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Any facts and figures for an e-commerce business?

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the purchasing and part-exchange of imports and servicing, or the transferring of charity and material, over an electronic webwork, essentially the internet. It consist on a website. Which we call e-commerce store. E-commerce store development is also an other field or profession from where we can earn so much.

E-commerce in simple words: –

E-commerce in simplest words can be defined as for marketing or business, and personify simply the purchasing and exchanging goods and services. 

The features of e-commerce business have been written below: –

  • Content administration proficiency
  • Advertising and discount code offer 
  • An easy-to-use-checkout to examine
  • Search engine optimized code and format
  • Accounting tools
  • Non-segregated blog or articles section
  • Email marketing consolidation
  • Numerous payment ways or options
  • The ability to expand your principles

The goal of e-commerce: –

Goal of e-commerce

The foremost goal of e-commerce is to stick out the right client at the right time so that more orders can be placed and in return, high incomes can be provoked. E-commerce makes a number of outcomings to their customers so that customers can make a choice.  

Working of E-commerce: –

● Working of E-commerce

The working of e-commerce includes all those interests which are essential for keeping the unconfined movement of goods and services from the manufacture to the ensuing consumer. Some steps proceed this working;

  • Online consumer through net moves to the operator site
  • At one time, the purchase is confirmed, he is moved to an online transaction service where all of the information is encoded.
  • When an order is the position, the information moves through a privatized network.

Types of e-commerce: –

Types of E-commerce

These business settlements take place further as;

1. Business-to-Business(B2B):

B2B internet business brief business-to-business electronic trade is the removal of merchandise or administrations between organizations through an online deals gateway. In general, it is used to upgrade the regulation and cost-effectiveness of a company’s dealing effort.

ExamplesServices like Dropbox, general electric, xerox and we work are great examples of

modern application of B2B companies. 

2. Business-to-Consumer(B2C):

B2C e-commerce is an internet and electronic commerce(e-commerce) model that contributes a budgetary record or selling online between a business and consumer.

Examples: Self-service, training, recruitment, auto-enrolment, expenses, payroll mobile apps.

3. Consumer-to-Consumer(C2C):

C2C consumer-to-consumer is the business model that regulates commerce between private individuals. Whether it’s good or products, this category of e-commerce affixes people to do business with one another.

ExampleFor C2C, it includes eBay, an online auction site, and Amazon, which acts as both a B2C and C2C marketplace.

4. Consumer-to Business(C2B):

C2B shopper to-business is a business occupation where consumers(individuals) produce utility and organizations devour that profitability. Another type of C2B is the electronic trade plan of action in which purchasers can offer items and administrations to organizations, and the organization pays shoppers..


Examples: could be as a blogger or a photographer.

5. Business-to-Administration(B2A):

B2A business-to-administration category touches all transactions between companies and public administration. This is an area that involves many services, particularly in areas such as disability insurance, employment, and legalized documents.

Examples: In this, it includes distance learning, information sharing, electronic tax filing and so on.

6. Consumer-to-Administration(C2A):

C2A e-commerce enclosed all auto electronic transactions between individuals and public administration.

ExamplesThis includes taxes and health services.

E-commerce is one of the zones in the world. New clients are finding themselves using one or the other e-commerce online portals to do buying or selling every passing minute. This is nothing short of an insurrection.

Here are interesting facts and figures about e-commerce that would you help to appreciate the dynamics of the e-commerce better:

between individuals and public administration

  • E-commerce now is the rapidly extended business model across the globe, the first e-commerce website was Amazon. As of the last reported period, Amazon had 310 million active consumers. Binding in a few words, they say his history.
  • You have contact with any best digital marketing company to spread your products and increase your clients as well.
  • Though Amazon is said to be one of the first online marketplaces to be the part of them. On the other hand, it was not the first online selling market.
  • Online sales from social media rostrums have grown in the past four years and showed an average growth of 93% per year.
  • Twitter ads have the most altering charge of any social media platform when it comes up to transforming online commercials into authentic sales.
  • Almost all buyers today favor buying through their mobile phones. 
  • E-commerce business as an area in which the minutest corruption of all other business sectors unpaid to the highly technologically advanced model, e-commerce businesses registered 0.8% counterfeit tasks.
  • It is good to know that actually the e-commerce zone as a whole, still, their customer’s trust is applicable to e-commerce stores.
  • The section online is very much responsible for responding to e-commerce of every kind of business. 
  • If you want to visualize what is the actual perspective of the e-commerce business. In a survey, only 17% of the small and medium-size businesses have modified to online selling, till now.
  • Most online buyers look for the free shipping of their products.

We hope following this resource helps provide your own e-commerce business which will be as inspiring as demanding!


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