Top Android App Development Languages for 2022

Android App Development Languages

There is a lot of stuff that one needs to know and contemplate before hiring services of an Android Application Development Company. Besides, a great quantity of experience is required to build an Android App. It is not simple for everyone to design an application.

When you consider the pace at which Android smartphone users are rising, it seems very clear that the mobile platform is the next marketing platform to be used. This is the reason why practically every e-commerce firm has expanded its operations on the Android Application Development services in order to reach an ever-increasing number of prospective customers.

However, it is also true that the spread of mobile applications is becoming more congested, as more and more organizations join the mobile app club on a regular basis. In such a circumstance, it becomes absolutely necessary to get anything more for your mobile application. Customized Android application development services might be really beneficial in this situation.

Throughout this post, we’ll go through each language in detail. Why it should be your first option for Hire Android app development, as well as what tools are available to get you up and running.

Best Languages for Android App Development

1. Kotlin

Kotlin is the first of all to be discussed. It is a programming language that is statically typed and that operates on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). With its compact code syntax, Kotlin has become one of the most popular options among Android application developers. It is a widely-used programming language for Android application development, which was developed by JetBrains and is a statically typed programming language.

With its compact coding syntax, it has quickly become one of the most popular options among hire Android application developers. When built as either JavaScript or native code, it may be used to execute on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

The following are the primary advantages of utilizing Kotlin for your next project:

  • Code that is easier to understand
  • Using fewer words
  • A condensed collection of libraries
  • Refactoring is simple.
  • Compilation time is reduced


There are several advantages of using Kotlin over other programming languages. As a contemporary language without a lot of obsolete baggage, it has fewer oddities and less perplexing features than other languages. Because it is a compiled language, you will have a simpler time porting your software to a variety of platforms or devices, including mobile applications developed in the Java programming language.

2. C+

C# is an open-source multi-paradigm programming language that can be used to create Android apps as well as desktops and online applications. Unambiguous, generalized, modular, object-oriented, linguistic scoped, element, and imperative principles are all included in this language, as are other strong programming disciplines. It is very close to the Java programming language and is regarded to be the best language for creating Android mobile applications. Because it performs garbage collection in the same way as Java does, there are fewer risks of memory leaks. Because of its clear and straightforward syntax, which is readily understood by all developers, C# makes coding a simple thing for them. C# provides a comprehensive set of tools for customized Android development and is often regarded as quite flexible programming languages available.

It also has some interesting features like null safety and lambdas. When your application receives a null pointer exception, null safety protects your application from crashing or throwing errors. When you use lambdas, you may build methods that need just a single line of code, which makes writing more efficient. That may be run at any point in your app’s logic flow without affecting the overall logic flow.

3. Swift App Development

When it comes to developing an application, this language has swiftly become the favored choice among developers. If you want to create applications, Swift is one of the greatest programming languages to take into account. Since the introduction of Swift, the use of Objective-C has decreased. Swift is strongly recommended for any current apps created on the android platform.

Swift is simpler and more concise when compared to their programming languages, The transition from Objective-C to Swift should be seamless for any android developer who is already familiar with the programming language.

4. Dark

The dark mode is a function that enables you to change the color theme of an application or a whole operating system to black or anything close to it. The benefits of using this option go over the pleasures of reinvigorating a stale design. It may also make seeing the device screen much more pleasant and restful on the eyes.

Bottom Line

Whether you believe it or not, beginning their research on mobile devices and then on PCs is the most effective strategy to grasp their requirements. As a result, developing Android mobile applications caters to these users. With a knowledge of the requirements, you must choose the programming language that is the greatest match from the list above. Discuss your needs to get a budget and model your company’s image together.

Hire competent Android Application Development to give wings to your concept in order to have a deeper understanding. Here you will find professionals that are ready to help you achieve your objectives and build a plan for user acquisition and maintenance for your application.

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