Top Features for WhatsApp Clone App?

WhatsApp Clone App

The way we communicate has changed a lot since humans first set their foot on earth. There was a time when we humans used to communicate using signs but soon, we discovered words and the innovations just keep growing. We used to send letters to hear from our families and friends. It took us days or even months to get a reply from them. Now in this fast-moving world, no one likes to wait for a reply from anyone. We are so busy that we even forget to make a call to someone. We are in a new era of communication where most people rather prefer texting to call. So many apps have been developed since the internet became a thing. Who would have ever thought that we humans will ever find a way where we can send a text to anyone anywhere around the world and will instantly get a reply? Chatting has become a new thing for everyone. 

Most people use Messenger, WeChat, and now WhatsApp. Since the development of these apps, the world has completely changed in the way we used to communicate with others. These are the instant messaging app you can send messages to anyone around the world and can expect a fast reply as soon as they see your messages. You don’t have to wait for someone’s reply unless they want to ignore you. Well, these messaging apps have already taken over the entire world and the way we used to communicate before and now has completely changed. So many developers are creating new apps for instant messaging, nothing is better as compared to WhatsApp. There are lots of WhatsApp clone for sale which use the same features as WhatsApp. So, what are the top features of the WhatsApp clone app? Why has it become so popular?  

List of Best features for WhatsApp Clone App

WhatsApp Clone App

Personal or Group Chat

Do you want to talk to a single person or want to talk with all your friends and family at once? WhatsApp allows its users to create multiple groups to add their friends and family and chat with them anytime. You can chat with even a single person all you need is their phone number and you are good to go. All the chats are safe and secure and you can keep your chats encrypted. You don’t need to search your friends and family just add their number and you are ready to chat with them all at once.  

Share Media Files

Do you want to share a group photo of your friends or a family photo of the video? WhatsApp provides you with a sharing media option no matter how big or small your file is you can share everything using the WhatsApp clone script. You can share your location with your friends and family and let them know where you are. All the videos and photos will be shared in high-quality so you don’t have to worry about not being able to identify the face or location. You can even save those media files on your mobile to see them later. If you want to share documents with your manager or related to work you can just click the files and share directly with them. It will share instantly without any hassle.  

Audio and Video Calling

Gone those days when you have to visit your local telephone booth to make a call. Video calling was not even a thing until the development of the internet. The internet has made so many things easier for us. If you can’t meet anyone in real life or haven’t seen them for years, you can just make a video call and enjoy high-quality calls with your friends or family. You don’t need a different app for making a video call WhatsApp includes both the features in their app. You can enjoy calling anyone around the world without worrying about sound or video as WhatsApp provides a smooth and clear audio and video facility to their users.  

Encrypted and Secure Texting

Are you worried about your chats getting leaked? WhatsApp provides its users with end-to-end encryption security to enjoy chatting without exposing any data and chat. It is completely safe and secures no one can hack your chats. You can keep all your secrets and share all your personal information with anyone without worries. Messages are encrypted between the senders and the receivers so all your messages and calls are safe and secure. No one can see your chats or listen to your calls.  


Generally, every messaging app has this feature but WhatsApp has some additional features. You can block or unblock any unknown contact to stay safe from any unknown person. You can hide your contact details and profile picture from unknown contact. Hide your status and manage who can see your status or who cannot. You can do various customization on WhatsApp as to who can and cannot text you. If you get a text from an unknown user you can simply mute them or even block them so they cannot text you back. You can clear your chat history or even save all the chats.  

Backup Chats

Are you worried about losing your chats if you change your mobile or contact details? WhatsApp has a backup option that allows the users to create a backup of their chats so in case if your phone loses all data you can even get all your chat history back whenever you download WhatsApp again it will ask for your phone number and details and all your backups will get retrieved on your phone. You can keep your chats safe by locking your WhatsApp using fingerprint or pattern lock. The backup chats feature also lets the user back up their media files and all the important documents.  

Last Seen

Do you want to know when the person last used their WhatsApp? You can check how long ago someone was active. You can even hide your last seen from everyone if you don’t want to let others know about when you were active. This feature helps to know how active you are on your WhatsApp. This will help the other person to know if they can call you now or later or if you fall asleep early. You can change the settings by going on to the settings to hide your status for everyone or for only those who are not on your contact list.  

Push Notification

One of the most important features of WhatsApp as you will get notified about any new messages and calls. WhatsApp will let you know who texted you at what time and who called you so that whenever you are online you can reply to them. You can also mute the notifications if you want or mute a conversation. If you keep getting messages every day you might get frustrated and some groups are also active and no one likes to get notified every single minute. So, you can mute your groups or chats so you won’t get any notification from that group or chat. You can choose the time interval for muting the conversation.  

WhatsApp has changed the way of communication completely. WhatsApp clone app has so many features messaging apps are improving but WhatsApp has completely taken over the messaging world. Instant messaging apps and sharing data have become a lot easier than before. App developers are working towards improving performance and features with their updates. There are other cool features in WhatsApp which users can enjoy like changing your theme to dark mode and change your status and add new profile pictures. Share all your details with your friends and family. Communication technology is developing and maybe it might improve even more with new improved features. Share all your important data with anyone around the world without worrying about data loss or hacking.   

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