Find Top 9 Web Development Process Best Practices

Web Development Process Best Practices

Technological innovations have clinched approximately every industrial sector as well as part of life, directly or indirectly. Especially, the importance of websites can not be denied in the ongoing era of digital marketing, and e-commerce. So, developing a website is an important part for the purpose of making sure your presence online to grow your business with brand awareness.

Having a website is easier, but developing a website with a user-friendly interface of web pages, perfect speed and display of different devices seems a little hard and challenging. Web development is ,in fact, the base of your website because it refers to whole developmental activities and practices. The development could be from a single page to the whole website with plain text, highly complex and technical web-based internet applications, alignment with social networks, and much more.

People jump to launch websites by ignoring some important primary steps so that they could run their business and website in more standardized ways by ensuring the online presence of a business to target the desired audience in the right way and within a minimum span of time. But there are certain steps or practices which you need to follow to make your web development project or working more efficient.

Let us examine the top 8 web development process best practices to the increases the success rate of your project or business significantly

1. Create a Comprehensive Plan with Defined Timeline

Planning is the most integral part of any major or minor project. It in fact ensures the systemized growth of projects that can be evaluated at any time. Some developers jump to coding by ignoring the basic step of planning that can spoil their efforts within minutes. So, first of all, you should think and draw a bigger picture of the project by asking and writing down some important questions regarding the aims, targets, and timeline of the project. This step will help you to not bog down on insignificant things that can waste your time by disturbing overall progress. So, always remain focused, develop a comprehensive plan, and timeline so you could evaluate the success score of your ongoing progress.

2. Start with User Experience

A website is developed for users not for developers. That is the reason; you should consider the concerns of users, not yours regarding visibility, layout, styles, designs, menu, interface and many other things. That is why; it is highly suggested to spend more than 70% time on research and design just to get the points which are desired by users in order to frame up a website as per the needs of users,  and only 30% time should be given to programming. If you choose the right design as per the linking of users and launch it successfully, that will be 100% success.

3. Problem-Solving Coding

Every coding line must have a purpose and aim behind it. It must solve issues that a user can face and expect you to address them. Overproducing codes and bugs should not be given space at all. So, each code must provide the desired and necessary feature with problem-solving. Every code must have a purpose or aim.

4. Develop & Follow a Structure

A well-defined structure is necessary to build a website or application as it is necessary to build a house. A framework will provide an organized structure in which you can start building a website instead of wasting time starting it from scratch. This aspect also saves your time. It will also help you to build a better quality application in a defined time by wiping out the chances of errors.

5. Be Agile

Software development projects have a very tight schedule. Complex features can spoil or disturb your timeline or deadline. So, it is important to follow the Agile System because it helps to deliver high quality applications. So, if you think that adding a certain feature can disturb the deadline, then replace the feature with a new one that takes less time, but add the time taking feature later after getting your goals or the projects. This strategic depth will lead to saving maximum time and produce quality work in time.

6. Compatible to Multiple-devices

Qualitative and quantitative researches always depict the reality that users always like to visit the sites which have best display on multiple devices because users use divergent types of devices. So, they have to visit sites by using multiple devices such as mobile, laptop, smartphones, desktop and many other devices. That is the reason; they desire responsiveness for better display on all devices. You must ensure enriched user experience because if your web data will be displayed perfectly on all screens, users will rush to visit your site. Thus, you must ensure the development of a website that is compatible to all devices. Google also suggests custom design of your application or website to attract maximum users or visitors.

7. Rightly Use CMS

CMS (Content Management System) enables admin to controle, upload, update and publish content digitally. The features and tools which are provided by CMS are much useful in this regard. Regularly publishing new content and keeping previous content updated captivate users. User friendly showcases of content also attracts people.

8. Avoid and Remove Maximum Bugs

Bugs will not only affect repute of your website, but these will also make people reluctant to visit your website. You should always avoid creating bugs by making short codes with certain purposes and aims.

9. Link to Social Media Channels

Social Media has become the most powerful forum for the purpose of branding by targeting diverse business audiences. Social media helps you to make a prominent image of your brand. It will also assist you to get feedback from customers to improve your services by increasing sales. That is why; you must integrate social media channels with your website so they people could access the channels after landing on your site.

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