Top Cancer Hospitals in India You Should Consider

cancer hospital in india

Cancer is a terrible disease and is a major cause of death worldwide. Cancer is a broad term that basically means cellular changes occurred because of the uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells that do not die. With an approximate 33 – 34 lakhs of patients, 11 lakhs of new cases, and 7 lacs deaths per year, cancer is one of the major culprits for deaths in India.

The genetic changes that contribute to cancer tend to affect three main types of genes—proto-oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, and DNA repair genes. These changes are sometimes called “drivers” of cancer.

Proto-oncogenes are involved in normal cell growth and division. However, when these genes are altered in certain ways or are more active than normal, they may become cancer-causing genes (or oncogenes), allowing cells to grow and survive when they should not.

Tumor suppressor genes are also involved in controlling cell growth and division. Cells with certain alterations in tumor suppressor genes may divide in an uncontrolled manner.

DNA repair genes are involved in fixing damaged DNA. Cells with mutations in these genes tend to develop additional mutations in other genes. Together, these mutations may cause the cells to become cancerous.

As scientists have learned more about the molecular changes that lead to cancer, they have found that certain mutations commonly occur in many types of cancer. Because of this, cancers are sometimes characterized by the types of genetic alterations that are believed to be driving them, not just by where they develop in the body and how the cancer cells look under the microscope.

Some Facts –Some of the facts to know more about this dreadful disease will help us to understand more about cancer:

• India is the house of four most threatening types of cancer – Breast cancer, Oral Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Cervical Cancer. Most of the causes of cancer in India are due to pollution, smoking, tobacco chewing, and alcohol consumption
• Indian women are very prone to breast cancer, a quite common phenomenon in Indian ladies
• After deaths from heart attacks, cancer is the second main cause of deaths in India
• More than 2,500 people are reported to die in India, due to tobacco-related diseases

The above facts raise an alarm for the rise in this deadly disease. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reports that the rate of cancer patients is going to double annually if this disease is not taken seriously at the very initial stage. It is important to know that early detection of cancer will help in curing this disease with mild treatments, better drugs, and radiation techniques.

A well planned and multidimensional medical approach is very important for cancer treatment. Searching for the right kind of cancer treatment with less financial and mental stress is a tough task. Below is the list of the best cancer hospitals in India, with well-known oncology departments, that are offering a quality malignancy treatment:

• Max Institute of Cancer Care / Max Healthcare (MHL)

One of India’s leading health providers with world-class services MHL has a network of 12 hospitals and 5 medical facilities in North and West India. Recognized as one of the best cancer hospitals in India, Max healthcare has state of the art equipment to treat cancer patients round the clock. The NABH and ISO recognized hospital chain offers the best and economical medical treatment with one of the best radiology technologies to treat cancer at its best

• Tata Memorial Government Hospital Mumbai

Offering quality medical services, this cancer hospital is termed as one of the best is the country. Tata Memorial offers affordable treatment by avoiding unnecessary tests. Hospital has an extensive research team for discovering new techniques to cure the cancer patients

• Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore

The hospital is renowned for affordable cancer treatment and is well-reputed for advanced care for cancer patients. Funded by the Government, the hospital provides multidisciplinary patient care with research work on cancer patients

• Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) – Chandigarh

One of the finest medical institutions providing exemplary health care services, this institution treats blood cancer patients along with other medical facilities. PGIMER is known as the best regional care center, including Lung cancer services for the public

• All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – New Delhi

AIIMS with one of the best radiotherapies and radio diagnostic machines, claims to provide one of the best services for cancer patients. The hospital was the first one to have a vacuum-assisted unit for advanced mammography to diagnose the disease


It is important to note here that cancer can attack anyone irrespective of age, status, fitness, gender, etc. Just to name some of the Indian celebrities who are the victims of this disease are cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Movie Director Anurag Basu, and actresses like Manish Koirala, Mumtaz, etc.

Some of the International celebrities who fought with a dreadful disease, are well known humanitarian and South African President late Nelson Mandela, former U.S secretary Gen. Colin Powell, Singer Rod Stewart, actor Robert De Nero, etc.

So, it is critical to diagnose this disease at an early stage, to provide the best medical aid, so as to win over this ailment. Most cancers can be recognized initially with the help of the appearance, or symptoms, or through screening techniques. A good cancer hospital is well equipped to treat this disease in a good way. Now, this disease is as curable, as any other disease, provided the treatment is started at the right time and by the right expert.