Top 8 Entertainment Websites You Can Trust in India

Top 8 Entertainment Websites in India

Entertainment is the only thing that we all want in our lives whether in terms of Gossip News, News, Sports, videos, web series, vlogs, podcasts and so on.

Entertainment is the only thing that kept us going in the time of coronavirus, when each and every one of us was stuck in our house with nothing to do except the household work. Quarantine taught us the importance of entertainment websites and its necessity in our lives.

So today in this article we will talk about the entertainment websites list.

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ScoopWoop is an internet media website company that has covered more than 30 million Indians. It has 5 content platforms.

ScoopWoop is one of the famous websites which provides us with lots of entertainment. On it there are so many articles and videos related to lifestyle, travel, humour, Bollywood stars and gossip, news, LGBTQI, Animals, Sex & Relationship and opinions of the public, regarding politics, gender, society and religion.

Personally I do not think they have anything left out, I believe you name it and they have it. They also provide you with fun quizzes to do. It is available in apps also.


Pinkvilla is also an entertainment website with 25 million users and has the record of 112 million pages (so you never run out of it). It is available in the app also.

Pinkvilla is the number one entertainment journalism website in India which provides you with everything and anything about bollywood.

It provides you with photo galleries of celebrities, breaking news; it gives you event coverage, podcasts, web series, web stories, fashion trends, and live streams. It is available in Hindi and English.

Well it does not only stop there it provides you with latest Korean Gossip, from k-dramas, to BTS to celebratory news. It also, and has a bar especially for it.

Note: if you have crazy bollywood celebrities following your side and also a fan of Kpop, then the place is for you.


Mensxp is a Indian website. And it is a website as the name suggests, this website posts all articles related to men.

It focuses on all the things related to men from Culture, sports, fashion, entertainment, mean machines technology, grooming, health and sports.

It provides them dating tips, grooming tips, health tips and much more. And it is one of the Indian first websites related to lifestyle.

They have an official channel of YouTube also where they post funny bollywood movies reviews and other funny videos.

Note: The helping aid of men in the world of women centric websites.


iDiva is one of the top destinations for all modern Indian women. It provides us with tips related to women’s lifestyle and as they call themselves “women’s lifestyle portal”.

It provides us with women offering style beauty tips, relationship advice, entertainment news, gossip, health advice, and its latest is stories from lockdown.

It provides us with photos, entertaining videos, articles and quizzes on its categories and shows us what the trending keywords are.


`Quint is one of those websites that deliver only political news.

While most of the top entertainment websites deliver news only related to Bollywood and its lifestyle. Quint delivers news only, cricket, business, tech world and politics.

It provides you with the latest news, breaking news, live news, top news, viral videos, rant documentaries, reviews and so much. It is a website where you can quench your thirst for politics.

Not only that it is just a website, it is in fact one of the first mobile based services in India.

The website also has a server called WebQoof where you can check if any news is correct or not. It also has a new NEON section for lifestyle.

Note: If you have a “Keeda” for politics, I strongly recommend you to check it out.

6.Pop Xo

It is also a women centric platform which started in 2014. It is also one of the top entertainment websites for women in India.

It also deals with all the women related stuff, like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, makeup, weddings, wellness. Apart from women related articles, blogs and videos, it also has a section for celebrity news.

7.Miss Malini is also one of the top Indian entertainment websites.

This website provides all the latest updates with bollywood gossip, celebrity lifestyle, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and much more, from trending news, to bollywood juicy news.

The main blogger of posts on this website is Malini herself. She started the blog in 2008 which is now a famous well known website. And has a special section about herself as Malini’s World.

Note: Best for latest Bollywood updates.

8.Bollywood Hungama

It is a website which has everything related to bollywood and nothing else.

It is a bollywood centric website. It has their latest gossip, news, latest pictures, and latest interviews. Their interviews with celebs are very fun and cool to watch on their YouTube channel.

They also tell you about the latest movies which are coming on the box office, give you reviews about them and ratings, they tell you their release dates, and are first in interviewing the cast. Not only this they even tell you the collection a movie made on box office (Impressive).

They have a section where they release videos of celebs talking about themselves: their life, some incidents, or their opinions on things around.

Note: If you only want to read bollywood and bollywood then this is the place for you.


Well all the entertainment websites mentioned are super popular and best in the field. They are available in apps and are provided in different languages aside English. They might have similar topics but all the websites have their own unique articles, quizzes and videos and galleries.

If you visit any of them I assure you, you won’t be disappointed and enjoy your time with these amazing and very entertaining websites.

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