Top 5 Alternatives to Google Calendar for Windows

Alternatives To Google Calendar

The calendar helps to manage your time and schedule, but which one you should prefer? Mostly people prefer Google Calendar for this because it provides a simple interface to manage all the major and important events of life. But is it only the available calendar or there is another replacement available for this?

There are many free alternatives to Google Calendar available for windows and android, i.e lightning calendar, Zoho calendar, Mail and Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Here we will discuss best-rated calendar alternatives based on user experience and reviews. 

Best Google Calendar Alternatives for Windows

1. Lightning Calendar

Lightning Calendar is available as firefox add-ons that help to organize your events and schedules. This also resembles Seamonkey and Thunderbird email that makes it easier to build your to-do list, make it easier to manage birthdays, anniversary, and other special events. It also supports 50+ languages and web-based calendars like Google Calendar. 

Price – Free

Download Click Here

2. Mail and Calendar

Stay up-to-date with your upcoming events and other important tasks with mail and calendar powered by Microsoft. It is associated with the Microsoft word where you can use bullets, insert pictures and tables, etc. It has many other features like a toggle bar that allow you to move between your calendar and emails to organize things easily. Also, this calendar is well optimized to arrange and manage your busy schedule and meetings.

Price – Free

Download – Click Here

3. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar comes with many features like contacts, emails and one more is a time slot which is the most important feature of it. These features give you an easy interface to manage and create your appointments, meetings, events, etc. It also has the features to highlight your event with a unique color (your desirable color) to quickly identify that event. Outlook also sends you a message or notification or we can say a reminder for your appointments, and other special things.

Price – Free and Paid

Download – Click Here

4. Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar is also an alternative to Google Calendar. This is basically a business calendar that comes along with the facility of the Zoho mail suite. It has flexible layout features that keep you updated with your schedule and allows you to share them with others in quick and easy steps. Zoho Calendar gives permission to synchronize with Outlook, Google, and other calendars. 

If you’re looking for alternatives for privacy concerns then it’s a better recommendation to use. It has the feature to share your events publicly or privately with your co-workers. And also, gives you embedding features on your website to communicate effectively.

Price – Free

Download – Web Version

5. Teamup Calendar

This is the last alternative to Google Calendar in our article. Teamup Calendar is available for free (for limited feature) and paid (for full feature). It allows you to schedule and manage tasks and events without registration. It also comes with standalone web pages features where you can send a single event to someone you want and this feature is not present in Google calendar.

As Outlook Calendar it has different color options to highlight your events and meetings. And also, it gives the option to share things via email address with different levels of permission. This makes it a more secure version of the calendar. 

Price – Free and Paid

Download – Web Version

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