Top 10 Free SEO Tools and Why Should Use Them

free seo tools

There is a lot of SEO Tools on the market, ranging from SEO platforms to specialized point solutions. However, if those options are outside of your price range (Jeewagarg’s divide all SEO pricing options in our pricing guide), you can still benefit from Free SEO Tools, and in fact, you should be using them.

Below-mentioned are free SEO Tools:

Website Grader

Web Grader offers a big picture analysis of how a site is performing. SEOs can drill down even further to investigate areas from enhancement and train themselves on-site optimization’s best course of action. Website Grader helps to check comprehensive website health and performance for both desktop and mobile. This free tool delivers reporting on the essential factors, including:

SEO Quality and discoverability by both Search Engines and your audience

Mobile Readiness

Site performances

Site security, and importance metric that tells audiences your site is safe.

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Google Search Console:

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, it gives users a snapshot of their site’s performance, including organic search traffic, link data, and issues impacting the site so you can “make your website shine” in the search results. More granular than other website analysis tools, GSC breaks down your website’s information into several categories to display organic search traffic data in one easy-to-manage place. This fantastic tool can be of unique advantages to using it.

Google Search Console is an excellent starting point for anyone- content strategists, SEOs, and beyond – who is monitoring a site’s performance. The Google tool is a base of SEO and digital marketing.

Google Page speed Insights:

Run a page speed analysis test to verify site performance. With this outstanding tool, the website owner can track page speed performance on both mobile and desktop devices. The significance of page speed, search visibility of those pages, and the user experience of navigating those pages makes tracking this factor a significant facet of every SEO’s and web developers’ practice. Google Page speed Insights is one of the most valued and appreciated SEO tools.

The Page Speed Optimization scores measure how fast or slow a site is for users, with 100 being the fastest speed. A score of <59 is considered low, a Score of 60-80 is deemed to be medium, and >80 is considered very good.

Page Speed Insights assists SEOs and developers understand how to think about site performance and navigate through the solution, providing suggestions for optimizations to enhance your website.

Google Analytics

Monitor all website’s analytics and data; every digital marketer uses Google analytics. It is one of the most potent free SEO tools that reflects visitors to traffic to conversions, and many more. However, you have to set up your account before enjoying the minute details about your websites’ improvement. It is one of the reliable SEO tools that rely on Google Analytics data to populate their tools and channels through the Google API.

Google Analytics is a website tool that is a must-have on every marketer’s list. The insights and analysis capabilities that can push your SEO efforts forward and drive ROI. With Google Analytics, you can have a complete understanding of your website and gain insights into content marketing efforts, products, and many alike.

Google Keyword Planner

Conduct keyword research to form a content marketing strategy. Google offers some of the best and most consistent free SEO keyword tools for beginners and experts alike. One of these tools, Google Keyword Planner, can be found in Google Ads, under tools. Google Keyword Planner is a free and straightforward way to search for new keyword opportunities associated with a specific term.

Google Keywords Planner reflects potentially related keywords and their search volumes. Indeed, it is a part of Google Ads; however, you can sign for an account and access the planner without running campaigns.

If you are just getting started, Google Keyword Planner is an outstanding resource that provides the vision to your audience. Just remember, though, it is a free tool. It requires the manual effort of digging through the data and “connecting the dots” on your own.

SEO Clarity Research Grid

SEO Clarity’s Research Grid provides in-depth reporting and insights through a detailed dashboard for any domain. Users can discover the desktop and mobile SEO performance secrets of any website they choose by leveraging the industry’s most extensive data set. SEO Clarity’s Research Grid provides insights on top-performing site content, directories, and subdomains of any site in 90+ countries.

This free SEO tool is an excellent gateway to detailed keyword research and includes various helpful digital marketing features. This free SEO tool works very well for experienced marketers who can turn the data into insights for themselves.

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SEO Workers Analysis Tool

The SEO Workers Analysis Tool does a great job of providing its users with resources directly from Google to explain the report areas. With this fantastic and free SEO tool, users can select to pay for tele consulting, making this the most sought-after SEO Tool for beginner’s SEOs.

SEO Web Page Analyzer

This is another excellent on-page analysis free SEO tool to acknowledge how technical elements, links, and more affect a given page. SEO Web Page Analyzer gives you an SEO score from 1 to 100, but the real value is its ability to layout the problem areas in a unique report. Thus, fixing the problem areas will assist your SEO effort. This easy-to-understand tool is very efficient at letting whoever manages the website pinpoint where the image alt qualities are non-existent.

Up City SEO Report Card

This free SEO tool conducts competitive analysis on various search engines. It also tells how you matchup against the competition, with SEO Rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for your primary keyword. UpCity SEO Report Card is a unique way to understand the progress of your SEO effort.

Check My Links

Check my links evaluate your link management to find broken links. This free SEO tools provide an extraordinary glimpse into linking strategies for newer SEO’s. Check My Links is a chrome plugin from page modified promptly provides SEOs and marketers with an overview of links that requires nursing.

Google Trends, Schema Builder, Answer The Public, Google My Business, etc., are some other free SEO tools that are great, mainly, and if you are new to Search Engine Optimization or require some quick and fundamental insights without an investment in a more extensive solution.

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