What is a VPN, what is it for on Android and which one you should use

What is a VPN, what is it for on Android and which one you should use

The advantages of VPNs on an Android mobile are many and quite interesting. It is an increasingly popular concept around the world and it has been necessary for years to perform certain actions on the Internet. Today we are going to tell you what a VPN is , what you can do with a VPN on Android and which one we recommend using. It is likely that someone has recommended you to use one to watch Netflix, pay less on YouTube Premium or have more security when connecting. But first things first: you need to know what it is best vpn for andriod.

What is a VPN or Virtual Private Network?

If you don’t have much knowledge about physical and wireless networks, it can be difficult to understand perfectly what a VPN is. Still, we will try to explain it as simply as possible.

A VPN is a virtual network that allows you to extend a local network to be used telemetrically from anywhere in the world. This network imitates the security and privacy benefits of a local network, but with the possibility of connecting from anywhere in the world and from different devices: computers, mobile phones, routers…

This may all sound like Chinese to you if you don’t know the world of social media a bit, but don’t worry. A VPN allows you to have a secure connection from anywhere in the world by encrypting the connections and allowing the interconnection of several devices as if they were under a local network. This is how you manage to connect to an Internet service with and without VPN: 


Mobile – Router – Internet provider – Service server (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)

With VPN 

Mobile – Router – Internet provider – VPN tunnel – Service server (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)

When YouTube receives the request to view content, it obtains different data from all the phases your connection has gone through until it reaches its server. One of the most relevant things is the location from where you request the service.

Thanks to the VPN service you can make the virtual network (VPN) falsify the location information and that the service show the content for said false location. The VPN also allows you to encrypt the connection so that your Internet provider does not know what pages you are visiting or what you are doing on the Internet.

What is a VPN on Android for?

What is a VPN on Android for

VPNs are used around the world for many different purposes. In the professional field, it allows companies that their employees connect to a secure network and that the information they handle is completely private. Of course, this is a bit far from the actual use made of VPNs on Android or IOS mobiles.

We have already told you that a VPN can spoof your location in real time and maintain a stable and secure connection. There are several things for which this can be very interesting, together or separately. Of course, not just any VPN is worth to carry out all of them with a good experience. You should consider a quality VPN to be able to do everything we tell you.

  • A VPN for Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video: these streaming video services have a different catalog in each country, which is not accessible if you are not connected from that country. Thanks to a VPN we can select that our connection is reaching their servers in the US or from Russia and so Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime shows us the catalog of that country.
  • A VPN for travel: in the world there are many countries that do not allow the use of certain applications, games or web pages. The most notorious case is China with Google services, but around the world there are many more. With a VPN you can spoof your location to fool Internet providers in those countries. In China, for example, you can connect to a VPN in Japan or Russia to view or use any Google service without problems.
  • A VPN for better security: connecting to a public Wi-Fi network is not the best option to keep your data safe. VPNs not only allow you to spoof the connection location, but also to encrypt said connection. If you are in a country that you do not know or you must connect to a public network to surf, it is much better to do it under a VPN. The connection will be secure and private.
  • VPN for YouTube Premium: did you know that streaming services have different prices for different countries? One of the best examples is YouTube Premium in India. This service in India costs only a few cents / cents a month. With a VPN you can connect to a location in India and pay much less for the service. And this is just one of the examples.

A quality, cheap, secure and very fast VPN

Everything we’ve told you about VPNs on paper sounds great, but it’s not that simple. The bad news is that you won’t be able to get a quality VPN service without going through the box. The good news is that for everything they offer, they are usually quite inexpensive services.

A VPN must be secure and fast, so it must have enough infrastructure to do so. This, as you can imagine, is very difficult to achieve in a free service. Of course, you will not have to spend a fortune to have a quality VPN on Android.

Fastest VPN is one of the VPN benchmarks around the world. It has one of the fastest and safest connections on the market, with a very simple installation and use. You can do everything that we have told you and, of course, you can also go further by experimenting with a computer.

What we highlight most about Fastest VPN is that it is incredibly easy to use and activate in different locations. Other VPNs that are similar in price and quality are much more complicated to use, which is why we advise against them for users who are not experts in the field.

The best thing about Fastest VPN is that they currently have an incredible offer for a limited time you can get a 70% discount on its most complete plan, so you will end up paying the same as for another lower quality VPN. Plus, the service offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try it out without rushing.

Thanks to its speed, you can watch content from Netflix or any platform in the highest resolution and from any country. This cannot be done with a free VPN, as their connection speeds are ridiculous for these purposes. With Fastest VPN you can even play online by connecting to servers in other countries and not noticing the difference.

Now you know what a VPN is, what you can use a VPN for on your Android mobile and which one we recommend the most to make the most of this Internet ‘trick’. How about? Did you know that you could do so many things with a VPN? Tell us more in the comments or on our social networks!

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