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What is Coworking and what are the Benefits of Coworking Spaces?

Benefits of coworking spaces

Many times in business, we need to step out of the box to find innovative solutions to counter persistent problems. In the day and age when the cost is one of the primary constraints, several solutions are being tried out by the companies to save costs and maximize the use of each available resource. One such idea that is gaining prevalence these days is the rise of coworking spaces, which have grown throughout the world as a suitable alternative to the traditional office environment. Brad Neuberg was the first one to introduce the term as he started the movement in San Francisco in 2005. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity among companies big and small, freelancers, artists, startups, and even students who are looking for a suitable workplace to carry out regular office tasks. In the broad sense coworking or sharing a workplace with other groups, organizations, or individuals is not a novel idea; however, its recent popularity is due to the many proven benefits that are associated with them. There are some common principles of all coworking places which make them successful and popular among their customers. Let us explore a few of them to understand the concept of coworking spaces and see if it is the right choice for you and your business.

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Top 5 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

  • Culture: Culture can be defined as the set of attitudes, practices, goals, and values that are shared by a group, giving it a distinct character. It is one thing to talk about it in the offices and introduce it through adding some social elements at the workplace but the coworking places excel at building an environment of sharing ideas and collaboration. What makes this easily possible in the coworking spaces is the marked lack of competitiveness and the resulting defensiveness. Since the individuals do not have conflicting goals and priorities, the camaraderie builds up organically and relationships strengthen.
  • Community: The best way to build a sense of community is to give people a choice of participation in the activities voluntarily. Coworking space gives a lot of options to the people so that they can network and connect with the larger community when they want and at other times disconnect and tune in solely to their work. Many people have also found sales leads or supporting vendors through contacts from their coworking space who work in complimentary services.
  • Flexibility and Autonomy: The flexibility to work at the time whenever they have the need had been a great productivity booster for people. Working from home has been a boon for a great lot of people whose work does not require them to come to the office every day or regularly. On the other hand, our homes can be very distracting. The coworking places strike the fine balance by giving some space where the workers can draw a line between their professional and personal lives while providing the flexibility to log in as and when they need. Many coworking centers are made available to the employees who can choose the nearest one to their home to minimize traffic and ensure that they spend the least amount of time while commuting.
  • Professional environment and amenities: The coworking spaces in India are professionally managed to provide some of the best work facilities such as wi-fi, air conditioning, lighting, furniture, upholstery, and professionally managed meeting rooms with complete AV equipment. This makes it easier for people using the facilities to be productive and get results. This also makes the employees feel valued and feel a sense of belonging towards their organizations. The coworking facilities are also considered much cleaner due to the involvement of a third-party facilities management company.

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  • Cost-effectiveness: Unlike the traditional model of workplace ownership, the coworking spaces work on a cost-sharing model to bring down the expenses that are incurred for each small thing. This is especially useful for freelancers and startups that work on a tight budget and therefore may not afford to have all the professional facilities. The money required is also not tied down in comparison to other space ownership models such as leasing which go on for a certain long period.

These reasons make it worthwhile to explore the concept of coworking space and see how it can be a feasible solution to your and your organization’s workplace needs. One of the forerunners in coworking spaces in Noida is The Office Pass which provides affordable and well-designed coworking spaced in Delhi and NCR. If you wish to know more about their facilities, services, plans, and prices, you can visit their website or give them a call at +91 8999 828282.

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