Top 11 Ways How You Can Make Your Visitors Stick to Your Website

Top 11 Ways How You Can Make Your Visitors Stick to Your Website

Ever wondered why the bounce rate is so high? Any website, name it eCommerce, educational website, Blogs, business websites, or portfolio. As a business, surely your deepest desire is to have the user’s attention till the end of the page, right? But internet usage has gained a lot of weight in the past decade, and hence, not every website is receiving the same attention. It is an era where everyone has a virtual address in the form of websites and social media profiles. So, people have innumerable options. A smart website will get you a better judgment from the viewers and stir interest to explore further.  

We are all impatient and living life at a rapid rate. And hence, when it comes to a website, customers never tolerate a frustrating user experience. So, are you eager to provide your viewers with a seamless experience on your site or confused about what to change in your website? Well, here are the 11 important aspects that define the outlook of your website and will help you know to know why your visitors are running away!

Top 11 Ways How You Can Make Your Visitors Stick to Your Website

Ensure Security and fast loading 

Never forget to lock your precious website with the SSL certificate. It is a heads up for the viewers to dive in further. Your visitors would not even bother to have a look at your site in the absence of security. Along with security, also check the loading speed of your site. If your page loads more than two seconds, the user abandons the site. It is very unfair that you might miss the chance to showcase your site even before the user has seen it. So ensure that you optimize your website data, compress it for a faster loading site.

No puzzles with Navigation menu

It is a significant factor that helps your users explore your website. It has to be spotted and accessible at once. The position of the navigation menus should be evident and catch their eyes. Make sure there is a rhythm in the navigation. It helps you build a rapt with the viewer. If the user is puzzled about what to do next, the website information becomes non-accessible. Don’t let them overthink and or they might be lost for what to do next.  

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Careful with Color Scheme, font, and images

Colors can paint a lot more than you can think. They play a psychological role in decision making. Each color expresses a different emotion, just like restaurants induce appetite with red. You can allure your audience with the right palette for your brand. Optimal contrast of colors can be pleasant to the eyes, while wild choices like neon or bright red will drive anyone away. 

Fonts that are difficult to read and appear odd destroys the readability of the website. The appropriate size should help in sorting out the different contexts in your site. If you do not highlight your best sellers and deals, the users will eventually miss it. Grim typography can disrupt the balance on the screen. If the fonts fail to stand out from the crowd, it irritates users. 

Low-quality images will lead to blurred zooming of images. They can’t buy your product with confidence if you do not display enough pictures in different dimensions they would want to view.  

The Messy layout

Grids are the skeletons on the website. It helps in the segregation of images, text, and videos. If they do not align well with other features of the page, it will fail to impress the viewer. The components of your website layout must blend in with the background, as beauty comes only with symmetry. Any image that appears too big or too small will look messy. 

Fit on the screen!

Almost everything on the internet is mobile responsive nowadays. Everyone runs life on the go. If your website does not fit in the screen of the portable device a person carries, they will refuse to use your website and abandon it. Most people feel that the user experience is better on mobiles and quicker as well. Ever since the usage of mobile has overtaken that of the desktop, we have to realize how comfortable the user should feel when they view the site. Their user experience must be smooth and encourage them to come back to the site again . 

Absence of a footer

It is a crisp space to add information where users verify your authenticity. Mention your logo, contact, copyrights, and rewards here. It may disappoint the viewers to see an empty footer. Replace all your social media links with their respective icons to save space and aesthetics of the page. Never forget to add an email sign-up form too. Websites with improper footers look very unprofessional. 


Is it not wonderful to know that anyone in the world can connect with you on the internet? It only takes a click of the buttons to get the user signed up, sell them a product, make them your follower, and whatnot! CTAs are magic blocks that transform the journey of the user in seconds by prompting them to know more. 

CTAs are magic blocks that transform your viewers into prospects with a single click. CTAs in random corners of the grids fail to prompt the customer and make them lose interest. It has to guide them through each stage of their purchase funnel. At times users fail to recognize the CTAs if they do not have a bigger font size or a touch of contrast. They ultimately help the users in decision making to proceed further. Almost all visitors are afraid of commitment. The choice of words in the buttons have to be very picky. Call and navigation (GPS) options are crucial when the user uses mobile. 

Staying Updated

Posting regularly and keeping your viewers updated with the changes that are happening in your business helps you build a healthy relationship with them. Always answer the what’s new question of the viewers. If you fail to update your blog section, users would feel that you are inactive. Create engaging content that they can relate to in their experience. However, posting content dumped with jargon can dissuade them. 

Social media link

Social media helps in developing friendly relationships between you and your followers. Being active on social media is a sign that you are on track at times. You can get new users from all the social media platforms by linking your website to the profiles. Vice-versa, you can also share your social profiles on the web page, that would help your viewer to contact you more quickly.  

The annoying Pop ups

Avoid welcoming your viewers with pop-ups. It can interrupt the viewers from reading your content. So make sure the pop-ups appear after giving some time to read the webpage content if you are to keep one.   


Quality Content

Nowadays, people surf the internet for opinions and conclude after reading through authentic websites. You should provide sufficient information relevant to your field of expertise that will benefit the viewers. Also, ensure to remove any grammatical errors before uploading your content online. Any website will be ridiculed if spotted with typos. 

The user interface of every website is just the beginning. It is a very tricky task to set up a website as it can make or break your presence in your field. Hence, you need the best professional help to make sure that your website is flawless in every aspect. So, are you looking for skilled professionals to develop your website? If so, Auxesis Infotech is the best bet! We are one of the highly recognized website design and development companies. As a leading web agency, we invest our time in your preferences and create the website every viewer would love. Our services include Drupal development, WordPress development, eCommerce development, and website development. 

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