This is the decisive factor to the success of the logo designed by your own hands.

So here, you should answer the following questions:

  • What message do you want to convey on the logo?
  • Design how to show corporate branding.
  • Vision and mission of business to customers.
  • Highlight The unique of the brand logo.

Then, if you have hand-drawn skills, make a rough sketch on paper. The ideas you have just thought pass through your mind.

At this point, you begin to refine the sketch you just designed—more questions like Fonts, layout on the logo, colors, design images.

Top 5 free logo tools you should try

This part will share with you tools to design a beautiful and professional Brand logo.

The operations for you to design logo on the platforms are very simple. Because it has a form available and you click drag and drop, it does not require too much professional graphics skills.


DesignEvo is a specialized professional Logo design software suite for brands. You can now on your website and your computer, also on your mobile.

With DesignEvo, you can design your own logo in your own style. You can edit from icon, text, shape, and background. Best of best, the preview function allows you to check what your logo looks like before downloading.


Hatchful is a free software suite. You can create lots of logo images for your brand very easily and. Although the feature is simple, the results you design on Hatchful are not simple at all.

You just need to provide the necessary information such as the business field, Style logo, Slogan, and Brand Name. At this point, Hatchful gives you a lot of different templates for you to choose from.


Canva is a diverse software suite with many different design forms. Not too unknown to many people.

This software suite provides users with over 1,000 Templates of different types. It provides you with both free and paid templates for you to choose from.

After you have selected the template you like. You can make more in-depth changes to the Elements section of the template in it.


This is a very interesting toolkit to manually create your own text and icons for your brand.

In addition, the highlight of this software suite is that it allows you to upload external images and overlap the Logo image you are designing.

The only drawback, this suite only allows exporting files under 550 pixels. You want to export more quality files, pay a small fee.


This is a Logo design software suite that is very personal and bold. It is more suitable for you to make logos easily.

Using Hipster software is quite simple. All operations are just dragged and drop. Attached is the design of Elements, Templates, Colors, Fonts.

So, you have read this post, do you still think it is difficult to make your logos? And if you want to get your ideas to practice, then you can try these tools to ma