What Are The ‘Must-Have’ Tools For Web Development?

Tools of Web Development

While you are busy watching your favorite web series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or enjoying Facebook or Spotify, have you ever thought how such high performing websites are Tools For Web Development developed? 

The speed of innovation in the web development industry is accelerating every year. Being a web developer, I know what it takes to build an iconic website. From ideation to creation, each step consists of thorough planning and flawless implementation to meet the user’s expectation.  

Well, if you are a user, you probably won’t be interested much deeper into this, but if you run any business or holds a company that needs a powerful website that can transform your business in today’s growing competition, this topic is critical for the future of your business or website.  

Let say, you are running a small pancake store in London and aspiring to take your business to the global level through a website, you will either consult a web development agency London (or your specific location) or hire a professional web developer. 

To build a powerful website than can enhance your business, there are some must-have web development tools that you should include in your web development project.  

Magnify Web Design

How To Choose The Best Web Development Tools? 

No matter, whether you are looking to create a simple website for your local store or willing to upgrade the existing one, when you select any web development tools, make sure that they: 

  • Create a responsive web design.  
  • Improve online browsing experience. 
  • Enhance SEO. 
  • Reduce bounce rates. 
  • Require fewer maintenance needs. 

When you start researching for the technology stack for web development, you find too many articles and data on the internet suggesting you various web development tools and many development agencies offering you a variety of web design services

But in reality, not all web development tools are relevant to your business.  

If you are a small scale company or a new entrepreneur or simply an individual, who is willing to convert his ideas into a profit-making website, you don’t need big or even paid web development tools to build your website.  

By simply using a website builder, you can save a lot of money, without hiring a web development agency or paying a professional web developer. 

It is important to analyze your budget and determine website goals. Make sure the web development tools that you have selected should generate good ROI.  

Common features of web development tools 

  • Cost-efficient 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Support migration 
  • High-customization features 
  • Security features 
  • License or authority 

These factors are essential while choosing a development tool.  

So, let’s get started. 

Important Web Development Tools 


This is a popular open source toolkit for frontend web development. Bootstrap is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework to design and customize highly responsive mobile websites. It is used to develop dynamic websites that are compatible with all major browsers.  

Bootstrap offers you different templates and designs for creating robust user interface components. It includes forms, buttons, alerts, tabs, navigations, dropdowns, carousels, tooltips, and so on. You can easily develop mobile-friendly websites with a smart drag and drop feature. 

Key Features of Bootstrap:  

  • Provides faster web development and reduces coding efforts. 
  • Ensure superb consistency. 
  • Equipped with responsive layout and 12-column grid system. 
  • Helps to fix issues quickly. 
  • Offer useful icon library. 
  • Extensive list of components. 
  • Allows utilization of ready-made blocks of code. 
  • Facilitates faster responsive website development using built-in components by a smart drag and drop option. 
  • Allows customization according to your project requirements. 

Backed by Facebook, React is a JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces and reusable UI components. Recently, React’s popularity has grown significantly in the market.  

Why as a developer we use this web development tool is because of its ease of breaking a developing application into multiple parts. This makes the development process easy and simple for us. Additionally, the style of application code derived through React components can be utilized for any program’s interface to speed up the development process.  

To learn React.JS, you need a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. The knowledge of these markup languages will help you using React.JS more enjoyable and effective.  

Key Features of React.JS: 
  • Provides faster web development. 
  • Gives flexible optimization while drawing up code to JavaScript. 
  • Offers error-free coding since any technical mistakes can be detected during compilation. 
  • Easy to write templates using HTML. 
  • Being automated, it can handle the JavaScript code which is suitable for several browsers. 

Magnify Web Design

Chrome DevTool 

If you are hunting for a web assistant that could ensure your website security and optimize development, Chrome DevTool is the tool that I would highly recommend in this case. It provides various panels for improving productivity and UX, analyzing load performance.  

While most of the web development services mainly focus on setting up websites, creating web pages, online stores, and launching blogs, Chrome DevTool can help you seriously in inspecting and tweaking.  

This tool is a favorite tool amongst the developers who use it for debugging and developing. A new version of Chrome DevTools (Chrome72) has been also launched in 2019. 

Key features of Chrome DevTools 
  • SEO performance audit. 
  • Option of visualize performance metrics. 
  • Highlights the text Nodes in DOM Tree. 
  • Inspect and change CSS variables in the style tab. 
  • Enhanced performance panel. 
  • Security panel.  
  • Console panel. 

You have no idea what you can miss if you don’t include GitHub in your must-have web development tools list. This platform was recently owned by Microsoft in 2018.  

GitHub helps programmers, developers, and designers to work together on a single project. It allows sharing ideas and resolves bugs alongside hosting various video open source projects.  

GitHub has all the features and advantages that any web developer seeks. It offers unlimited private repositories and free GitHub accounts.  

You can manage web applications by coordinating the tools and usability and deploy regular teams and campaign to the completion of the same projects or applications.  

But to use GitHub, the Software developer must possess sound knowledge of source control repository because it requires to check-in and check-out regularly.  

Key Features of GitHub: 
  • Easy dragging and dropping of Gist Code. 
  • Emoji. 
  • CLI (Command Line Interface). 
  • 3D Rendering. 
  • Webflow integration through GitHub’s web interface. 
  • Gives access control. 
  • Source code management with distributed version control. 
  • Different collaboration features- bug tracking, feature requests, etc.
Novi Builder 

This is the latest web development tool that offers drag and drop builder feature to the developers. Novi Builder is an easy-to-use development tool facilitating HTML drag and drop builder and access to numerous templates.  

It gives 20 must-have plugins and elements that contain contact form, social plugins, sliders, countdown, Google Maps, and more.  

Novi Builder is a recent web development tool that is growing well, but it is recommended for professional web developers who have great knowledge and expertise in developing websites.  

Key Features of Novi Builder 
  • Gives advanced code editor support. 
  • Easy drag and drop facility to expedite the development process. 
  • Best tool for e-commerce support. 
  • Modifies and empowers your existing HTML website, with additional integration features. 

NPM (Node Package Manager) is an online repository tool that helps you build great websites using JavaScript. It assists in discovering various packages of reusable code. NPM is a useful development tool that gives command-line utility. 

Famous as the world’s largest software registry, NPM is based on three components- Website, Command line Interface (CLI), and the Registry.  

Key Features of NPM 
  • Helps in discovering and reusing over 470,000 free code packages in the registry. 
  • Controls and publishes the access to the namespace. 
  • Easy-to-understand and apply.  
  • Allows sharing your NPM codes with other NPM users. 
  • Multi-version code management.

JQuery is a widely used JavaScript library to develop highly functional websites and web applications. This is easy to use and apply web development tool that supports multiple functionalities.  

Jquery uses JavaScript, HTML document traversal, manipulation, and Ajax to create user-friendly and responsive websites.  

Key Features of JQuery: 
  • Creates excellent documentation. 
  • Gives extensive support to the browser. 
  • Lightweight, consume less space of the system. 
  • Stable web development tool. 
  • This is CSS3 Compliant. 
  • Needs low maintenance. 
  • Can be used with multiple browsers.

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