Top 18 SEO Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2020

SEO Influencers to Follow on Twitter

One of the targets of companies on Twitter is to expand your Twitter account. When more and more people follow them on Twitter, more people can view their posts, promote their goods or services, and gain more scope. Since they’ve established their brand for a very long time, these Twitter users can be pioneers in an industry with loads of followers. 

The online market consists of loads of moving elements. Via SEO, you can increase awareness and visitors and create a unique name with your social networks.SEO is the best module in the whole digital marketing course. As we go into new years, and tech continues to change quickly, we wish to seize some good enhancement in online marketing. Social media is a fantastic tool for hunting down the best experts and following what they go regarding their content generation.

Be sure to have very profitable strategies for your company. It is why we have gathered this list of the Greatest 20 Influencers of Digital Ads for 2020.

Top 18 SEO Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2020

1.Neil Patel:-

When it’s come to Digital marketing influencers, Neil Patel is the first and best in this field. He gives the best content every day; you might see the most on the web. He is an ultimate guide to SEO, Content marketing, and also affiliated. This branding is so good. He is also involved with sites like crazy egg, Kissmetrics, hello bar. He is fantastic; his content is unbelievable and knowledgeable. Neil Patel has been appointed a top influencer online from the Wall Street Journal and listed his name underneath the biggest digital marketing influencer based on Forbes.

Website: Quicksprout

Twitter Handle: @neilpatel

2. Ryan Deiss:-

He is the founder of Digital just a well-renowned industry blog and website. A right marketing influencer teaches people everything about online marketing, and he is one of the prominent leaders. He launched his first website in 1999 in his college room. He ran multiple successful companies at his early stage and became the best Marketing expert, one of the most popular public speakers and marketing influencers in the United States today. Ryan is the digital marketing leader and provides the latest trends with the most powerful and useful tips.


Website: https:

Twitter Handle: @ryandeiss

3. Brian Dean:-

one of the established by SEO experts, this blog helps marketers use Practical techniques to expand their online business. Brian is the author of Backlinko, which is very useful for those who struggle to link building and powerful SEO techniques. His journey was not easy, but it was full of twists and turns, before becoming successful, even though he fell through so many unsuccessful phases. In 2019 finally established Backlinko is among the strongest content marketing blogs you ever read on the web.


 Twitter Handle: @Backlinko

4. Gary Vaynerchuck:-

Gary is one of the most famous face marketing influencers in today’s world. He is everywhere on social media now he has his marketing agency, and he’s written books like jab jab jab right hook. A great personality as a public speaker and the skill to make millions on the social media platform. He started with his family wine business At the age of 14; after that, he built his business within five years from $3 million to $60 million. After getting success, he decided to start a digital ad agency. In 1996, he started his initial e-commerce wine industry in America known as serves the biggest brands in the world like Pepsi, Under Armour, Toyota.


 Twitter Handle: @garyvee

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5. Russell Brunson:-

In my aye a legend, he is the affiliate space affiliate marketing, internet marketing, but he has a secret, which is one of the best books and also called a Bible of internet marketing. This concept on how to build a funnel on how to get people you know coming into your funnel and sending them up a value ladders and how to monetize your business, so he also owns a click funnel, which is a software for building a sales funnels one of the best user-friendly software for throwing capture pages. He started by creating a DVD course; now, he is an excellent podcast called marketing in your car. 

Website: Dotcomsecrets

Twitter Handle: @russellbrunson

6.Pat Flynn:

He was doing nine to five jobs at an architecture firm, but after that, he started looking for ways to make money online, and he never looked back, so he created a blog called smart passive income. He also has a podcast. He explores the Online marketing world and digital business world to earn money from them. The most successful online marketing professionals who trained others to earn passive income from the online platform use some tools.

Website: https:

 Twitter Handle: @PatFlynn

7. Rand Fishkin:-

He is the founder of MOZ, so he is the best SEO influencer who teaches who to rank on the search engine. He’s very active with what’s happening in the field of Google algorithms. So SEO is super important and should be a part of your strategy. It does take a lot of research. That’s a long-term operation, but the payoff is awesome. Rand Fishkin is amongst the most well-established personalities who have the best SEO twitter account on the internet. You can follow him for great SEO, marketing, and start-up tips.


