Top 4 Tips To Speed Up Your WiFi While You Work From Home

Work From Home

Work from home has brought great opportunities to us to work at ease and free up many things that weren’t possible in office premises. However, it is also true that there are a few challenges that greatly impact the work while you are not managed professionally. Internet is one of the issues that you simply can’t deny but have to face most of the time.

What makes you more worried when you are using the internet and have to attend an important meeting call? Therefore, it is a headache for anyone who has to bear such things by working from home.

Such issues with the WiFi are so common with everyone. No matter how old your router is, you have to compromise on the internet quality while putting every effort to complete the tasks on time.

Have you ever been delayed in delivering the results to the office? It might have affected your productivity. One of the visible reasons is a poor internet connection.

But, there is always a way to get rid of these headaches. You can fix the issue by learning some easy tricks to speed up your WiFi and make your work from home journey effective.

Let’s look closely at how we can achieve internet efficiency.

How To Increase Speed Of Your WiFi While You Work From Home?

1. Put Router Near Your Workstation

Sometimes, distance really matters. It is not about the relationships that we create among us but the things we use to get more benefits.

Distance is also important to achieve efficient internet connectivity. While we work from home, we never sit in one place because we have many other options to work across the environment. And this is how we simply have to switch from distances to the router.

One of the reasons your WiFi isn’t working properly is the gap between you and the router. Notice where your router is placed. If it is placed inside a closed compartment or far from your reach, you will notice a clear difference in the strength.

The best you can do is to eliminate such obstacles, which blocks the signals. Take out the router and place it somewhere where your device can catch the signals and make your work from home effective than before.

2. Pause Some Apps

There is one more reason which affects the strength of your WiFi. We often use some of the apps that control the bandwidth to a great extent. These mostly include cloud services, where we store our important data to avoid any losses.

Work from home demands effective data storage services to prevent any losses. However, when such cloud services are synchronized, the internet’s bandwidth is highly compromised. This is because it takes up a lot of speed to transfer the files over the cloud so that it reaches the destination properly.

Although it is a much-needed thing, you cannot simply enjoy an efficient internet while transferring files through synchronized apps. Such things only look good when you are not doing any important stuff. Hence, file transfers can be a pain for anyone who is already stuck with official tasks.

Even if you are exploring other sites like the online B2B marketplace, you have to cautious because you may experience the worst internet ever.

It is time to make your work from home journey productive and effective. Simply, halt such activities that drain your internet a lot, especially when attending an online meeting with colleagues.

3. Prefer Direct Connection

Skipping WiFi is another inexpensive solution that you should look at to enjoy work from home. You may think about how it is possible to achieve better results without WiFi. Well, your life doesn’t depend on WiFi only. There is one more option that can keep you out of such hassles.

Connecting your device with an Ethernet cable is all you need to experience a better work from home journey. Yes, you read it right. Ethernet is one of the solutions that can simply speed up your internet.

Almost every techy knows how to resolve the issue so that there is no problem in the end. You can also achieve better with this solution and make it to everything that you aspire to while working from home.

Often, the internet may work properly, but the router or service provider is the main issue. You cannot rule out this problem, and hence, connecting directly with an Ethernet cable is what you need.

This is definitely a reliable and cheap way to get rid of internet problems. And to our surprise, WiFi is not as much reliable as our old internet connection methods. But, we have to live with such innovations to upgrade ourselves for a better and innovative lifestyle.

4. Update the Software

Sometimes, the router itself has to face some issues. The internal problems can also affect the performance of a WiFi, which can simply affect your work. If you have recently logged in to your router and are managing it, this solution is for you. However, you can also look for some recommended practices that you can find in your manual.

Every device needs an upgrade to perform well. As we update our Windows to achieve better features and make it compatible with the device, routers also need an upgrade. This increases performance and security enhancements to a great extent.

If you haven’t upgraded your router’s software, this is the best time to do it. Moreover, change the important credentials to prevent any security issue that might affect the whole performance.


Things we do from home are practically different from those that we do in offices. We get many facilities so that our work is not affected at any cost. However, the situation isn’t the same while we prefer to work from home. This is a fact. One of the issues that every one of us may face is the internet or WiFi. Hence, you can get rid of this problem as well. Follow these steps, and you will see how your WiFi will work properly for you that is extremely important to achieve significant targets.

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