Why Web-Based Employee Time Clock Software Is The Way To Go

Why Web-Based Employee Time Clock Software Is The Way To Go

Keeping track of employee hours is a tedious and time-consuming process that cuts into company productivity. Employee time clock software effectively keeps track of employee hours and saves time and money on manually keeping time records. 

Web-based clocks have many features and benefits that outperform traditional timekeeping methods. They are also great for businesses of any size and with any workforce style, whether they are in-person employees, remote workers, or a hybrid of both. 

Employee Benefits of Web-Based Time Clock Software

Web-based time clock software has several benefits for employees that extend beyond record-keeping for the business. Here are just a few of those benefits:


One of the best features of web-based employee time clock software is the added security. In most cases, each employee will have a unique username and password with which they can use to punch in or out. 

This means that no one else can mistakenly punch in for them or claim they worked hours that they didn’t, like with older timekeeping methods. This also prevents time cards from being tampered with or altered by anyone other than management. 


The second benefit of using an online timecard system is that hours worked and logged through the software are accurate down to the second the worker punches in or out. There are no estimates or rounding up or down of hours worked; this ensures that employees are paid for the exact amount of time they work. 

If an employee needs to review their time card information, they can do so from any internet-connected device. No more having to wonder if their work hours are correct; they can check to ensure they are at any time.


Another benefit of using web-based employee time clock software is that each employee is held accountable for punching in and out efficiently. Before the advent of web technology, workers could punch in or out for each other by merely having access to their physical time cards.

Now each person must account for their own time worked and punch in or out accordingly. This incentivizes employees to follow the proper procedures to ensure they are paid for the time they spend working. This can eliminate a lot of wasted time by employees. 

Business Benefits of Web-Based Time Clock Software

There are several benefits that business owners and managers can gain from using a cloud-based time clock. Some of those benefits are:

Time Management

Using online time clock software allows businesses to not only keep track of employee hours more efficiently but to manage time more efficiently as well. For companies with multiple shifts, the software makes it easier to reconfigure employee hours or move employees around to suit changing needs. In industries where hours are managed by the department, it becomes easier to control how many hours are allocated and what adjustments need to be made. 


Just like with employees, businesses benefit from the added security of web-based time clocks. They can ensure that no fraudulent activity is happening and guarantee that employees are punching in and working as they should. 

This also eliminates the need for micro-managing since you’ll know employees are only punching time for themselves and taking accountability over their time tracking process.


One of the best benefits of employee time clock software comes in the form of digital bookkeeping. Most programs keep track of employee hours down to the minute and provide extremely accurate tallies of hours work, break time, lunch hours, and overtime. 

Having accurate time card records means less time wasted having another employee manage hours and more accurate workers’ payments. This cuts down on wasteful spending and improves overall productivity for the business. Furthermore, the software allows managers to edit and make corrections at any time and saves companies money in the process. 

While there are many time clock solutions out there, web-based time clock software is one of the best options. It provides flexible punch options, added security, and most importantly, comes equipped with payroll integrations for easy payroll processing. 

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