Top 5 Different Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is fast gaining momentum and becoming the mainstay of marketing and advertising in recent times. A majority of companies are currently using and with more than 10% in numbers growing every year are implementing smart influencer marketing campaigns. The choice in using the correct type of influencer marketing campaign is the key to strategic and effective use resulting in success.

Also choosing the correct influencer or star is an important factor in the campaign’s success. The identification, development and implementation of the influencer marketing campaign once done right can do work wonders.

Doing it right can help your business to reach out to new audiences, increase demand by gaining popularity and also keep a devoted following of sustained customers. It is in the best interests of organizations to choose and decide well on the type to be used.

You need to have a clear understanding of the goals of the campaign and a clear roadmap as to what you aim to achieve. It is always best to decide on the feasibility of undertaking the campaign on the proposed platform. The measurement index should be in place to understand the target and the achieved. This needs to be optimized and regulated on a charted basis.

Creative control should always rest with the creator. Do not try to control creative placement. Always place your trust on the influencer while developing, creating and implementing ideas. Do not at all make any unreasonable requests that might force any artistic decision on the influencer’s part.

The top five types are categorized below for ease of understanding and assistance in choosing,

1. Product Placements:

One of the most popular ways to partner with social media influencers is by developing a proper product placement campaign.  It is achieved by using an organization’s products, logo or services into the content of an influencer.

The inclusions are done are creative and engaging even sometimes in a flattering way. The stars of social media are often creating and producing their own content thereby having a unique following that connects to their content. This also provides trust gained through social media fans.

The product placements connect directly to the audience and help gain exposure to a huge fan base. This increases the chances of the product being bought or used by the followers. This works on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

2. Contests and Giveaways:

Hosting of different social media contests with offerings as giveaways, contests, events etc. has also been tried and tested to generate a buzz in the market. The connected influencers can inspire the viewers towards the desired outcome. The outcome can range between subscribing and following the channel to using hashtags.

These types of placements provide a dual benefit to both the influencer and the product in general. A product if well placed and marketed is also a benefit to the influenced masses. These activities in delighting the customers have a positive impact on goodwill and company reputation as a whole.

These placement types are used on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.

3. Theme and Hashtag campaigns:

These are the ones that revolve around a central theme or idea, converting it into a marketing campaign. These are designed to work with cohesive bonding between the other running campaigns and the current one. It creates great momentum if used at the correct time in the right place. It can also provide encouragement and a platform to post users content with the same tags.

Designed around public popularity this is the best ways any brand can establish itself in the market among a large customer base in a very short time. Brand exposure can be attained like nothing else if anyhow the hashtag goes viral. Trust factor increases a great deal with these campaigns encouraging users to post their own content.

These type of campaigns are mostly done on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and almost all other internet-based social and artistic platforms.

4. Creative Influencer campaigns:

These are the influencer marketing campaigns that are built around a central theme but provides much creative freedom to the influencer. The Influencer can well decide how to place the idea by integrating it with the content in some way. The creator can use his creative ideas rather the go by the preset ideas or content.

The digital Influencer can interpret the themes in their own manner by creating unique types of brand-sponsored content. The fun part with this is getting different perspectives of the same product by creators who are equally talented with the ones creating the brand original content. It has been proven to create a greater impact on people’s minds about the product than just repeat of the original content.

This type is mainly used on YouTube and Instagram among others.

5. Campaign towards building followers on social media:

This is the way where the brand is in a need to build their own social media following and attempt to do so by collaborating with other social media influencers. This exposes a new set of an audience to the brand’s social media platform. This is one of the most effective ways to grow social media presence and followers.

Takeovers are also another way where one brand takes over another channel for a said period of time in an effort to reach out to a huge audience. The social media channels handles bring new users to the existing user base at a high rate of visitor to follower conversion. The brands can grow their own fan base organically.

This is mostly used on platforms like Snapchat etc.

The type of social media influencing your brand needs solely rests upon its target sales areas and other factors. Judge it with precision and opt for the type of social media influence. The influencer marketing campaign best suited for your brand will give a boost to brand value, follower base, better customer engagement among many others.

Social media Influencer marketing campaigns is the new way to smartly place product marketing within any content using the artistic skills of the content creator. The content creators can use it to their discretion on where and how to place the product. The effectiveness is an output of timely and correct type of placement. Social media marketing is the best way to market your product.

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