Twitter Handle: @randfish

8. Matt Bailey:-

Is another when a renowned internet marketer. He is from Perth, Australia; he started a company out of his room called Mobe. At the age of 25, his MOBAs generate millions and millions of his online income. If you thought digital marketing was challenging and complicated, it is not exactly as challenging as you think. Matt has made it easy to understand by providing training programs, coaching, and organizing workshops. He Educated Google staff on how to use Google Analytics.


  • https:

 Twitter Handle: @BAILEYDRAWS

9. Kim Garst: –

A co-founder and CEO of a flourishing social Boom is private branding and societal website business consulting company. She was also on LinkedIn and Facebook and YouTube popping up everywhere, so she is a social media expert. 

Kim lets business leaders develop their company using online tactics. She has a lot of great stuff on her blog and her website as one of the top 10 social media power influencers.

 Website: https:

 Twitter Handle: @kimgarst

10. Ann Handley

Yes, right if you heard that Ann Handley is a Digital marketing queen. She is one of the most prominent lady influencers in online marketing. To develop partnerships for individuals and organizations. His company is named MarketingProfs, which serves marketing training and education for about 600,000 subscribers. She inspires with his good content Marketing strategy around the whole world.


 Twitter Handle: @marketingprofs

11. Brian Balfour:-

Extremely straightforward with the people that look up to him. He doesn’t care about what people think of him, but at the same time, he does watch so that he makes content that impacts people on the person that you all need to follow as he is the best social media influencer around the world. 


Twitter Handle: @bbalfour

12. Jeff Bullas:-

He is one of the most leading digital entrepreneurs and helps businesses improve their brand awareness through social networking and digital advertising.

He was listed by Fortune magazine amongst the ten most popular Social Media Influencers. He provides valuable news about digital marketing campaigns. You would love to know that he has qualities related to marketing: he’s a researcher, a writer, a spokesperson, and author’s novels.


Twitter Handle: @jeffbullas

13.Danny Sullivan:- 

He’s the founding editor of Internet search engine Land, also clearly, still another legendary personality, a renowned and authoritative search engine optimization site around the net. Contrary to popular belief, Danny talked about how search engines do the job before people haven’t heard about Google. Danny is known as the God Father of all Search Engine Optimization. He also serves some large companies to generate high revenue.

Twitter Handle: @dannysullivan


14.Barry Schwartz:-

The most successful SEO Expert and Entrepreneur on the internet. He’s the creator and executive editor of hunt engine round-table. He is the information editor is Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land and leads to advertising territory. If you’re involved in the search engine marketing improvements, you should follow Barry Schwartz with no doubt. Founder and CEO at RustyBrick Inc., specializing in marketing professionals and small business entrepreneurs.


Twitter Handle: @rustybrick

15. Larry Kim:-

Larry Kim could be your creator of Word stream, a sturdy PPC administration program enterprise. He is additionally a premier columnist for both equally Inc. Magazines in Addition to Search engine Land. With continuous three years from 2013 to 2015, it becomes the most influential PPC expert. He is a powerful Digital marketing influencer to follow as one of the top experts in Google Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Start-ups.

 Website: https:

 Twitter Handle: @larrykim

16.Eric Siu:-

Eric Siu is the CEO of Single Grain, a marketing company that works with major brands such as HostGator, Tube Tax, and Mint.

He had been the prior growth staff pioneer in the treehouse and has been doing consulting work with over 500 enterprises and companies. He’s just a frequent contributor to trusted websites, which includes Search Engine observe and Entrepreneur, also he conducts on the site where he also covers several issues, for example, entrepreneurship, business, and search engine optimization.


Twitter Handle: @ericosiu

17. Bill Slawski:-

Pass on next Slawski is another specialist in search engine optimization working with internet search engine ranks around 1996 and website promotion consultancy. He assisted Many Different authoritative websites by using their Search Engines Optimization, such as Harvard Business College, Johns Hopkins University, The American Psychological Association, and much more.His weblog, search engine optimization from the Sea, is an excellent reference for everyone seeking to keep on high in important search engine optimization information and upgrades.


Twitter Handle: @bill_slawski

18. Pam Moore:-

She’s so inspiring and built her life from nothing to this vast Empire. Who wants to be something in his life? Just follow her. She always uses innovative tactics and is pretty helpful for your brand improvement. In the blogging area, if you are new, then you have to follow her. Today she is perhaps the top female influencer with millions of followers.


Twitter Handle: @PamMktgNut

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