Top 5 Features To Add In Your E-Commerce Application

Add In Your E-Commerce Application

E-Commerce application for mobile is currently making great outcomes and progressing at a much faster pace. These applications are boosting the revenues at double the expected rates. Convenience is what people nowadays demand and with these applications shopping online is becoming much easier. Users spend hours browsing products and services and find it a reliable method that saves their time.

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However, the way you create your app matters the most in predicting the fate and scope of its success. There are certain features that can play a huge part in increasing the overall productivity. So, if you looking for ways to make an app like Amazon great here is a shortlist you must follow:

Best features to Add In Your E-Commerce Application

1. Registration Process

The most important thing today or you can say the most valuable one is not gold or precious jewelry it’s the data. You can gather data from your application by adding a short registration method. In this way, you get to know the email address and cell phone number of your users along with their names. 

The data can be used to approach the target audience to channel lead generation. This helps in approaching them for better conversions. On the other hand, by having this process you can provide your users with a personalized way to shop. They will have their own account to navigate and browse thereby saving categories to shop later.

2. Multiple Payment Options

The next feature is to add multiple payment methods. You should provide your users with more than one way to clear their payments. In this way, more customers would get attracted to your application. Platforms like Payoneer and PayPal are at the top of the list. Similarly, you can add bank account options in your app as well. Your aim should be to add more convenience in their experience to generate better lead and greater sales.

3. Push Notifications

Who wouldn’t want to get notified just when a new sales hit the store? With the feature of a push notification, you get to tell your users about any new arrivals or latest updates. This is an easier way to approach your customers and let them know what you have to offer them. You can stir more engagements and bring users back to your platform more often. It will help you in expanding the sales horizon and increase the ranking as well.

4. Filters

Customers have a lot of demands and preferences. You just have to focus on creating an experience that of shopping from a physical store. The better you create the best outcomes you can produce. You need to think about ways that can strengthen the productivity of your application. Filters can let you do that. You have to ponder on the variation a buy would prefer and add all those filters in your app. Along with this, make sure to keep them easy to use. Do not clutter up your app that can increase the bounce rate.

5. In App Purchase

In-App Purchase is one of the most profitable features that can increase your productivity and revenue generation at double the pace. By doing so you provide a different store to your users to shop. They get attracted by its fascination and you get the revenues. You must plan to add this feature to your app. The in-app purchase feature is often added in applications for entertainment purposes. 

6. The Essence To Perfection

All the above-mentioned features are a vital part of an application. However, apart from them, there are other aspects that play an equally important role to upgrade the success of your creation and that include the design and layout. You need to create the app in a way that can boost productivity and profitability and make it possible you have to ponder on the UI/UX. You need to create the layout in a way that it attracts. 

Above all, you have to keep the functionality of the app smooth and interesting as well. You need to add more essence to your creation. You have to stir up the engagements and all of it is only possible if you put the right feature in the right way.  

Wrap Up

A great app is not a product of its investment but the strategy that is performing in its foundation. You need to think about innovative ways to increase productivity and to maximize the overall success.  

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